How many calories in orange


Orange has long been famous for its flavoring and therapeutic means. This orange fruit has a healing effect on the entire body, eliminates toxins and promotes cell regeneration. It has long been known that If you eat only one orange a day, then you will provide yourself with a daily rate of vitamin C.

Useful properties of orange

  • Orange contains in its composition a lot of dietary fiber, which provides a feeling of satiety for a long period of time, as the fibers entering the body swell and therefore are not excreted so quickly. Just one orange can kill the feeling of hunger for several hours, the same effect will be if you eat half chocolate.
  • In addition to vitamin C, oranges contain vitamins B, vitamins K, A and E. There are also substances such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and all these substances are necessary for the beauty and health of skin, hair and nails.

  • Fruits are a real gift of nature, not only is there a whole store of vitamins in them, they are also very tasty, one fresh and juicy taste of an orange is worth something. Orange juice is very useful to drink in the morning, so you get a boost of energy for the whole day and strengthen the immune system. Oranges are also recommended for the prevention of diseases of the heart, liver, blood vessels and digestive organs.
  • All citrus fruits contain substances - limonoids, which have a sharp-bitter taste. Scientists have discovered that limonoids can stop the development of malignant tumors, even more effective than many drugs. These substances strengthen the walls of blood vessels and support the vital activity of the heart in an optimal rhythm. And, perhaps, the most striking effect of limonoid is that their action lasts for a whole day. It is difficult to find a medicine with such a long action.
  • Present in oranges and folic acid, which is simply necessary to maintain the beauty of the skin and overall health, as well as a beneficial effect on the brain and is indispensable during pregnancy.
  • Also for mental activity it is important to use potassium and sodium, a harmonious combination of these substances is in oranges.

Orange calorie

Many orange lovers wonder how many calories are in this fruit? One of the many advantages of an orange is its low calorie content. Such an orange fruit of medium size usually contains from 70 to 90 kcal per 100 g. Despite its low calorie, Orange allows you to experience a feeling of fullness for a long time and will be especially good for those who are on a diet to lose extra pounds. For example, if you have a bite of a pack of chips, you will get twice the calories, and you will want to eat after the chips in an hour. So the answer is obvious: what to eat - a useful low-calorie orange or harmful and high-calorie chips?

Orange Diet

Oranges can be an excellent component for a diet, because they contain few calories and many nutrients. This The diet is calculated for three weeks and up to 8 kg of weight is lost in a week of nutrition..

  1. First week - at any time you eat two eggs a day, a kilogram of oranges (or grapefruits) and drink one liter of pure water.
  2. Second week - it is allowed to eat cereal porridge as much as you like, but boiled in water and without adding sugar and salt, a kilogram of oranges and drinking 1.5-2 liters of purified water.
  3. Third week - You can eat a kilo of oranges per day, as well as any vegetables and fruits, excluding potatoes, bananas and grapes, as well as drink water in unlimited quantities.

Egg and orange diet is also very effective.

Enjoy the taste of this beautiful fruit without fear of gaining extra calories, and orange will be your faithful helper in the fight for the perfect shape and beauty!