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Grapefruit in Latin means "heavenly citrus." The fruit has received a loud name due to its pleasant fresh taste. He has long ceased to be associated with something exotic and on a par with lemons and oranges found on counters across the country. However, many still do not know how to eat grapefruit. We will understand?

The fact is that the distinctive feature of this citrus is a bitter aftertaste, which gives it a film between the lobules. However, if the grapefruit is properly processed, the result will appeal to even those who have previously preferred it to other fruits.

How to choose a grapefruit?

How to eat grapefruit?

Not every one of the “heavenly citrus” caught on the shelves of stores deserves your attention. To understand how to choose the right grapefruit for its appearance, you need to analyze the following signs:

  • aroma - the smell of fresh fruit is felt even at a distance;
  • color - if the peel of a grapefruit has a reddish tint, then most likely it will taste good. And dark marks, on the contrary, speak about depravity;
  • elasticity. Try it to the touch - a ripe grapefruit will slightly spring in your hand.

Sellers who know a lot about fruits are advised to weigh the potential purchase in hand and evaluate the result. A good, juicy grapefruit will weigh at least 300 grams, while the one who has lain for a long time will seem too light for its size.

How to clean an exotic "paradise" fruit?

If you try this citrus for the first time, you need to know how to properly clean the grapefruit, so that bitter films do not prevent you from enjoying the pulp. Fancy fruit lovers do it in different ways, but they start all the same. To begin with, wash it thoroughly under running water, then either peel the skin with a sharp, thin knife, or simply remove it with your hands.

How to eat a grapefruit?

Some consumers do not spend time on cleaning and, after cutting a clean fruit across the slices, immediately begin to eat. In this form, you can taste grapefruits in restaurants, where they are served as a dessert. Together with them, the waiter brings a special spoon with jagged edges. Passionate fans of "heavenly citrus" must buy the same cutlery for home use. But, if you do not have it, do not be discouraged: you can divide the fruit into slices, peel each of them from the film and then eat it. The process will take a little longer, but the efforts are worth it.

How to eat grapefruit?

Many useful properties are attributed to grapefruit, and deservedly so: it is not only a source of vitamins C, D, P and B1, but also helps to keep the figure in good shape. Those who decide to go on a diet involving the active use of such fruits, it is important to know how to eat grapefruit in order to lose weight.

One of the most effective among the existing nutrition systems for weight loss is grapefruit diet. Women and men who tried to adhere to it, achieved the desired results - dropped from 3 to 5 kg in five days. This effect is achieved due to the acids that the fruit contains. No wonder it is called "tasty fat burner."

So, how to eat grapefruit for weight loss? The main advantage of this method is short duration. The five-day period passes unnoticed, and during this time it is allowed to eat any protein food along with grapefruit, but not more than four times a day.

Doctors fully agree with supporters of the grapefruit diet, but warned that its main "secret" ingredient also has contraindications:

  • You can not eat "heavenly citrus" for people with peptic ulcer disease, with high acidity and gastritis. However, 2-3 slices will not cause harm;
  • people who are allergic to citrus fruits cannot eat grapefruits even in small quantities: this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

If you do not know how to properly eat a grapefruit - according to the rules of etiquette, "gracefully", this is not a reason to refuse the wonderful gift of nature. First, you can always fill the information gap. And secondly, no matter how this paradise citrus is in your mouth, in any case you will enjoy its fresh taste and get a lot of benefits for your body.