How to choose a bike


You have decided to go in for cycling, walking or even cycling. You know everything about the benefits that they bring, but the question arises before you, what kind of bike do you need for that. Now there are so many of them that it remains only to shrug and buy something that just like it. But your choice may not be entirely successful. The choice of bike should begin with where you will ride it.

Bicycle types

Bicycles are divided: male and female; mountain, hybrid, road and tourist.

  • Road bikes Suitable for traveling every day and can serve for many years. They are made from inexpensive technologies and materials. They are quite heavy. Female models do not have a frame. Large wheels of such a bike contribute to the smooth running, excellent cross-country ability and high speed of movement. With a smaller wheel diameter, the speed is less, but it becomes easier to turn them. Narrow wheels drive on asphalt better. Wide wheels are more suitable for off-road. If you go on a different road, choose universal wheels. For a proper fit, use a curved steering wheel. Do not forget to equip the bike katafoty and choose a bike with a wide saddle.
  • Touring bike suitable for those who are going to go cycling as a tourist. It has a larger trunk.

  • Mountain bikes suitable for traveling over rough terrain. For those who are going to ride over rough terrain, suitable lightweight bike with front shock absorber. If you want to overcome obstacles, jump over them, choose a hard bike and be sure to have good brakes. Details and components of them are more durable, precisely to overcome obstacles, but for a long drive, they will not work.
  • Hybrid bikes suitable for driving on any terrain. They are a combination of mountain bike and tourist bike components. This combination provides good speed on asphalt, and even off-road maneuverability.

We select a female bike

Once you have decided on the type of bike, you need to choose a specific model. Pay attention, bicycles for women either do not have a frame or it is understated. Also, the design of this bike is designed so that women can sit comfortably, there is a soft comfortable seat, a compact steering wheel. The design of these bikes is quite attractive. However, on sports models there is no underestimated pipe, this is only an accessory for recreational bicycles. Therefore, for those who love speed, suitable sports bike for women. It is equipped with a classic frame and has a beautiful design.

When choosing a bike, select the correct one. bike size. This is the frame size that best suits your height. The right choice here is important; if you make a mistake, you will be uncomfortable driving, and at the same time quite dangerous. It will be easy for you to choose, bicycles of the same model are produced with different sizes. With your height of 150 cm, the bike will fit 14 inches, up to 170 cm - 16 inches, up to 180 cm - 18, up to 200 cm - 20 inches, those who are even taller - 22 inches.

The next step in the selection is, of course, price. Here the choice is no less diverse. For simple walks, if you are just starting to engage in cycling, you will rarely ride, quietly, for short distances, the most ordinary models with simple equipment will suit you.

For those who are going to achieve success in professional terms or long-distance tourist walks, overcome obstacles, conquer mountains or simply love extreme sports professional models. This bike is able to withstand heavy loads, very high quality and will serve you for many years.

Do not forget about the purchase of accessories that will be useful during the ride and save you from injury. These include helmet, knee pads and cycling gloves. If you want to know how fast you are going and how many kilometers you have covered, then you should buy a special device - a cycle computer. If you plan to leave your bike outside, buy locks, as well as special wings and bags.

What should I look for when choosing a bike?

  • The distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube of the bike is “stand-over”, if you ride it on asphalt it should be 4-5 cm less than the height of your crotch. For off-road travel - by 6-8 cm, while mountain travel - by 11 cm or more.
  • The position of the saddle is responsible for the work of the legs and blood circulation, so adjust it so that you are comfortable. This can be done in height, angle and longitudinal displacement.
  • Rama is better to choose aluminum, of course, if you are not a professional athlete.
  • Do not forget about the presence of a suspension fork, otherwise you will feel all the irregularities of the road on yourself, if necessary, you can then buy a better-quality fork. The presence of a hitch on a bicycle is mandatory, for high-quality bikes - this is the Japanese company “SHIMANO” “SRAM”.

  • The type of tires is also important. For the highway fit tires made of hard rubber, without a pattern, minimal grip, "slick." For paths in the forest or park - soft and wide with a large tread. For tourist trips fit "poluslik". The tire is considered unsuitable if the tread pattern is erased, there are cracks or swells. Do not forget to inspect them and change in time. It will save you from accidents.

The first time, it is better to stop your choice on an amateur level bike. It is quite versatile, and you can determine what is right for you: slow driving, overcoming obstacles, speed, descents and ascents. And only then you can buy a model that suits you best.

Whatever type of cycling activities you decide to do, they will all bring you joy and benefit. About the benefits of cycling for the body, read the articlesUse of cycling Bike and weight loss.

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