How many patients live with cirrhosis of the liver with

Ascites with liver cirrhosis is a disease that is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the internal cavity of the abdomen, which leads to an increase in its volume, because it stagnates and pressure in the venous system increases. Such a disease is not an autonomous disease, it is a worsening of cirrhosis. What will significantly complicate the period of the disease, and reduces the permissibility of recovery to a minimum.

According to statistics, which are based on a variety of medical research, it was found that such a disease appears in 50% of patients, for ten years since the diagnosis was made, like cirrhosis of the liver.

How much live with ascites with liver cirrhosis?

How many live with ascites with liver cirrhosis

Due to the fact that the disease is very serious and dangerous, sick people care about this question, how long do they live with this ailment? Here it should be clear that ascites is rarely fatal in itself. In order to predict the duration of life, it is necessary to know the information about how the key disease is developing and what the course of it is.

However, there is such information:

  • More than ten years can live patients who have a compensated type of cirrhosis, ascites, because the functioning of the organs are not disturbed, they work in the same rhythm.
  • If a patient has a decompressed type of cirrhosis, then about 20% of the patients live more than 5 years with ascites. All this, if the organ is not transplanted.
  • If a sick person has a non-curable type of ascites, which has a tendency to recur, then the majority of cases die within one year.

Today in the modern world, life expectancy in medical practice is still determined by such indicators as:

  • What is the state of the liver, how does it function, how does it respond to treatment and medical therapy.
  • What is the condition of the kidneys, is their functionality impaired, do they respond to drug treatment.
  • How the heart works, whether there are abnormalities or pathological processes, according to the same parameters, the vessels adjacent to the heart are evaluated.
  • How generally the treatment is productive.

Factors affecting longevity

ascites is considered to be an aggravation of liver cirrhosis

In addition, the lifestyles of a person are greatly influenced by the lifestyles of a person, whether he is receiving a normal and timely treatment, or whether it is correct. Whether the puncture of the abdominal cavity was performed promptly, whether he drank diuretic drugs in accordance with the medical scheme.

In certain situations, when the patient undergoes all the treatment on time and the rosary follows the instructions of the doctors, he can live for more than 10 years. But, as a rule, it is ascites that is considered to be an aggravation of liver cirrhosis, and it is the cause of deaths in 55% of the situations of the patients in a period of two years.

Also, there are categories of risk, which includes such people:

  • Patients who have a constant low pressure.
  • People who are 60 years old and more.
  • Those who were examined during which the amount of serum albumin was found to be too low.
  • Those diagnosed with elevated levels of norepineforin in the blood system.
  • Patients who have chronic diabetes.
  • Patients who have developed malignant tumors in the liver.

Unfortunately, although medicine has reached a high level, a favorable outlook on life in the 10-year number is rarely put. Because there are such types of dropsy, which in no way want to respond to medication and various medical procedures. Sadly, in such situations, medicine is powerless and the prognosis is completely unfavorable.

Ascites in liver cirrhosis: how many live

And in conclusion, it should be said that you should not be discouraged and succumb to depressive states. In fact, not everything is so bad, medicine is developing by leaps and bounds and does not stand still, more and more progressive and modern techniques are developed each time.

The newest equipment can suck fluids, minimize the permissibility of the development of a pathological condition.

It is very important to do so in order to prevent the aggravation of the development of the disease, gradually eliminating the results of hydropsy of the peritoneum. After all, having full information about the danger of ascites, each person understands how important it is to heal primary diseases.

And most importantly, therapy should focus all its attention on the elimination of the cause of the appearance of dropsy, and restore the primary lost functioning of the organs - here the key condition is to make the lethal aggravation of the situation treatable.

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