How to dilute furatsilin pills for gargling


Furacilin is a proven and practically safe remedy that is used to treat ENT organs, eye and gynecological diseases. In order for him to justify the hopes placed on him and produce the desired effect, one should know exactly how to dilute furatsilin in tablets. This is easy to do, but there are some peculiarities - let's talk about them.

What can be treated with this medicine?

How to dilute furatsilin tablets?

Nitrofural, he furatsilin - antibacterial agent with a pronounced antimicrobial action. It is used mainly externally and locally - in the form of rinses and for applying dressings.

Indications for this drug are dysentery, infected wounds, purulent otitis, sore throat, stomatitis, burns, ulcers, conjunctivitis, inflammation and pus of the sinuses (sinusitis).

Today, furatsilin not used everywhere, as it was several decades ago: bacteria have developed resistance to this drug. However, in some cases it is quite effective, so it would not hurt to keep such pills in a home medicine chest.

Furacilin for tonsillitis and tonsillitis: how to prepare an antiseptic solution?

With throat diseases, the first case is intensive rinsing (3 to 5 times a day). This will help prevent the proliferation of bacteria. With such a task, furatsilin cope remarkably. With it, recovery will come in 5-6 days (which does not preclude the use of other tablets prescribed by the doctor).

Before we talk about how to dilute furatsilin pill to gargle, it is necessary to deal with the dosages. This medicine is available in two forms - tablets of 0.1 g (they are ingested in some situations) and 0.2 g each (they are just used for rinsing). Throat irrigation solution should be prepared according to the following scheme:

  • 1 tablet furatsilina well grind, placing between two spoons. The result should be a fine yellow powder. You can crush the pill with a knife. It is more correct to crush the medicine without removing it from the package. It is quite simple to make it: just a few times lightly hit it with something heavy (hammer);
  • Powder pour in a glass, pour 100 ml of hot boiled water. Stir thoroughly so that there is no sediment on the bottom. Cold water will not work because the tablet does not dissolve completely;
  • Before you start rinsing, the solution should be cooled to 20-25 degrees.

Furatsilinovye rinsing must be performed at least 4-5 times a day. The duration of one procedure must be at least 3 minutes. To make it even more effective, before applying the medicine, you can prepare the mucous membrane by rinsing it with warm water from 1 tsp. soda Some doctors advise you to add 3 to 4 drops of calendula tincture to furatsilinovy ​​solution.

How to make a composition for washing the eyes?

washing eyes with furatsilina solution

When inflammation of the conjunctiva (even in babies), it is useful to wash the eyes with furatsilina solution. Considering that the eye is a delicate organ, it is better, of course, to purchase a sterile solution of nitrofural made by pharmacists at the pharmacy. This will eliminate the development of an allergic reaction in young children, which is often the case when using tablets, because they contain certain synthetic additives.

But the solution may be required immediately. Therefore, information on how to dilute the tablet furatsilina eye wash yourself, will never be superfluous. In order to make a therapeutic composition, take 2 tablets. Further act on this plan:

  • tablets are thoroughly ground to a powder (by the method described above);
  • then the powder is poured over 200 ml of boiling water. Mix well;
  • the process of preparing the solution does not end there. It is necessary to wait until it boils, then turn off the fire. Then the product will be sterile;
  • the composition is cooled to a comfortable temperature. After his need to strain through sterile gauze (bandage), folded in 2 layers. It is important to do this very carefully, because even the smallest crumbs of medicine, once on the mucous membrane of the eye, can cause great harm.

It is allowed to rinse eyes only with freshly prepared solution. For each new procedure, a fresh portion of the antiseptic should be made. On the Internet you can find information that the solution can be stored for up to 3 days. This is true, but only for adults. Babies use a "stale" solution is strictly prohibited. And adults, before rinsing eyes with such a "aged" composition, will have to tinker - it will be necessary to warm it in a clean container. This is absolutely unnecessary trouble, much easier and faster to make a new tool.

Wash your hands with soap and water before rinsing your eyes. Both the affected and the healthy eye should be treated (using, of course, for each of them a separate cotton swab). The solution should be at room temperature. Washings of organs of vision with hot or cold composition are not allowed!

Women's Health Solution

How to dilute furatsilin tablets to wash away? Before talking about this, one should pay attention to the fact that such procedures should be carried out if there are indications and strictly limited time. In no case can not always provide hygiene intimate areas with the use furatsilinovogo solution. This will lead to disruption of the normal microflora of the vagina, which would entail negative consequences for the entire reproductive sphere.

Using furatsilina for washing away

The use of furatsilina for washing is indicated for thrush. In addition, such procedures are often prescribed for pregnant women to combat genital infections. Do not forget that nitrofural (on the basis of which the drug was created) is able to destroy only bacteria, it cannot control viruses and fungi. The drug has its own side effects: it can cause irritation of the vulva. Dilute the medicine for scrubbing should be as follows:

  • 1 tablet crush;
  • Pour 1 tbsp. hot water;
  • Stir until complete dissolution of the drug fractions;
  • Chill.

You can also do douching to get rid of the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. For this take 1 tsp. crushed furatsilina, mixed with 1 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide and 0.5 liters of boiled water.

Washing with furatsilinom composition relieves painful manifestations of vaginal candidiasis: itching, cheesy discharge, burning. They make 2-3 p. in a day.

As for the cases when furatsilin is contraindicated, very few of them. It is prohibited if bleeding, allergic dermatitis and individual hypersensitivity to medication components are found in the patient.

The yellow bitter pill is trusted by many. How to dilute furatsilin tablets, and now you know. The packaging of this medicine is about 45 rubles. It has been used for a long time, including in hospitals, but still it is not recommended to get involved in this drug. Correctly, if the doctor decides on the appropriateness of its use on the basis of research and associated diseases. Remember that furatsilin is able to give temporary relief, and for complete recovery may require the use of other medicines.