How quickly sober up at home

Sometimes in life there are such situations when it is necessary to sober up in a short period of time. Of course, the best option is not to abuse alcohol, but if this has already happened, you can use time-tested methods that have proven their effectiveness.

It is worth remembering that the choice of the method will directly depend on how much alcohol the person consumed, how long he drinks (it was a one-time poisoning or a long binge), whether the woman is either a man.

How to sober up at home?

If you need to quickly sober up in a short period of time, you should use the following folk methods that produce a pronounced effect.

Not only the simplest, but also the most effective method for accelerated sobering up is the removal of alcohol from the stomach. However, this is only suitable if it was drunk only recently.

How quickly sober up at home?

If you cannot provoke vomiting yourself, then you can use the so-called catalyst - hot coffee with added salt. Enough to drink a small cup of such a drink. This method will help, provided that alcohol has not yet had time to be absorbed into the walls of the stomach, otherwise there is a risk of serious harm and lead to severe dehydration. If a drunk person, after drinking such a drink, feels bad, you have to rub his ears intensively. Due to the rush of blood, he quickly comes to his senses.

An excellent sobering remedy is simple mint, which is desirable to take as a tincture diluted with water. 20 drops diluted in 1 tbsp. cold The feeling of heaviness in the head passes away very quickly and the pain disappears. But this drink should be drunk at once in a few sips, so that it will act much stronger and faster.

Immediately after the feast, it is advisable to drink a cup of hot mint tea with the addition of a small amount of lemon. If desired, you can replace the tea with hot coffee with lemon, so that the sobering process will be much faster. The ideal option would be to drink such a drink before the feast begins, and after the holiday is over, repeat the procedure. After all, lemon, caffeine and mint are excellent tonic.

Folk remedies for a hangover

In the event that a person has a strong degree of intoxication, then it is recommended to clean the stomach using a special soda solution. In 1L of boiled cool water 1 tbsp is diluted. l baking soda and drink as much of the solution as it turns out. After that, it will be necessary to take activated carbon (the usual dosage is used - for 10 kg of weight per 1 tablet), and then aspirin (no more than 1 tablet);

You can make a special sobering agent. The composition includes egg yolk, brandy (1 teaspoon), tomato puree or pasta (2-3 teaspoons), sunflower oil (1 teaspoon), black pepper and salt. All components are mixed, added a little sharp horseradish.

You can drink a few glasses of yogurt or kefir (a great alternative to soda solution).

Effectively use natural honey, of course, provided that it is not allergic. It will be enough to eat 100-200 g. Thanks to the fructose contained in the product, alcohol will be released from the body much faster.


To quickly sober up, you can make some cocktails:

  1. Take olive or sunflower oil (1 drop), egg yolk (1 pc.), Pepper vodka (1 tbsp. L.), Lime or lemon juice (2-3 drops), spicy ketchup (2 tsp.), Add a small the amount of red and black pepper. All components are mixed. Ready drink should be drunk in one gulp.
  2. It is necessary to take raw egg yolk (1 pc.), Olive or sunflower oil (2 tsp.), Gin (1 tbsp. L.), Red and black ground pepper (on a small pinch). All ingredients are well mixed, ready cocktail should be drunk in one gulp.

Can you sober in 5 minutes?

How sozvetve 5 minutes?

To quickly sober up, it is worth taking a simple vitamin C. 1 effervescent tablet of the drug is taken and dissolved in 1 tbsp. boiled and cold water. If intoxication was very strong, then 2 tablets should be dissolved. This vitamin is able to have an excellent sobering effect on the human body. Also, vitamin C can be replaced with a simple orange or lemon.

If it is winter outside, then you can go out into the fresh air and take a little walk, because the strong frost invigorates, and the general condition of the body also improves.

A great tool is a cold shower. However, you first need to stand under warm water and then turn on the cold. Thanks to the contrast of the soul can quickly return to normal.

You can wash your hair with warm water, then for several minutes to wash cold.

An effective and proven method is the cucumber pickle, which should be drunk after drinking alcohol, preferably in the cold. If there are dill seeds in the house, then it will be necessary to chew them for a few minutes. Also an excellent sobering agent is chilled dill.

You can drink a cup of hot strong black tea with the addition of natural honey. It is important to remember that the more honey is eaten, the faster the sobering will begin, and the hangover will be much easier in the morning.

In no case should not allow the dehydration of the body, so after sobering it will be necessary to drink at least 2 tbsp. water. To strengthen the effect of alcohol can tobacco smoke, so you should refrain from smoking and avoid being in smoky rooms.

To the state of severe intoxication does not become a problem for you, try to control the number of drinks that you drank. If the trouble still happened, some simple, time-tested methods will help to normalize the situation.

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