How to do an intramuscular injection correctly


Remember in the film "Caucasian Captive" an episode where Shurik and his friend put an injection of foot and mouth disease to Yevgeny Morgunov? It was funny to tears. Now imagine that you need to give an injection to someone close to you. Of course, if there is a certain skill, then this procedure does not cause much alarm. And what to do when you have to prick the first time? Nothing is impossible: if you want, you can learn everything. Today we will hold a master class on how to do intramuscular tumors, and tell you all about the technology of its implementation.

How to make intramuscular injections correctly: general recommendations

intramuscular injections rank second

You, probably, more than once paid attention to the fact that the same drugs have different forms - tablets, injections, powders, gels, sprays, etc. After oral administration of tablets, the intramuscular injections take the second place in terms of frequency of use. This is due to the light technique of performing such injections, as well as the fact that the drug thus enters the blood much faster and causes almost no side effects in the form of irritation of the gastric mucosa, etc.

The muscles for injection were chosen for a reason - their tissues are most saturated with the capillary network, and the medicinal product is absorbed faster. For injection is best suited large muscles - gluteus, deltoid on the forearm, the lateral surface of the thigh. The thickest muscle tissue is on the outer part at the top of the buttocks. In it most often and put intramuscular injections.

To accurately get, for example, in the right gluteus muscle, virtually divide it into four parts. The center of the upper right quadrant is exactly the point where you need to prick.

During the procedure, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Well disinfect hands with a special solution or wash with soap;
  • syringe for injection must be disposable and sterile;
  • print the syringe is necessary before the injection;
  • remove the needle cap after you open the ampoule;
  • the optimal volume of the syringe for injection into the buttock is from five to ten milliliters, the needle should be thin;
  • the room where the procedure will be carried out should be well ventilated and cleaned regularly;
  • the position of the patient for the injection - lying on the stomach or on the side, for maximum relaxation of the gluteal muscles.

The technology of intramuscular injection

Now we have gathered our strength, set up and proceed to fulfill:

  1. Carefully inspect the ampoule with the drug and make sure by name that you have taken the right medicine.
  2. Wipe the ampulka with alcohol, shake it. After shaking, tap on the upper part with your finger so that the preparation settles to the bottom. Attach the narrow part of the ampoule with the nail file, wrap it with a paper napkin and open it, breaking off the tip.
  3. When freeing the needle from the cap, lower it into the medicine. Draw it into a syringe by gently pulling the plunger toward you.
  4. Now remove the remaining air from the syringe. To do this, lift it up with a needle, knock on the cylinder until air bubbles gather at the top. By lightly pressing the piston, force out the contents of the syringe until fluid emerges from the needle.
  5. Holding the syringe with one hand, disinfect the area of ​​the buttock with the alcohol with the other hand.
  6. Hold the syringe in your right hand, but at this time with your left, gently pull the injection site. Introduce the needle in a sharp movement perpendicular to the surface, but not completely - the third part of its length remains outside.
  7. Introduce the drug, slowly, pressing the thumb of the right hand on the piston. You can hold the syringe with your left hand.
  8. If everything went well, you sharply need to pull the needle out of the body vertically upwards. Attach an alcohol swab to the injection site.
  9. At the end of work, isolate the needle with a cap, disconnect it and dispose of it with a syringe.

Learning to make animal shots

to give an injection to a person or an animal is another big question.

In truth, it is easier: to give an injection to a person or an animal is still a big question. If a person humbly awaits his fate, because he understands that this is necessary, then he will have to tinker with animals. How to explain to them what is for their own good?

Here are general guidelines on how to give an animal an intramuscular injection:

  • It is advisable to use a special insulin syringe for the injection, since it has a thin and short needle;
  • prick intramuscular animals do in the back of the thigh;
  • keep confidently, without panic, do not provoke an animal;
  • as the working surface for the injection is best suited table;
  • disinfection with alcohol is optional, but do not touch the needle;
  • the temperature of the medication is room temperature.


To inject a cat intramuscularly, follow these steps:

To inject a cat intramuscularly, follow these steps:

  1. Your assistant must secure the animal on the table. To do this, lay the cat on its side, with one hand hold the withers and press it to the surface of the table. With your other hand, press your hind legs.
  2. The syringe must be prepared as described above.
  3. Feel the fleshy part of the thigh - you will give it an injection.
  4. Enter the drug from the syringe evenly and slowly.

For dogs

your pet is sick and you need to give him a shot, do not despair

If your pet is sick and you need to give him a shot, do not despair by following the instructions below, you will quickly cope with the task:

  1. Put the dog muzzle, lay it on its side. The injection can be done both in the back and in the frontal thigh. Calm your dog, massage your upper thigh for maximum muscle relaxation.
  2. Holding the lower thigh with one hand and the other, sharply insert the needle into the muscle. Introduce the drug slowly, pressing down the piston with your thumb.
  3. After removing the needle after the injection, in order not to cause pain, do not move it from side to side. Take out the needle need a sharp movement.
  4. At the end of the procedure, praise the animal and treat it to something delicious.

That's all, as you can see, it's okay to make an injection, no. We remind you that the decision on intramuscular injections is made by the attending physician, as well as the prescription of drugs. And yet, if this is the first injection in your life, then for complete confidence make it under the supervision of a specialist. He will correct your possible mistakes and evaluate the correctness of the technique.