How to cure snoring in men at home


Snoring has long been a cause for jokes and jokes of varying degrees of sharpness, but in reality it does not cause fun to those who hear it, especially if it happens all the time, or to those who suffer from it. Moreover, most often this problem affects men. But why is this happening? What can male snoring testify to and how to cure it?

Why does a man snore?

Why does a man snore?

Before talking about the causes of snoring in men, it is generally necessary to consider the problem, which is called “ronchopathy” in medical language. A rattling, uneven sound coming out of the throat, regardless of gender and age, occurs when the muscles of the tongue and the upper palate relax, which leads to narrowing of the epiglottis duct and the posterior wall, and even their contact. In the normal state, when the air goes out silently, they should be in good shape so as not to impede its circulation through this duct. But besides this process, they begin to tremble, which causes the characteristic sound of vibration.

  • Experts say that the prerequisites for the emergence and development of ronhopathy in both sexes are absolutely identical, if you do not take into account the possible hormonal disorders of the female body, most often occurring in menopause.

Thus, all the factors that will be discussed below, as well as the subsequent discussion on the treatment of snoring, are relevant not only for representatives of the strong half of humanity.

  • Doctors call the most "safe" cause a general depletion of the body, caused by a lack of rest and exhausting mental and physical labor. In such a situation, a person falls asleep, turning off most of the internal processes, relaxing almost all the muscles, and those related to the larynx are also present in this list. As such, treatment is not necessary, since the body only needs to get its sleep rate and recuperate so that everything will return to its usual mode.

  • Contact of the walls or narrowing of the passage due to laryngeal edema is a fairly common problem. It may be preceded by long-term smoking (nicotine addiction) or alcohol abuse, leading to chronic changes in the larynx. Or the reason is situational and caused by inflammatory processes and the accumulation of mucus due to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In this case, it is necessary to treat not snoring, but antiderivative: eliminate the infection, facilitate the discharge of mucus.
  • The same diseases can make themselves felt more seriously when they become overgrown with complications. Inflammations of the glands and adenoids constrict the lumen through which air circulates, which leads to the appearance of rattling sounds on inhaling and exhaling, and not only during sleep. Nasal congestion, according to doctors, can also cause snoring.
  • It is impossible not to take into account the deformation of the nasal septum and the formation of polyps in the nasal passages and nasopharynx, which require urgent medical intervention, since they are dangerous not only by ronhopathy. In some cases, the cause may be a violation of bite, as well as lengthening of the uvula.
  • A person who is overweight will be more likely to have difficulty breathing, especially in a horizontal position, when the larynx walls close together. The same applies to any reasons for an increase in the volume of the neck, especially those caused by abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid gland.

It should be noted that most often this problem is observed in persons of mature age, since it imposes an important factor, reinforcing any premise: this is a general weakening of muscle tone.

In addition, there is the likelihood of an allergic reaction to dust gathering in pillows, animal dander, which accidentally or not by chance ended up on the bed, certain stuffing or new bedding fabric.

Is ronchopathy dangerous?

A person hardly understands that unpleasant sounds emanating from the larynx during sleep are not always fraught with discomfort for him and those around him. In some cases, when the problem is not resolved on its own (that is, the prerequisites are more serious than minute fatigue and muscle relaxation), the likelihood of respiratory arrest increases, if the laryngeal walls are in contact and do not diverge. By itself, this process is not long since the body, in the absence of oxygen entering the lungs, begins to "sound the alarm", brain activity is activated, and the person wakes up to take a breath. Usually such a breath hold does not last more than a minute.

However, there may be several such situations during sleep (sometimes the number reaches 500), as a result of which full rest is not possible, and after the morning awakening a person experiences fatigue, decreased concentration, irritability, and headache. Frequent repetitions of such alarming nights have a negative effect on male potency, as well as on the synthesis of male hormones. Gradually, the problem acquires a new scale, as long-term oxygen deficiency causes a decrease in its level in the blood and in the brain (medical language - leads to hypoxia), which in turn is a strong cause for frequent increases in blood pressure, the occurrence of a heart attack and / or stroke .

How to get rid of the problem?

How to treat snoring in a man?

The measures taken at home depend on what exactly the ronhopathy is generated: as mentioned earlier, its situational manifestations do not need intervention, in other cases it is not the snore that needs to be treated, its premise. Therefore, as soon as the "night concerts" began to disturb you, a visit to the doctor is necessary, which will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis. In addition, pay attention to a few nuances.

  • The height of the pillow can indirectly affect a person in a dream. Too high contributes to the wrong position of the neck, but too low causes movement of the tongue and, thereby, blocking air in the larynx, especially if there is a habit of sleeping on the back. Experts call the optimum height a difference of 10 cm with the level of the legs, and it is recommended to rest on the side.
  • Give up smoking and alcohol, for obesity, choose a program to combat obesity. In addition, try not to use sleeping pills, because they relax the body completely, up to the muscles of the larynx. If you experience problems with nasal breathing, use vasoconstrictor drugs at night or use steam inhalation to facilitate the escape of air.

Regular adherence to these principles is enough to reduce the severity of the problem. But only a doctor can fully solve it, especially if it comes to curvature of the septum, elongated tongue, age-related changes. The same problems that are caused by respiratory diseases can be solved independently, and, more often, even without serious medications: even frequent washing of the nose and gargling, as well as the use of antiseptics quickly relieves swelling and reduces the amount of secreting mucus.

  • Do the various rings, masks and magnetic clips "anti-snore" help? The opinions of specialists make it possible to understand that such a way cannot become a real solution to the problem: all these devices, designed to stimulate the activity of the muscles of the larynx and increase their tone, can only help with age-related changes. Moreover, the effect is often so insignificant that after a while, everything returns to its original state, since muscle training and strengthening do not occur.

In addition, it is impossible not to draw attention to the fact that most of these devices are contraindicated in the deformations of the nasal passages, which in turn is a frequent prerequisite for ronhopathy.

Medical techniques for eliminating snoring can be medication when a drug is prescribed that reduces the degree of swelling, as well as toning the muscles of the larynx (for example, Slipex, Dr. Snore, etc.); or surgical, if it comes to pathologies that are not amenable to mild treatment. There is also a proven CPAP therapy, which is an artificial passage of air into the lungs through a compressor through a special mask. The treatment is due to the fact that a positive pressure is created in the respiratory tract, which changes the position of the walls.

Home prevention of male snoring

Home prevention of male snoring

In order not to have to think about how to get rid of snoring, doctors advise to take simple measures at the first bells of this problem, which manifest themselves not only in controlling their diet, daily regimen and sleeping position, but also in strengthening the muscles of the larynx. To do this, every day it is enough to perform simple exercises several times, giving a load to the lower jaw, the muscles of the back surface of the tongue and the walls of the soft palate and pharynx.

  • Place your palm flat between the jaws, then open and close your mouth, trying to squeeze your hand with force.
  • Bring the tongue forward, open mouth, try to reach them to the lowest point of the chin.
  • Keep your lips together, inflate your cheeks and lift the upper palate, and then begin to make a long humming sound.
  • Pronounce the vowels by stretching out the tongue and holding it with your fingers by the tip.
  • Yawn with your mouth closed and cough, sticking your tongue out.

Each exercise requires a delay at the end point of 5-6 seconds: i.e. at the time of greatest stress.

When snoring occurs, it is necessary not to look for a way to stop these sounds immediately, but to find out the exact cause that provoked this problem and start a fight against it. At the same time, it is worthwhile to begin to strengthen the muscles, since such a move will not be superfluous in any of the situations described above.