How to collect urine from a baby girl correctly


Collecting urine for analysis in young children is necessary for diagnosing a number of diseases. This applies especially to urinary tract infections. Getting a clean sample from babies who do not control their urination is a problem activity that requires experience and skill. Let's figure out how to collect urine from a baby girl.

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How to collect urine from a baby girl correctly

Modern medical literature contains a sufficient description of methods of collecting urine from infants. At the same time, methods can be both invasive - penetrating through external barriers and non-invasive. Children who can empty their bladder when asked to do so will usually be sampled from the middle of the stream. In carriers of diapers - the youngest children, unable to write on request, the collection of urine is difficult.

Here are a few methods to help you properly take urine for analysis:

  • make a collection of urine directly at the time of urination of the child;
  • use a special urinal for newborns.

And if the collection of urine from infants of boys is practically not difficult, then this process may cause some difficulties for the parents of girls. Hygiene procedures must always precede the process, regardless of gender. However, in the case of small ladies, they are particularly careful, they require washing all the folds, and the movements should be directed from the labia to the pope of the baby.

How to collect urine from a baby girl?

Collecting urine for a diagnostic study of small representatives of the weaker sex is possible with the use of certain devices. Let's look at each method in more detail.

Old way:

  1. Take a large flat-bottomed plate or dish.
  2. Prior to the procedure should, as noted above, careful hygienic procedures, as well as cleaning, bordering on sterilization, directly devices for collecting urine. The cleaner it is, the less the likelihood of bacteria entering from the outside.
  3. The plate must be thoroughly washed and treated with boiling water or even boiled. Remaining water should be soaked in a sterile cloth.
  4. The device, being careful, gently place the princess under the ass, putting it on its back. Warning: dishes should not be hot!
  5. After the need is met, the crumb needs to lift and pull out the plate.
  6. Transfer the urine to a special container purchased in advance at the pharmacy, tightly seal the cap and hang a tag containing information about the baby.

Modern way

Learning to collect urine from a baby girl

The basis of this method is the use of a children's universal urinal with a hypoallergenic adhesive layer. This is a factory-made package with an oval hole, on the edges of which a special adhesive coating is applied. The procedure itself is quite simple and convenient:

  1. Putting the baby on the back and reassuring her, carefully glue the urinal around the external genitalia. Follow your instructions accordingly.
  2. After waiting for the child to pee, carefully unstick the bag of the card collector, and pour its contents into the container.
  3. Tightly closed vessel tag with data on the crumbs.

Related Information

For indefatigable rationalizers, it should be noted that it is impossible to collect urine in ordinary polyethylene bags, much less squeeze a diaper or try to make it from a diaper. All these actions are capable of attracting microorganisms that were not originally found in children's urine, and the quality of the tests will be questionable. Also, do not store urine for a long time. It must be delivered to the laboratory within two hours for analysis. Otherwise, the accuracy of the results may suffer.

But thoroughly undermine the girl before collecting urine samples is not just necessary, but necessary without fail. In this case, an adult should wash his hands well with soap and water. Diapers, napkins, towels used in the procedure must be clean and the collection container must be sterile. Harvesting the urine is best done in the morning. The quality of the collected material and the result of the analysis depend on all the above factors, which, in turn, influences the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment.

Rational Tips

how to collect urine from a girl of 3 months of age

Not every adult is able to go to the toilet on demand, what to say about babies babies. For example, how to collect urine from a girl of 3 months of age, when it is time to run to the clinic, and the baby smiles, cries, wakes, plays, in general, does everything, but doesn't pee? In such a situation, after all the preparatory operations, you can try to use the advice of experienced moms:

  • sounds of babbling water always stimulate urination, so pour water near the crumbs;
  • feed or breastfeed the baby;
  • make stroking movements with a warm hand in the lower abdomen;
  • place a container with warm water next to the baby, put a pen in it and allow the girl to play a little.

Collecting urine from crumbs at such an early age requires increased patience, attentiveness, and care, as well as any other actions concerning newborns. If you take note of the tips above, the procedure for collecting urine from a baby will not cause you much difficulty. Good luck in your endeavors and only good test results!