How to brew dried rosehip in a thermos


Rosehip is a wonderful medicinal plant, in which every part from flower to root can be used with benefit. But we are accustomed to the use of dried rosehips, red berries. Amber tincture is used for iron deficiency, as a diuretic and choleretic, for colds and for the general strengthening of the body due to the high content of vitamins C, B, P, iron, manganese and other microelements. Rosehip contains vitamin C more than 50 times more than lemon, so you need to use it carefully so as not to cause allergies. The daily dose for an adult is only 15-20 berries.

There are several ways to properly brew dried rosehips:

  • in a thermos
  • on the steam bath
  • decoction in the pan

How to brew dried rosehip in a thermos

Proper preparation of berries - the key to success

Any type of preparation of rose hips begins with the preparation of berries. First of all they need to be cleaned from dust. Then choose a grinding method. The smaller the pieces, the faster the tea will be prepared. But phytomedics advise only to chop each berry with a needle. So the villi will not fall into the tea, and the natural structure of the berry will give more biologically active substances. If you want to chop rosehip, then a blender or a coffee grinder will help you easily. But take care to thoroughly strain the broth.

Rosehip cooked in a thermos - the most useful

Rosehip cooked in a thermos most useful

Now we are going to consider not only how to brew rosehips for drinking in a thermos, but also how to brew rosehips so that vitamin C remains in it. For this you need to follow a few tricks.

  1. First, you need to take a thermos with a glass bulb, rather than a metal (rosehip oxidizes). Cover it with boiling water.
  2. Secondly, prepare the berries. Then calculate the proportion of drink (1:10), that is, 100 g of berries per 1000 ml of water. It is important to calculate the amount of drink on the capacity of the thermos to leave 2-5 cm to the top. So the infusion will breathe.
  3. Third, prepare the water. Boil it and let it cool to 60-70 degrees. Fill the prepared berries. Such a temperature does not destroy vitamin C.
  4. The fourth stage is the final one. Let us brew rosehip 8-12 hours. Therefore, it is better to do this before bedtime.

dog rose in a thermos

The second, more or less gentle way of preparing a drink with the preservation of vitamins is in a water bath. To do this, prepare the berries in the first embodiment and prepare a water bath. To do this, we take 2 containers - one is larger and the other is smaller and such that it is conveniently placed on a large one. Pour water so that it does not touch the bottom of a smaller container. Let the water boil and reduce the heat to minimum. Fill rosehip with hot water (70 degrees) and put in a water bath. Insist 15 minutes. Then quickly cool the tincture.

Broth hips is about an hour and vitamins after this method almost does not remain.

Drink tea from the hips you need before eating 100 grams. As already mentioned, the plant is rich in nutrients, so its infusion can be taken no more than a month, and then take a break of 2 weeks.

Little secrets:

Useful tips on drinking tea with wild rose

  • orange and brown berries are considered the most useful, the dark ones do not contain many vitamins;
  • to dry the berries need to be in a place without direct sunlight, otherwise vitamin C is destroyed. Therefore, it is better to harvest the wild rose itself;
  • it is better to drink rose hips through a straw, or rinse your teeth with water after drinking. As the fruits contain acids that destroy the enamel;
  • when steaming rose hips, you can add honey, dried apricots, raisins, and cranberries to improve the taste.