How to apply lasolvan for inhalation

In the fight against the virus, all means are good, especially if you need to get rid of the obvious signs of the disease: a runny nose or cough. The latter is contrasted with rinsing, syrups, and pills, but there is an even less popular, but rather effective way - this is inhalation. Most often they are used to combat dry cough or sputum viscosity, but with what exactly do they do it? Pharmacists actively recommend the solution "Lasolvan" - is it good? What are the features of working with him?

"Lasolvan": a general description of the drug

Ambroxol - the active ingredient of the drug

The main active ingredient of the drug is Ambroxol: an element that contributes to an increase in mucous secretion in the respiratory tract, which facilitates the secretion of sputum through its liquefaction. Thus, the main characteristic of "Lasolvana" is a mucolytic with an expectorant effect. Calling him a cough medicine is not entirely correct, since he does not contribute to a reduction in attacks, but reduces the likelihood of exacerbations during prolonged therapy.

  • The concentration of ambroxol in the preparation "Lasolvan" is 7.5 g per 1 ml of liquid.
  • The drug is available in glass bottles of 100 ml, accompanied by a measuring cup and dropper dispenser. The solution is intended for internal use, as well as inhalation.
  • The maximum concentration of ambroxol is fixed 1 h after administration, in some patients a delay of up to 2.5 h is possible. The transition from the blood to the tissue is active, the main area of ​​the cluster is the lungs. The drug is metabolized in the liver.

With regard to the main indications for the use of "Lasolvana", here there are any diseases of the respiratory tract, characterized by a viscous sputum or dry, fighting cough. The degree of the disease (chronic or acute) does not matter. The drug can be used during acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections or even for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchial asthma.

  • Contraindications to treatment with "Lasolvan" are the first trimester of pregnancy, lactation and individual intolerance to ambroxol. In case of impaired liver and / or kidney function, therapy is carried out under the supervision of a physician. In children, Lasolvan can be used in treatment from any age, including breast.
  • Cases of drug overdose, as well as its conflict with other drugs have not been identified. Possible side effects in the form of dyspeptic disorders and disorders of perception of taste. Also recorded allergic reactions, expressed by itching, redness, swelling.

"Lasolvan" for inhalation: instructions for use

Much more beneficial than inhalation with

This drug can be used in 2 ways that are not mutually exclusive. The choice of one or another algorithm of actions depends only on the convenience of working with it, but experts insist that for dry cough, especially aggravated, inhalation with Lazolvan is much more useful than simple pre-oral use, since this improves the excretion of metabolites. For oral administration, the dosage is calculated according to the following age limits:

  • Children under 2 years old are recommended not more than 7.5 mg of the active substance, which is equivalent to 1 ml or 25 drops. Reception is twofold;
  • Children under 6 years old are allowed the same 7.5 mg, but taking 3 times a day;
  • Children up to 12 years old can take 15 mg of the active substance, up to 3 times a day;
  • Adults and children from 12 years old can take 30 mg of ambroxol up to 3 times a day.

The classic algorithm of using the drug involves its dissolution in a liquid (water, juice, tea), and the use itself does not depend on food intake. But how to do with inhalation "Lasolvan"?

  • The dosage of the drug for inhalation is also calculated by age, but here the only limit for children is the age of 6 years. In addition, it is important to remember that the course of treatment will be significantly shorter, and if you drink the solution you need 10-14 days to see the result, then inhalation after the 5th day is suspended, if the effect of their implementation is not noticeable.
  • The dosage of "Lasolvana" for children under 6 years old is not more than 15 mg of the active substance (2 ml of solution) for the 1st procedure. During the day you can spend 2 inhalations.
  • Dosage "Lasolvana" for persons over 6 years old - 15-22.5 mg (2-3 ml) for the 1st procedure. During the day, you can spend no more than 3 inhalations with a break of 4 hours. How is this procedure performed?
  • For therapy allowed any inhaler, except steam. Before pouring the solution into the nebulizer, it must be mixed with sodium chloride solution (concentration - 0.9%), maintaining an equal ratio. After that, the liquid is warmed to 35-36 degrees.
  • Make sure your breathing during the procedure is smooth and not deep: this will entail a new fit of coughing. Asthmatics should take a bronchodilator before the procedure.
  • The recommended duration of inhalation "Lasolvanom" for children - 7-10 minutes. For adults - 12-15 minutes. The procedure should be carried out no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The initial result of inhalation can be seen after 3 hours, the cumulative effect is observed in the interval from 3 to 7 hours, followed by the process of excretion through the kidneys. An important nuance - inhalations are carried out with a solution, the concentration of which is 7.5 mg per 1 ml. Taking the drug at a concentration of 15 mg per 1 ml for the same purpose is prohibited. It is also not allowed to use syrup at a concentration of 15 mg of ambroxol per 1 ml of liquid in children under 6 years of age.

Reviews of consumers and doctors

On the basis of ambroxol today you can find a large number of syrups

Experts claim that the drug itself is not unique, and on the basis of ambroxol today you can find a large number of syrups, tablets and sprays, which differ only in concentration, auxiliary substances and cost. However, for the inhalation at the moment can only be used "Lasolvan", moreover, it is adapted even for the youngest children because of its low concentration of the active substance. This advantage is already appreciated by young parents, and some adults. But all the same reviews about the drug are quite scattered.

Tatyana: The situations of all, of course, are different, but I do not advise you to wait for a miracle from “Lasolvana” - not the means. His daughter (5.5 years) was prescribed by a pediatrician when ARVI began to develop with all the attendant moments, but this drug was combined with a pile of tablets and syrups. Thus, we did 2 times a day inhalation with "Lasolvan", and in parallel still rinsed their throats and drank medicines. The complex got rid of cough quickly enough, but the drug alone would not have coped.

Galina: The main reason for the demand for Lasolvan is that its active substance is not included in any solution for inhalation any more, therefore there are no full-fledged analogues to it yet. We mixed the drug with mineral water (there was no saline solution), poured it into a nebulizer. Attacks as they were, and continued to happen, but the child immediately cough up mucus, which I can call his main merit. For the same reason, it is recommended not to carry out inhalation at bedtime - all night, then run and spit out expectorated sputum. The child complained of a bitter taste, but we found no more shortcomings (adverse reactions) during the week.

Summarizing the above, it is worth noting that “Lasolvan” is excellent for inhalations and can be used even in the smallest patients, but it works poorly alone, especially if Ambroxol has no particular effect on the body, therefore it is recommended to include it in complex therapy. And also, given the fact that "Lasolvan" is not an antitussive drug, it must be used several hours before sleep.

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