How to cure nail fungus on the legs


Mushroom pore is when in the forest, in a clearing, after a warm spring rain under each mound, you can find an armful of mushrooms. Just pack and do not be lazy. And already from fungi, and pickles, and noble soup - yummy! Well, when the fungus from the forest, and if it is of other origin, for example, on the nails of the feet? Notice how dramatically our perception changes. It would seem that the word is the same, but the essence. But the point is that you can forget about such a problem and a pedicure, and you don’t shoe sandals, and you don’t go to the beach, in general, the season has disappeared. To prevent this from happening, let's talk about how to cure fungus-nogahs, and user feedback will help us with this.

How to determine whether there is a fungus on the nails?

Fungus, he's onychomycosis

A fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is an infectious disease that affects the nails, the skin of the legs and hands. The primary cause of mycosis is the non-observance of the rules of hygiene, and only then its spread from the ill person to household items or shoes.

It is easy to pick up this disease in public places such as a swimming pool, fitness center, gym, sauna and similar wet and warm places where there is a high probability of skin contact with a pathogen infection.

The first sign of fungus - change the color of the nails. Nail plates affected by a fungal infection may have a gray, white, brown, yellow, black or green hue. Also, with onychomycosis, the nails begin to exfoliate and break.

How to cure nail fungus at home?

disease progression will cause keratinization of affected tissues

If you do not start timely treatment, the progression of the disease will cause keratinization of the affected tissue and then you can say goodbye to the nail. The risk group for this disease is mainly adults and the elderly with a weakened immune system, disorders in the organs of the internal secretion and endocrine system, obesity, insufficient blood circulation, as well as patients with diabetes. The treatment of mycosis is long and irregular, but not hopeless at all.

Medication Therapy

Today, the pharmaceutical industry produces a fairly large number of various drugs for the treatment of fungal diseases. The use of a drug differs in the strength of the effect, the composition of the components and depends on the following indicators:

  • size of areas affected by fungal infection;
  • the degree of neglect of the disease;
  • the presence of pathological processes in the body.

In most cases, complex treatment is necessary, both with local exposure drugs and oral antifungal agents. Among them are:

  • Medical antimycotic varnishes or solutions - Loceryl, Batrafen, Cycloproxolamine. Used at the initial stage of the disease.
  • Creams for removing the affected nail fungus - Nogtimizin, Nogtivit. Used as an alternative to surgical treatment.
  • Tablets: Fluconazole, Kanditral, Terbinafine, Lamisil. Accepted with significant progression of the disease.
  • Preparations of local, local action. Ointments - Mycozoral, Zalain. Creams - Nizoral, Terbinafin, Fungerbin, Exoderil. Sprays - Lamisil, Terbix, Lamitel. Appointed in combination with pills.

overcame this ailment with proven popular methods

All of these funds are used individually for the purpose and under the supervision of a physician. Carefully read the leaflet annotation to the drug for possible contraindications. Effective treatment will end with the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease when the infected tissues of the nails are replaced with healthy ones. To confirm the recovery and further control, laboratory tests are necessary even after the end of the treatment course.

Will folk remedies help: reviews

Let's talk to people who have already overcome this ailment with the help of proven folk methods and, perhaps, their advice will be useful to us:

Maria, 38 years old: "During a pedicure in a hairdressing salon, they put an infection on my thumbnail. I was cured as follows: I poured vinegar essence into a mayonnaise jar and put a chicken egg into it. Then I put it in a place inaccessible to light until the egg dissolved. This with a mixture of lubricated and infected nail twice a day. I just cured. "

Elizabeth, 52 years: "Hurt with the fungus on the nails of the feet for about 10 years. Concentrated acetic acid 70% acid helped. Before applying the acid, you need to thoroughly steam the feet with hot water for forty minutes or an hour. Then you should wipe your feet dry and rub the nails with acetic acid. a nail damaged by a fungus until a new one grows. ”

Lyudmila, 41: “Try horseradish. Ordinary horseradish root is grated on or grated through a meat grinder. After cutting the nail, put horseradish gruel on it and bandage it until the next morning. And so every time after cutting the nail. It is treated for a long time, but all the roots of the fungus go out.”

Preventive measures

what is nail fungus, how to treat it with drug and folk methods

We told you about nail fungus, how to treat it with drugs and traditional methods. But it would be better not to get sick at all. And for this you need to take preventive measures:

  • Being in the pool, sauna or on the beach, be sure to wear rubber slippers, and preferably plastic, because porous rubber is the most favorable environment for mycosis;
  • socks should be made from natural fibers and, of course, their daily change is obligatory;
  • under no circumstances use someone else's shoes;
  • feet should always be dry, wipe them thoroughly after water procedures;
  • Regularly use anti-fungal foot creams to reduce their sweating and antiseptic treatment.

Of course, for those infected with mycosis, the disease hardly passed during our conversation, but the main thing is the hope for recovery and a positive attitude. Do not give up, regularly use medicinal and prophylactic agents - and the disease will recede. Be healthy!