How to choose a rope


Jump rope familiar to all of us since childhood. She was one of the most favorite games for every girl. And for athletes is one of the most necessary things for training. In this case, skipping is one of the most simple simulators, which allows you to maintain your fitness and normal health. It is no less useful for the fight against excess weight. But in order to jump rope brought only benefit, it must be able to choose.

Rules for the selection of rope

How to choose a rope?

  1. When choosing a rope, you should, first of all, try to find out your exact height. Indeed, one of the main features for choosing a rope is its length. Incorrectly chosen rope length will negate all your efforts. Too short jump rope can cause a fall, and a long one will not allow a normal jump.
  2. The quality of the rope used will also be important. You need to be careful when choosing it. A bad jump rope will not provide the necessary quality and number of jumps.
  3. Pay attention to the handles of the rope. They should be comfortable in the hand, not to slide and not jump out. If they are wooden, they should be covered with a special varnish to avoid unnecessary chipping.
  4. Of course, choose a jump rope for the price.

What kinds of skipping ropes exist?

When choosing a rope, decide for whom and what you are buying it. There are the following types of skipping ropes: children and adults, amateur and sports, rubber and plastic, domestic PVC and foreign production.

How to choose a rope length?

How to choose a rope length?

The length of the rope is selected according to your height. Take the proposed jump rope and try to jump. The jump rope should not be interfered with and confused, but a short one should force the legs to help greatly. To begin with, the rope should be picked up and pulled out at chest level. The angle between the body and the hand should be 90 degrees. Its lower end should touch the floor, and not hang above the surface or form a fold on the floor. This will be the optimal length, and this will directly affect the quality of your classes.

The second way to choose the appropriate length of the rope will be a way to take it by two handles and stand with its foot in its middle. Then pull along the torso. If the handles are at the level of your armpits or at the level of your chest, then the jump rope is suitable. But if the cord is longer, you can not properly make jumps, and do double, and special jumps.

Table selection jump rope height

Table selection jump rope height

In the absence of the ability to measure the length personally when purchasing, you can focus on the existing table. According to the generally accepted scheme for growth of less than 150 cm, a jump rope of 1.8 meters in length is suitable. With a height of 151 to 167 cm, a jump rope 2.5 meters long is suitable. For growth from 168 to 175 cm, a jump rope of 2, 8 meters. From 176 cm to 183 cm suitable jump rope 3 meters. With the growth of more than 183 cm, choose a jump rope from 3.5 to 3.8 meters. If the rope is too long, you can twist it around your wrists by adjusting the appropriate length for yourself.

How to choose a rope for quality?

How to choose a rope for quality?

The most convenient rope for quality will be a rope with a rubberized cord or PVC cord. The diameter of the rope should be between 0.8 and 0.9 cm. The cord of the rope should not be light and thin. Otherwise, it will be constantly confused, which will negatively affect the quality of the jumps made and the effect of the exercises. Also, it should not be too hard. Otherwise, you will be very tired. Handles of the rope should be comfortable in your hands, not cling to the skin. They should be smooth. The surface of the handles of the rope is best rubberized.

How to choose a rope for weight loss?

For weight loss, you can pick up the rope, equipped with calorie counters. On the handle of such skipping ropes the liquid crystal display is placed. It helps to count calories dropped and the number of perfect jumps. The length of such modern skipping ropes can be adjusted individually for each individual's height.

How to choose a jump rope for the price?

How to choose a rope for weight loss?

The price range of skipping ropes is quite wide. You can buy a jump rope at any price. If available, you can buy jump rope made by professional manufacturers of sports equipment. There are also jump ropes that are made specifically for athletes. They are the most expensive. Such jump ropes are made of wear-resistant synthetic material. Their pens are made in accordance with the anatomical structure of the hands. They are securely mounted on bearings, which prevents the rope from twisting when jumping.

How to choose a rope in color and smell?

The color of the rope can be any, but it is better to choose the natural color of the rope without a specific smell. It may indicate the presence in its composition of harmful toxic substances, so be careful. If such a rope comes into contact with the skin, especially children, an allergic reaction may occur. Therefore, it is better to buy a jump rope in specialized sports shops, especially for your child.

When choosing a rope, you need to immediately decide who you are buying it for, find out the exact height. Then pay attention to the quality of skipping ropes and, if possible, purchase an expensive one, having come to a sports shop. Also, the rope should be chosen for growth, focusing on special tables or using generally accepted methods. Do not buy jump rope bright colors and smell. This indicates their low quality and even danger. Prefer more natural colors and wooden handles.

The best choice among jumpers will be a jump rope with a PVC cord, with a diameter of 0.9 cm. Choosing a jump rope is very important, as it will save you from injury and inconvenience. Properly selected jump rope will help you get the maximum result from jumps.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!