How to choose an exercise bike for home

Recently, sports have become very popular. After working day, many of us rush to the gym to work out on special equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to visit fitness centers. If you have an overwhelming desire to give your body mouth-watering shapes or to tighten muscles, then the gym can be organized at home. To do this, it is enough to purchase one universal training complex, during the classes at which all muscle groups will be involved. Let's find out together how to choose an exercise bike for home.

It should not only benefit you and be multifunctional, but also blend harmoniously into the interior.

Which exercise bike to choose for home: the main aspects

decided to purchase an exercise bike

So, you made the decision to purchase an exercise bike, but, having looked at the offers of well-known manufacturers, you simply lost your head. Still, with such a variety of models it is very difficult to choose the most suitable simulator both in terms of functionality and price category.

In order to train on the exercise bike to bring you pleasure and benefit, and he could serve for a long time, you should take into account the following basic parameters when choosing it:

  • type of the fixing mechanism of a seat;
  • user weight limit;
  • braking system;
  • availability of on-board computer;
  • functionality;
  • manufacturer;
  • ergonomics;
  • appearance.

If the living space does not allow to equip a separate room for the installation of sports equipment, the exercise bike should be placed in one of the rooms. First of all, pay attention to its appearance, because the exercise bike will be constantly visible, it can not be disassembled into details and compactly placed in a closet or back room. The exercise bike should blend in harmoniously with the interior so that it becomes a wonderful addition and even an element of decor.

Do not forget that during the selection of exercise bike, you can always use the services of consultants. Professional store staff will provide you with comprehensive information about a particular model of exercise bikes. By the way, you can ask for a so-called test drive. In the store you have the right to sit on the exercise bike and try it out in order to really understand the principle of operation and convenience.

Each model is good in its own way.

Uniquely answer the question, what is the best exercise bike to choose

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question which exercise bike is best to choose, since each consumer has his own preferences. To derive the formula of the "ideal" exercise bike for home, you need to consider each of the parameters in detail.

Let's start with the type of seat mounting system. As a rule, most exercise bikes are made with a vertical mounting system of the seat, which is adjustable in height. If you have any contraindications or disorders in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, then in sports stores you can find exercise bikes with horizontal seats. In this case, you will be engaged in a supine position, and pedal perpendicular to the floor.

Due consideration should be given to the limiting body mass that the exercise bike is able to withstand. Most models withstand an average weight of up to 100 kg. And if in your family there is a person whose weight category exceeds this parameter? Then you should pay attention to magnetic and electromagnetic exercise bikes that can withstand a weight of 100 to 140 kg.

If you want to choose the simplest exercise bike, you can purchase a mechanical one. The principle of its operation is simple - you just need to pedal to exhaustion. But if you want to make your classes rational, lose weight or track the number of calories expended, then you should definitely pay attention to simulators equipped with on-board computers. Usually they have a display that shows the following information:

  • movement speed;
  • the duration of the class;
  • distance traveled;
  • calories burned;
  • load force

For people suffering from impaired functioning of the cardiovascular system, it is best to purchase exercise bikes, which determine the pulse and maximum load. You will need to program the source data in advance so that the classes benefit, not harm.

On handles of such exercise bikes there are special sensory sensors. During classes, when you hold the steering wheel (handrails) with both hands, the on-board computer will be able to calculate the pulse.

Types of home exercise bikes

There are several types of home exercise bikes.

There are several types of home exercise bikes. This criterion should also be paid attention to when purchasing such sports equipment. In specialized stores you can find the following models:

  • mechanical (on belts);
  • magnetic;
  • electromagnetic;
  • stationary vertical or horizontal;
  • hybrid;
  • portable.

Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer. As a rule, the purchase of an exercise bike for the house, manufactured under a famous sports brand, already gives a guarantee of quality and reliability. In addition, official dealers of such manufacturers provide a warranty card for sports equipment. Of course, the brand of exercise bike will also affect the price category. If you want to buy a durable, comfortable and multi-functional exercise bike, then do not be stingy. Moreover, the difference in price is not so significant.

The advantages and disadvantages of exercise bikes

sports equipment like exercise bikes have a number of advantages and disadvantages

Such sports units as exercise bikes have a number of advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in a specific model and detailed description of one or another exercise bike, then you can get acquainted with the reviews of other users who have already tried sports equipment in practice.

The advantages of exercise bikes include the following:

  • You can go cycling at any time convenient for you;
  • the exercise bike does not take up much space in the room;
  • such a simulator is considered universal and suitable for people who suffer from any health disorders;
  • without extra effort, a person can pump up the thigh and gluteal muscles, as well as the abs;
  • special on-board computer will help you calculate the number of calories expended, pulse and load force.

Despite the huge number of advantages, home exercise bikes have their drawbacks, in particular:

  • in view of the configuration, the exercise bike cannot be placed in a secluded place or hidden in a closet (utility room);
  • in mechanical simulators, the belt and pads quickly wear out;
  • during class the belt may burst unexpectedly.

Consumer reviews

If it is difficult for you to make your own choice and give preference to one or another model of home exercise bike, then look through magazines, catalogs, read reviews from other consumers in various forums.

According to customer reviews, magnetic exercise bikes equipped with an on-board computer are currently considered the most popular model. They are very easy to operate and are smooth.

According to reviews, mechanical exercise bikes are most often purchased for installation in homes with a large living space, since they are not ergonomic and non-compact.

Some users in the forums leave feedback about the fact that they are acquiring the latest models of exercise bikes, classes on which allow you to fully feel cycling on a forest or country road. As a rule, such models are connected to the network and personal computer.

Decided to do cycling - do not postpone your desires for tomorrow. The presence in the house of an exercise bike will allow you to spend time with benefits for the body and health even when watching a movie or a favorite TV show. The quick start guide in this article will help you choose the model of exercise bike that is best for you. And remember, sport is health.

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