How to choose skiing


Active winter holidays can not be imagined without skis. Recently, skiing and downhill from the mountains is becoming very popular entertainment. In order to rest only pleasure, you should choose the right skis. There are many options to consider when purchasing.

Some skiers think that it’s better to start by renting skis. Such an approach may lead to the fact that you will not raise the level. When skiing, individual parameters are important. In accordance with them and equipment is selected. When choosing a rental ski you will have to push off only on height and weight. As a result, some inconvenience may arise during skiing due to the fact that other parameters were not taken into account. Therefore, instructors recommend spending time and money and purchase their own alpine skis that will suit you, and then extreme tourism will give you a lot of fun.

How to choose the right skis?

It is sometimes difficult to choose alpine skis. If earlier there was only 1 type of ski, shorter than usual, today manufacturers offer more than 300 models to potential skiers. The number of types of alpine skiing is growing year by year. They differ in length, width, flexibility. In order to more easily navigate in all this variety, it is enough to understand that each pair has its own geometry.

How to choose skiing?

Classic skiing is not quite suitable for amateur skiers. Beginners better choose the so-called carving skis. They are easy to recognize by their shape - they resemble an hourglass. Learning to ride them is quite simple, because they are easy to manage.

First you need to evaluate your skiing skills and decide where you will ski. The more experience you have, the more maneuverable the skis should be. It is clear that their parameters also directly depend on the type of slopes. The steeper and more bumpy the surface, the better the skis should bend. Each type of sports attribute has its own speed. Beginners are encouraged to choose those that accelerate to low and medium speeds.

The width of each ski is important. Narrow is better to choose for descents from icy slopes, and wide for skiing in deep snow, because they don't drown. Long skis are more stable on the slopes, and shorter ones are more maneuverable.

Also, when choosing a ski, it is important to decide which target group the skier belongs to. It is important to consider not only skills, but also gender. There are separate options for women and men. Usually manufacturers indicate all these parameters on the boxes to the skis. Therefore, you can understand what suits you by examining their parameters.

In addition to skiing, it is also important to choose the right ski suit and boots. Equipment usually consists of several layers. The first layers should not be made of natural fabrics - only synthetic materials. Otherwise, all the moisture and sweat will remain on the surface, and you will freeze. Synthetic materials, no matter how strange it may sound, will not let you freeze due to the fact that they sweat away. It is better if the pants and jacket are made of membrane material.

Ski boots choose stiffness. At the same time, it is not recommended for beginners to buy too stiff shoes (over 90) - during prolonged skating the periosteum can become inflamed. It is better not to dwell on some company - just try on a few shoes and choose the most comfortable ones. It is better to fasten the clips on the shoes were aluminum. Remember that when skiing ski mounts should be located almost in the middle of the boot - there is a special mark on the sole.

It is important to choose the right ski poles. When relying on one of them, the arm should be at an angle of 90 degrees. The use of sticks is allowed 5 cm less.

Do not forget that for skiing you need protection - glasses, possibly a helmet, protection on the back and tailbone.

Also for each type of ski sport you can choose your type of ski.

Determine the required length of the growth

Skis, in fact, easier to choose by height. It is considered to be that the most important indicator in the selection is him. In fact, you need to pay attention to the figure of a skier and his weight. A simple rule - the length of the ski for beginners should reach the nose.

The larger the person, the greater the length of the skis. According to the standards, when choosing from your height you need to subtract 5-10 cm. Skis of the obtained length should be bought for men of average build. Novice skiers are advised to take 20 cm away from height, and to women 25. After some time, having improved their skills, you can buy longer skis. If you have a lot of weight, then only 5-10 cm should be taken from growth.

How to choose a ski for a child?

We buy baby

When choosing a ski for a child, you must take into account his age, growing, weight and ability to ride. Kids ski choose on the basis of weight. With a weight of 10 -20 kg, the length of the skis should be about 70-80 cm. Every 10 kg of weight adds 10 cm of the length of the skis. Starting with 40 kg of skis for a child is chosen based on his height. Skis should reach the level of the nose.

The first skis should be classic. They are rather long and have “notches” on the surface, due to which it is impossible to roll back. Also, this type of ski during downhill does not develop great speed, which is also convenient for those who learn to ride.

It is also important to determine the material of the ski. Now you can find options made of wood, but plastic is more practical - snow does not stick to it, they are quite light. The main thing to check that on skis from plastic was an anti-slip layer, which will not allow them to disperse in different directions.

If there are semi-rigid bindings on skis, then you can not buy special shoes.

In the first year of schooling, a child can do without sticks - at this time it is important to master the principle of sliding. Only then can you additionally buy sticks. The easiest way to select sticks is to position them along the body. They should reach the armpits.

There are a few simple rules that will help you decide on the choice of alpine skiing.

  • Do not buy professional equipment. Of course, this rule applies only to beginners. Professional alpine skis are very maneuverable, and besides, they cost a lot. You just do not have enough skill level to ride them for your pleasure.
  • As the first ski it is better to choose universal or highway. If you want to ride not on the slopes, then it is better to choose wide skis.
  • Pay attention to the attachment. They should be quite elastic and strong. If the leg is firmly fixed, then cornering can cause injury.
  • For children, never buy skis and equipment for growth. The child will be uncomfortable to ride.
  • Before skiing, equipment and skis need to check and prepare.

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Skiing is a great winter fun. To rest was not overshadowed by injuries and other troubles, skis must be chosen very carefully. The main parameters for choosing this sports attribute are height, weight and skills. Usually the length of the skis is 15-20 cm less than the height.