How to choose a cheap analogue of terzhinan


Candles "Terzhinan" have antifungal and antibacterial action, are widely used in gynecology to adjust the alkaline acid environment of the vagina and treatment of vaginitis. The active ingredients are antibiotics neomycin and nystatin, as well as ternidazole and prednisone, which is a hormonal drug. "Terzhinan" is quite safe, but it has a high cost, as a result of which it is sometimes necessary to resort to searching for its inexpensive analogues.

Candles "Poliginaks": consumer reviews and characteristics of the drug


Some doctors and pharmacists call Polygynax vaginal suppositories the main cheap analogue of the “Terzhinan” candles, but not all experts agree with this, since the composition of the drugs differs somewhat among themselves.

  • Active ingredients "Poliginax" - neomycin and nystatin, familiar with "Terzhinan" and antibiotic antibacterial and antifungal action, respectively. However, here the coincidence with the "Terzhinan" ends. Last active ingredient - polymyxin B - already new: it is also an antibiotic, focused on parenteral administration and is highly effective against gram-negative microorganisms.
  • The concentration of nystatin is 100,000 IU, as in the "Terzhinan", but the share of neomycin is almost 2 times less - 35,000 IU.
  • The composition of the drug makes its spectrum of action, in comparison with "Terzhinan", already: these are only yeast fungi and bacterial-fungal infections. Auxiliary components include dimethicone, soybean oil, and typhoid; the suppository has a gelatin shell that causes some subtleties in their use. Anti-inflammatory components are missing.
  • After the dissolution of the shell of the substance is not absorbed, as a result, have only local effects and allow you to experience fewer side effects: among them only an itch and burning sensation on the vaginal mucosa are recorded. However, according to the instructions, "Polygynax" is undesirable to use in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Prolonged use of these suppositories can be addictive, so it is recommended to stick to the course for 6-12 days. Daily in the evening 1 capsule is introduced, while it is necessary to take a horizontal position and keep it for 1-1.5 hours.

  • Irina: "This type of capsules and suppositories are not the first to encounter, I used" Terzhinan "before, but the new doctor suggested Polygynax when I addressed her with candidiasis. The injection capsule is not felt at all, although it is very large; any unnecessary rag under the buttocks, since the contents of the candle may leak slightly. Improvement was noted on the 4th day, the course was held in 10 days. No discomfort or side effects - in relation to thrush it is a great substitute for "Terginan". th price. "

The cost of candles "Poliginaks" is 200-220 rubles for 6 capsules.

What are the candles "Hexicon"?


"Hexicon" is also often recommended as a substitute for "Terjeanan", but in comparison with the above preparations, it has an even narrower spectrum of action, since the composition is very simple and almost does not coincide with "Terzhinan".

  • The active substance of the suppositories "Hexicon" is chlorhexidine digluconate, which is a safe and mild antiseptic. Its activity is observed only in relation to simple gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. For this reason, Hexicon candles are used only for prophylactic purposes (venereal diseases, gynecological manipulations), or as part of complex therapy against vaginitis and endocervites.
  • In turn, such a composition of "Hexicon" allows it to have no contraindications - candles are allowed at any stage of pregnancy and during lactation, since they act locally, without being absorbed from the mucous membrane.
  • For the purpose of prophylaxis, "Hexicon" is used one-time, for 2 hours from the moment of sexual intercourse or gynecological intervention. As a complete therapy, the course lasts 10 days, the suppository is introduced in the morning and evening.

Hexion does not cause addiction, however, as an independent drug, it takes place only in preventive measures, therefore, specialists are usually prescribed in conjunction with more effective and complex in composition means.

  • Catherine: "Candles are small, of classic shape and size, they do not melt from the warmth of the hands, they are not felt when they are introduced. But no matter how deeply they are introduced, some of the contents still begin to flow down, so be sure to protect the linen. The inflammatory process was completely removed in a week (the reason is eliminated) ".

The cost of candles "Hexicon" ranges from 200-250 rubles for 10 candles. However, the composition of the drug allows you to replace it with a douche with a clean solution of chlorhexidine.

Candles "Azilakt": description of the drug

The next drug, which is compared with "Verzhinanom" - "Azilakt", no longer having anything to do with it, because it is a probiotic that restores the vaginal and intestinal microflora.


  • Active substance "Acilact" - lactic acid bacteria acidophilus. This allows it to manifest itself as an antimicrobial agent that affects chlamydosis, gonorrhea, herpes, but it does not make sense for candidiasis. The living lactobacilli constituting its basis are involved in the synthesis of glycogen, which leads to the normalization of the level of lactic acid and the pH in the vagina. Auxiliary components, with the exception of those that make up the shell of the suppository, no.
  • Candles "Azilakt" in gynecology are used to eliminate dysbiosis, inflammation of the urinary tract of various origins, as well as for the purpose of prevention before pregnancy and childbirth. The composition of the drug, which does not have side effects, allows recommending it to nursing mothers, pregnant women and even children from the first day of life (does not apply to tablets). It can be used with antibiotics and during a course of chemotherapy.
  • Vaginal suppositories are administered 2 times a day, the course lasts 7-10 days. Therapy can be enhanced if the use of suppositories combined with the use of tablets or solution.
  • Galina: "From the dysbacteriosis of the vagina" Atatsilak "is the best budgetary tool! Absolutely safe, the only discomfort that can be noted is due to the fact of insertion of the candle, as well as subsequent monitoring of its occurrence. For full restoration of the microflora, it took me 5 days. I would advise the manufacturer to change the packaging - it is impossible to open the plastic protection without damaging the candle! "

Price candles "Azilakt" is in the range of 110-130 rubles for 10 pieces.

Summarizing the above, it is necessary to decide whether it is possible to choose cheap analogues of the “Terzhinan” candles? Yes, in the case when the bacteria are known, with which you need to fight, and you can determine the main active ingredient against them. No, if you need a completely identical counterpart, which has a wide range of actions at a lower price.