How to cure a sore throat at home


A rare person is not familiar with such a disease as angina. She comes by herself, like a cold. This is an infectious disease, as a result of which complications can develop.

Because of this, when a sore throat is detected, it is necessary to immediately begin its treatment, and in the case when the sore throat is running, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor and follow all the recommendations that he advises you. For example, antibiotics are especially important in the treatment of purulent tonsillitis, and physiotherapy and rinsing are prescribed for inflammation of the throat. Also for the treatment of angina at home can be used and folk remedies, but as an addition to the course of pharmacological drugs.

Sore throat: symptoms and treatment

Sometimes hospitalization is required for a sore throat - but again, this should be decided by a qualified specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. After all, if treatment is prescribed incorrectly, it will only alleviate the symptoms of the disease and allow the infection to penetrate deep into the body, which will cause various complications.

Sore throat: symptoms and treatment

  • When a patient has tonsillitis, he or she has a fever, so the treatment should be bed rest. High temperatures can last for a week, and this is a huge burden on the body. If the temperature of the patient is kept within 38 ° C, then it is not necessary to shoot it down, the body itself will struggle with this state. If a small child has a sore throat, then it is impossible to prescribe a course of treatment on your own!
  • At elevated temperatures, dehydration may begin. To prevent this, you need to give the patient a large amount of liquid, and it is during this period that the traditional remedies for treating sore throat at home help well.
  • The patient can be given to drink decoctions of various herbs and berries, for example, rosehip decoction, which increases the body's resistance to disease.
  • The raspberry infusion helps to fight the temperature - 2-3 times a day.

Sore throat: treatment of folk remedies

  • Sore throats can be rinsed with decoctions of cranberries, viburnum and mountain ash, chamomile, celandine, pine needles, and St. John's wort. Other tinctures and decoctions for gargling are described in detail in the article How to gargle with sore throat ?.
  • After the temperature subsides, you can begin to make inhalations, eucalyptus, thyme and pine buds are perfect for them.
  • In addition to the use of medicinal and folk remedies, the patient must follow a special diet, which includes the intake of plant and dairy foods. Food should not be an irritant to the mucosa of the patient's throat and gastrointestinal tract.

Folk remedies for treating sore throats at home

There are many recipes for treating sore throats with folk remedies that you can prepare yourself and easily at home, because we trust the products that we prepare ourselves much more than even the most expensive drugs.

  • To rinse a sore throat the following solution is perfect: take a glass of warm water, add a couple of drops of regular iodine, 1 tsp. soda and 1 tsp salt. Gargling with this solution is necessary several times a day.
  • To soften the throat, you can drink warm milk, in which you need to add 1 tbsp. Honey and 1 tbsp. butter - for every glass of milk.
  • Also treatment of angina contributes to the salt solution - in 1 cup of warm water dissolve 1 tbsp. salt, this solution you need to rinse sore throat as often as possible. This solution is excellent. an astringent that narrows the sore throat’s inflamed tissue. Such a solution is often recommended by qualified specialists.
  • Sore throat can be rinsed with sage broth: brew 2 tablespoons of boiling water. herbs, wait until the broth has cooled slightly, and rinse them throat. Sage has a healing and disinfecting effect.

Sage for the treatment of angina

  • When angina is very good to dissolve propolis. Take a small piece of propolis in your mouth - the size of a match head. Or make a solution for gargling from propolis tincture, which is sold in pharmacies - just add 3 drops of tincture to a glass of warm water.
  • Blackberry root decoction is a good astringent. Boil 3 cups of water, add 1 tbsp. blackberry root (or green blackberry), boil everything over low heat for about 20 minutes. Remove from heat, add 1 tbsp. peppermint, cover and leave for 5 minutes. After the infusion is infused, drink it without restriction.
  • A sore throat can be lubricated with bitter orange oil purchased at a pharmacy. Just lubricate their sore throat with a cotton swab and a mirror.

Approach treatment of angina very seriously and responsibly, do not let the disease become chronic. If the treatment fails, surgery may be necessary. To prevent this from happening, treat the sore throat correctly!

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