How to cure a throat in 1 day


The very first signs of a cold - coughing, pain when swallowing, sore throat and redness of the throat. If you begin to treat your throat as soon as these symptoms appear, that is, at the initial stage, you will not get sick. If you let everything go to chance, the flu is guaranteed. How to cure a throat in one day?

This article contains the most popular and effective folk recipes in order to cure the throat in one day. Choosing one of them, you can easily get rid of cold symptoms.

Recipes for throat treatment in 1 day

  • You will need a dry pharmaceutical chamomile - 1 tbsp, water - 1 tbsp. Pour the chamomile with water, bring the mixture to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer the broth for another two minutes. After that, turn off the heat, cover yourself with a towel and breathe steam from the decoction until the liquid cools. In addition, the same decoction, as often as possible, rinse throat. Drink hot milk with honey several times a day.

  • Take honey or goose fat or mutton fat. Thoroughly smear it on the throat and chest, avoiding the area where the heart is. Then, put a plastic wrap on top, a terry towel on top of the film, a heating pad on top (a plastic bottle with boiling water can play its role). Leave everything overnight. By morning the throat will not hurt.
  • Take one big beet. Rub it on a fine grater, and squeeze the juice. It should make 200 ml of beet juice. In this juice, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and mix thoroughly. This solution should gargle six times a day.
  • You will need furatsilin, soda, iodine, calendula tincture and juice. All ingredients are mixed and rinsed sore throat every fifteen minutes.
  • Take one banana, one - two teaspoons of water and one tablespoon of honey. Mash the banana thoroughly in a blender or fork, add water and honey to it. Mix everything thoroughly. There is a mixture you need as often as possible. The mixture should be warm. It is necessary to eat slowly! In the morning, take the mixture on an empty stomach. During the day - no less than half an hour before meals and no earlier than half an hour after meals.
  • Take one teaspoon of salt and the same amount of soda, mix, and add three drops of iodine to the mixture. Then fill it with one cup of hot water. Rinse the prepared throat mixture. every half hour throughout the day. In addition to rinsing, drink as much cranberry juice with honey and hot mineral water as possible during the day. At bedtime, take one glass of hot red wine.
  • Take a wide bandage, roll it up so that you have six layers. Dip it in a ten percent saline solution. Without squeezing the bandage, put it on the throat. From above, put a piece of dry matter in two layers, and leave it for the whole night.
  • Take a cabbage, rub it on a fine grater, wrap the grated cabbage in a piece of gauze. Secure the gauze with cabbage on the throat, wrap the top with a paper for compresses and a towel. Keep the compress should be within one to two hours.
  • Take the 10 st. l honey, 1 tbsp. l dry mustard powder and 1 tbsp. l flour. From the ingredients sculpted scone, put it on the throat, put a plastic bag on top, wrap a scarf. Flapjack should leave over throat all night.

  • Take 1 tbsp. honey and as much lemon juice. All mix, the composition should be kept in the mouth for ten minutes. And then you can begin to swallow, but slowly and in small sips. Repeat this procedure should be several times in one day.
  • The following recipe is capable of not just relieve sore throat, but even cure a sore throat. And in just four hours! Take half a glass of cumin seeds and grind them. Pour the ground seeds with one glass of water. Bring to a boil and continue to boil for another fifteen minutes. Strain the mixture, squeeze the seeds. Then add another quarter cup of water to the seeds, and bring to the boil again. Cool the broth, add one tablespoon of brandy to it, stir well. Take a decoction of one tablespoon, strictly, every half hour. Two hours later, the throat will stop hurting. And if you have a sore throat, in four hours all the signs of this disease will go away!

Traditional medicine has a large number of recipes for all occasions. In some cases traditional medicine recipes even more effective than taking medicines. Read more about how to deal with a cold, You can read in article 6 delicious cold drinks.

Be healthy!