How to cure acne on the face


Probably few people, no matter who suffered in adolescence from acne on his face. But acne can appear not only at this age, delivering not only aesthetic problems, but also accompanied by painful sensations.

The main cause of acne is the enhanced function of the sebaceous glands on the face. It is necessary to fight and treat this phenomenon so that there are no scars on the face.

How to treat acne on the face?

  • The very first thing to do is to rememberthorough and daily cleansing of the skin. Morning and evening you need to wash, using special cosmetics. They need to be selected very carefully so that they fit the skin type.

How to cure acne on the face?

How to cure acne on the face?

How to quickly cure acne?

  1. In order to quickly cure acne on the face and prevent their appearance in the future, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water. Water helps to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body, which ensures a beautiful and even complexion. During snacks, sandwiches are best exchanged for nuts and fruits. Acne and blackheads will become much smaller.
  2. Also, to quickly deal with them, you can cook tincture of aloe vera. Its leaves need to be washed and removed for 10 days in the refrigerator. Then chop them and fill with cold boiled water. After 1 hour, boil the mixture for 3 minutes. After that, strain. Wipe face with such a tincture daily.
  3. Peel skinyou need in the morning and evening with simple lotions or tonics, as well as moisturize, 2 p. a week to make masks and peel the cells with a scrub. It is necessary to select cosmetics very carefully, it should be suitable for you, and on days off, give your skin a rest. After returning from work, be sure to remove makeup.
  4. Acne can be lubricated tincture of calendula on alcohol, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Alcohol will dry the skin and destroy bacteria, and calendula will have a healing effect. The skin must be lubricated in the morning and evening, and, very importantly, it is imperative that you stop touching your face, as you can bring a lot of harmful germs with your hands and aggravate the problem.

How to cure acne on the face?

How to treat internal acne on the face?

Quite often on the face appear internal acne. They can be cured with the help of traditional medicine recipes.

  • In the treatment of internal acne calendula will help. From it you can make lotion. To do this, take 2 tbsp. l calendula flowers and pour 40% alcohol, 1/5 parts of water and 1/3 cup of cologne. Put in a warm place. The next day, add 5 g of 5% alcohol solution and 3 mg of glycerin. Wipe the skin with lotion of at least 2 p. in a day. Or 1 tbsp. l Dried calendula flowers Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 30 minutes, strain the infusion and cool. Wipe your face every day 3 p.
  • You can also make a mixture of honey and calendula. Take a glass of water, boil it and add 1 tsp. honey and calendula. Mix everything thoroughly, allow the tincture to cool and moisten cotton swabs in it. Immediately apply to acne on the face. Hold compresses for 30 minutes.
  • Aloe juice will be a very good treatment. In addition to the treatment of acne, it will help to rejuvenate the skin of the face and relieve irritation. For juice, put aloe leaves in the fridge for 10 days. Then finely chop them and squeeze the juice. Use it instead of lotion or tonic 3 r. in a day. You cannot keep such juice, so use it right after you press it.

How to cure acne on the face?

  • Internal acne is well treated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. They consist of salicylic acid, chamomile extracts, triclosan, zinc oxide. Zinc helps eliminate inflammation and reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Well proven drug Zener, which includes erythromycin, which has an antibacterial effect.

Acne on the face can be eliminated using different methods.. Here will help and treatment prescribed by the doctor, and traditional medicine, and facial care. But, besides this, it is necessary to learn not to touch the face, remove makeup in time, not abuse it, and also pay attention to your diet and the amount of water you drink per day. Observing these simple recommendations, you will forget what acne is.