How to dilute vinegar to wipe at a child's temperature


A rise in temperature is the first sign that the body is trying to resist infection on its own. Fever is considered a defensive response to the invasion of harmful microorganisms. After the microbes get inside the child's body, their active reproduction begins and the release of toxins. In response to this phenomenon, the center of thermoregulation gives the command to change the temperature level in order to trigger the activation of leukocytes, therefore, to strengthen the body's production of antibodies.

How to use vinegar to wipe the baby at a temperature?

How to use vinegar to wipe the baby at a temperature

Before resorting to this popular method, it is important to know how to dilute the vinegar to wipe at a temperature, what proportions should be respected, so as not to harm the health of the baby.

For this procedure, you must use natural apple or vinegar 9%. It is not recommended to rub the child too intensively, otherwise severe skin irritation may be triggered. It is enough just to wipe a little, so that the skin is covered with vinegar solution, evaporation of which occurs rather quickly, contributing to the active cooling of the body.

Not all parents know how to dilute vinegar, to remove the temperature, so do not dare to use this method. 500 ml of water is taken exactly 1 tbsp. l vinegar. It is very important to strictly adhere to these proportions and not exceed them in order not to provoke a burn of the skin or an allergic reaction. The solution should be diluted in a stainless container.

Before you proceed directly to the rubdown, you must remove all clothes from the child. In a solution of vinegar soft material is moistened and the entire body of the baby is processed. Particular attention is paid to the area of ​​the crook of the elbows, the area under the knees, armpits, and wrists. It is recommended to wipe handles with legs and forehead several times.

How to reduce the temperature of vinegar in a child under 3 years

If the question arises, how to reduce the temperature of vinegar in a child under 3 years old, you can use the following method. In order not to cause harm, socks are moistened in the solution prepared in advance, they are well wrung out and put on the legs. This is one of the best folk methods used as an adjunct to antipyretic drugs taken. However, this method should be applied only after consulting a doctor.

After completing this procedure, the baby should be put in the crib, then cover with a sheet, but you can not take a blanket. To speed up the process of sweating, it is recommended to give the child to drink warmed milk or tea.

In the near future, the temperature should drop, but it must be monitored all the time. If necessary, rubbing vinegar can be repeated after a few hours, but not earlier.

It is best not to wipe with vinegar for very young children, in some cases it will be enough to apply a gauze bandage on the forehead, soaked in a solution - for 1 tbsp. water is taken 1 tbsp. l vinegar. The bandage is forbidden to keep longer than 5 minutes. After 15 minutes after the procedure, you need to measure the temperature.

When a baby has not only a high temperature, but also cold extremities, this procedure is absolutely contraindicated, as it can only worsen the condition. It will be enough just to rub the arms and legs of the child with your hands and call a doctor.

Vibrating vinegar at a temperature in children should be used in complex treatment and supplement the use of drugs. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to drink hot raspberry tea or cranberry juice.