How to choose the best candles on the temperature for


Therapy for the youngest is always chosen with extreme caution, since the infant’s body does not yet have internal protection and cannot separate out the harmful parts of the medicine on its own. For this reason, in young children, adverse reactions often outweigh any benefits from using the medication.

However, it is sometimes impossible to do without pharmaceutical preparations: for example, if a baby suffers from high fever. Pediatricians advise the use of suppositories. How effective is it, which ones are the safest?

Do you beat the temperature?

How to choose the best candles on the temperature for children up to a year?

Before you look at the full list of candles on the temperature for children under one year, you should talk about the processes that occur in the body when the thermometer shows the number "37" and above. Is it necessary to urgently seek antipyretic, risking the health of the baby, or is it better not to do this?

  • An increase in body temperature is a natural reaction of the immune system to the pathogen, its attempt to burn out the disease on its own. If this happens on day 2–3, doctors advise that the temperature should be considered a good sign — the baby’s immunity is normal and it functions correctly by synthesizing interferon, a substance that kills bacteria and viruses.

Some young mothers, having noticed that the child has a fever, immediately rush in search of a means capable of knocking him down. This is not necessary. As long as the thermometer did not show 38.2 degrees (for infants) or 38.5 degrees (for children older than a year), there is no need to take measures: the body can cope on its own; An unkind sign may be cramps or chills, but in this case, you need to call a doctor, and not beat down the heat.

What are the best candles for children under a year?

What are the best candles for children under a year?

The antipyretic agent for the baby should not perform an antibacterial function and should not be focused on long-term therapy. This is an emergency "pill", a kind of magic wand, which works one-time. Rectal suppositories or suppositories are the most convenient and safe format, since the active substances are immediately absorbed into the blood, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, even the most sensitive organism will experience a minimal amount of discomfort.

  • Disadvantages suppositories - discomfort for the child when the candle is inserted into the anus, and a long waiting time: the temperature begins to fall only after 30-40 minutes. For comparison, syrups and tablets will give the result after 15-20 minutes.

Doctors advise to put a candle to the baby when he is sleeping, if it is possible to wait for such a moment. Preliminary, it is desirable to make an enema. In this case, the child should be laid on the left side, the legs should be pressed to the abdomen with knees. The area of ​​the anus to facilitate the procedure can be smeared with vegetable oil, the end of the candle with warm water. After the administration of the suppository, it is necessary that the baby maintains a horizontal position for another 10 minutes.

The most effective and safe antipyretic candles for infants:

  • Dolomol. Works by paracetamol. The maximum daily dose of -4 g, at the time recommended not to enter more than 80 mg. Frequency of use - up to 3 times a day.
  • Nurofen. From the temperature of the candles put every 6 hours for 3 days. The dosage is calculated according to the weight of the child: less than 8 kg - half a candle at a time, up to 12 kg -1 candle.
  • Panadol for children. Candles set at intervals of 4 hours, not more than 4 times a day. The dosage is carried out according to age: 10 mg for newborns over 3 months, you can take from 60 to 120 mg. The maximum duration of the use of Panadol according to the instructions - a week.
  • Tylenol. Allowed to children older than 3 months, 80 mg 2 times a day, children from six months -3 times a day. During the day, you can put candles 4 times.
  • Cefecon for children. Candles for temperature are used in children from the second month of life, the interval between procedures is at least 4 hours. Children under 3 months are given 1 candle, which is equivalent to 50 mg of the drug. Children up to a year can 100 mg.
  • Eferalgan. According to the instructions, candles for children older than 3 months. The smallest put on 10 mg, and in the age from six months to a year - 60-120 mg. The frequency of use is up to 4 times a day, with an interval of 4 hours. It is impossible to put suppositories for longer than 3 days in a row.

Doctors remind that preparations for young children should be selected after consulting with a specialist because of the increased level of risk to the health of the baby. Do not forget that antipyretic drugs are an extreme measure. If you are worried about the temperature, but it did not reach a critical point, try to alleviate the child’s condition by rubbing off and drinking more.