How many calories in tangerines

Everyone knows that fruits are not rich in calories. This also applies to citrus fruits. But for those who are afraid of gaining a kilogram of weight or seeking to acquire an ideal figure, it may be important even how many calories are in tangerine (1 pc). How suitable is the "New Year" fruit for those who want to lose weight, is it helpful to include it in the diet?

How much energy does mandarin have?

How many calories in tangerine (1 pc)?

Tangerines adore almost everything. This is understandable, because eating orange citruses (especially in winter) is useful, tasty and pleasant. Many people absorb their kilograms (at least, the case is rarely limited to one fruit). At the same time, even those who are losing weight do not have doubts about the “security” of such gifts of nature, because mandarin is not meatballs, not chocolate, or cakes.

But nevertheless - how many kcal in tangerine? The answer to this question directly depends on its variety. The sweeter the fruit, the greater the energy reserve they have. So, if you seriously decided to count calories in tangerines, choose sour fruits. In them on one fruit of the average sizes there are no more than 30 kcal.

Mandarins can be small and larger. How, then, to figure out how many calories in mandarin (1 pc.)? Use this information:

  • if you eat a small mandarin, the weight of which does not exceed 70-80 g, you will receive 40.3 kcal;
  • larger citrus (80-100 g) will bring you 47 kcal;
  • The largest and heaviest tangerine (weighing 120 g) will replenish your reserve of calories by 64 units.

If at your home there is such a miracle of kitchen appliances, like scales, then you can absolutely accurately determine how much energy your favorite exotic fruits will “reward” you. To do this, it is enough to know how many calories per 100 grams of mandarin are. This portion contains 53 kcal, and most of them are represented by carbohydrates - 47.7 kcal. Fats account for 2.6 kcal, for proteins - 2.7 kcal. So they definitely won't increase your fat reserves.

Plus or minus: do these fruits really take away calories?

It is clear that, having a calorie content of about 40 kcal, tangerines will not increase your weight (unless you begin to absorb them in tons or overeat at night looking). But this is not all the unique abilities of such citruses that can be used in the struggle for harmony.

Almost everyone had to hear about foods with negative calories. Mandarin occupies an honorable place in their list. It is believed that the body spends on its processing twice as much (80 kcal) than how many calories in the mandarin itself (one). If you believe such assumptions, it turns out that the sweet tooth, consuming such fruits in several pieces in a row, not only do not increase their weight, but also lose weight. In practice, there is no evidence that the mandarin will “take” 40 kcal from you. But the fact that he does not make you fatter is a fact.

Calorie aromatic family: which citrus is not dangerous for the figure?

This citrus is not dangerous for the figure.

In popularity, mandarin can compete only with his closest relatives - oranges. Both of these fruits are equally tasty and healthy. But mandarin has an important advantage: it is less likely to provoke allergies than its older counterpart. According to this indicator, it lags even behind products such as eggs, caviar or shrimp.

As for the caloric content, it is the same for both citruses and is about 40-43 kcal.

Fans of tangerines will be pleased to know that they can safely eat 500 g (and even 1 kg) of these juicy, fragrant fruits every day. If a person is not allergic to them, then they will not cause any harm.

About the benefits of limonoidov: slimness and health

Citrus fruits, a prominent representative of which is mandarin, contain a great variety of useful components. This is, in particular, flavonoid nobiletin, contributing to the elimination of obesity (as it effectively burns fat). Another very important element is tamoxifen. He is able to prevent cancer and helps in the treatment of cancer diseases.

Everything else, in tangerines a huge amount of folic acid, which is called female vitamin. Citrus fruits are able to protect a person (and this is proved by scientific research) from the development of pathologies of the heart, blood vessels, and the nervous system. The use of such fruits will help to keep the lenses of the eyes transparent.

But the tangerines are not as perfect as you might think. They are absolutely not suitable for those who have an allergic reaction to these fruits. Diabetics and people who have an increased acidity of the stomach should be very careful with them. It is better not to feed babies with such fruits to 2 years. Pregnant women should be aware of the measure of citrus consumption.

Mandarins are so cute fruits that alone can lift your spirits. And on New Year's Eve, no one really would think of how many calories there are. This is a low-calorie product, so eat such gifts of nature, enjoy their great taste and aroma and don’t worry at all about your figure!

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