How to diagnose and treat constriction of the brain vessels

The human circulatory system is one of the most important in our body. It spreads through the body, reaching all organs and tissues. Blood masses are constantly pumped through the bloodstream. In this way, the cells and tissues of the entire body receive nutrients and oxygen. Circulatory disorders occur because the width of the lumen of the cavity decreases in the vessels, which prevents normal circulation.

Vasoconstriction leads to dysfunction of the circulatory system, which affects all other organs and systems. The constant narrowing of the cerebral vessels gradually develops into dyscirculatory encephalopathy, a disease that develops under the influence of various forms of microangiopathy. There are characteristic signs of indisposition, for example, headaches, sudden dizziness. A person complains of memory deterioration, constant fatigue, confusion appear. Without a timely response to the problem, there may be more serious consequences. Let's find out how to treat a narrowing of the vessels of the brain?

Causation of the disease

How to diagnose and treat constriction of the brain vessels

The method of therapy is associated with the root cause causing the disorder. However, all techniques are aimed at restoring the functionality of the circulatory system. As a rule, the main cause of impaired blood circulation is high cholesterol. On the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol plaques gradually form, the proliferation of which narrows the lumen of the vessel.

The vessel loses its elasticity, which is why microcracks appear. Blood clots (thrombi) begin to form at this place, which quickly accumulate. As a result, the vessel can be completely blocked by a thrombus, which is very serious.

Of the causes of the disorder, distinguish:

  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis (a disease affecting large arteries, such as the internal carotid and vertebral, are the main channels of blood supply to the brain).
  • Adverse factors include:
  • Intellectual loads;
  • stress;
  • lack of oxygen;
  • abuse of fatty, spicy foods.

How does the disorder manifest?

What are the signs that can reveal the narrowing of cerebral vessels, because pathological processes are hidden from the eyes? So the following symptoms and signs of malfunction of the cerebral vessels, which manifest themselves at different stages of the disease, are distinguished:

What are the signs that can reveal the narrowing of cerebral vessels?

  • chronic fatigue;
  • distraction, memory impairment;
  • decrease in brain activity and, as a result, efficiency;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • dizziness, which may be accompanied by short-term loss of consciousness;
  • persistent migraine headaches;
  • irritability, psychomotor agitation;
  • violation of motor functions, in particular, the appearance of shuffling gait;
  • problems in the urinary system;
  • in the late stages of the disease, patients experience great difficulties with coordination and even independent movement;
  • most of the internal organs of the pelvis work with significant disruptions;
  • mental abilities greatly deteriorate, signs of dementia appear.

Looking ahead, we note that you can eliminate some of the symptoms of impaired brain vessels by applying folk remedies. It is clear that non-traditional methods of treatment have an appropriate effect on the initial stages. A progressive disorder should be treated more traditionally.

Traditional treatment

Before you treat a narrowing of the vessels of the brain, you need to accurately establish the diagnosis. Indeed, as we have already found out, cause-effect relationships are very important for correct treatment. Drug therapy can be aimed at eliminating neuropathological, therapeutic, cardiological and other signs. The course and dosage are prescribed individually, but there are general recommendations:

  • vasodilators;
  • statins, fibrates, lecithin;
  • resin exchange
  • iodine and antioxidant drugs;
  • drug complexes to improve blood circulation;
  • drugs that stimulate metabolic processes.

Remedial gymnastics to improve vascular tone and blood flow in them are also ranked as conservative methods. An important component is the revision of the diet. So mandatory to eat vegetables and fruits, seafood. But animal fats, sugar, salt, smoked meats, carbonated water should be consumed in very small portions, or completely eliminated. And, of course, physical activity is important: walking in the fresh air, healthy lifestyle, playing sports.

Therapy folk remedies

Treatment by an unconventional method of cerebral vasoconstriction

Treatment by folk remedies of such disorders as narrowing of cerebral vessels, is also aimed at improving the health of the circulatory system. The first manifestations of indisposition are effectively treated with infusions and decoctions of hawthorn red fruits and flowers. The plant has shown itself as an excellent means to strengthen the blood vessels. Brew medicinal mixture can be as usual tea: 2 tbsp. l on 250 ml of boiling water. Should be taken in small doses (no more than 1 tablespoon) several times a day before eating.

In the absence of fresh flower-berry collection, and the dried mixture is suitable. Or you can replace the homemade medicine pharmacy alcohol tincture of hawthorn: take 10 drops at a time, diluted in water or tea. Note that the alcohol tincture can be prepared by yourself, using the fresh fruits of the plant and vodka.

Similarly, alcohol infusion of meadow clover flowers is used. Fresh herbal tea should be insisted for 14 days, taken as hawthorn tincture. And if you have a lot of freshly picked clover, brew it in tea and drink instead of water. The plant has the following therapeutic properties: improves memory, reduces tinnitus.

From cholesterol plaques will help get rid of alcoholic infusion of garlic. We process several heads into a slurry, pour in vodka (alcohol) and leave for 1.5 weeks. It is recommended to drink this medicine with milk. But you have to be very careful, as garlic products can cause ailments. Therefore, the course of treatment lasting about a month is recommended to start with the addition of 1 drop of tincture per 1 tbsp. liquid, gradually reaching 15 drops. However, remember that resorting to traditional medicine is better in consultation with your doctor.

We all are well aware of the fact that any, even minor, disorder requires treatment. Without proper therapeutic attention, pathological processes will progress, moving into more complicated forms. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of never recovering from the disease. That is why timely access to a doctor is half the success in treating any ailment.

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