How many calories in dumplings


Pelmeni is a fairly common and many favorite dish of Russian national cuisine. And it is not surprising, because they are very tasty and satisfying. Traditionally, dumplings are made with minced meat, but there are many recipes for their preparation and with other fillings: fish, vegetable and mushroom.

Of course, this dish is considered a high-calorie product, however, dumplings can be periodically included in the diet for people who are struggling with excess weight and dieting. So that the favorite delicacy does not cause extra kilograms, let's find out how many calories in dumplings and what the indicators of the energy value of the product depend on.

What determines the calorie dumplings?

What determines the calorie dumplings?

It is not possible to answer unequivocally how many calories the dumplings contain, since this indicator depends on several factors:

  • dough components;
  • type of filling;
  • method of preparation and submission to the table.

To accurately determine the calorie content of the dish, you need to take into account the number of calories of all its components. So, the classic recipe for making dough involves the use of the following ingredients: water, flour and salt. This dough contains about 330 kcal per 100 g. However, by adding sour cream, kefir or eggs to it, you will increase the number of calories.

Also, the caloric content of the product depends on the filling. If you are afraid of gaining excess weight, then before you choose the ingredients for the filling, check out the number of calories they contain - so you can use products with the lowest energy value. Of course, the number of calories affects the way of cooking. For example, dumplings boiled in water are less calorie than those cooked in meat broth.

Equally important is the way of serving the dish: dumplings, dressed with butter, sour cream or mayonnaise, increase the energy value of the product several times.

How many calories in home and factory dumplings?

How many calories in home and factory dumplings?

If there is no time for cooking, then you can buy ready-made dumplings. Many housewives prefer factory products, considering that they have fewer calories. Is it really? Let's try to figure it out.

The assortment of ravioli is quite diverse, so buying a quality product is not difficult. However, it should be borne in mind that even the highest quality factory dumplings contain only 80% of minced meat. The remaining 20% ​​includes various food additives, soybeans, and often semolina. The calorie content of such ravioli is approximately 290-310 kcal per 100 g of product.

The content of calories in homemade dumplings, as already mentioned, depends on the recipe used by the hostess, so you can easily reduce the energy value of the product, for example, by making stuffing from beef rather than pork.

If you take the average calorie content of homemade ravioli, then many cooks agree that it practically does not differ from the factory.

Energy value of cooked and fried dumplings

It is important for people who adhere to diets to remember that fried dumplings are much more nutritious than boiled ones, as they, when roasting, absorb large amounts of butter. For example, if beef dumplings are boiled, then their energy value will be 275 kcal per 100 g. If you fry these same ravioli in sunflower oil, the caloric content of the product will increase to 500 kcal, on creamy - to 700 kcal!

By the way, fried dumplings are not recommended for people suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

How many calories in boiled and fried dumplings?

Calculate calorie dumplings with meat

Despite the variety of recipes for cooking, meat dumplings are still more common, and this filling contains more calories than, for example, vegetable or mushroom. So let's take a closer look at the number of calories in meat dumplings.

The name of the dish

Calories per 100 g of product

Pork Dumplings

280 kcal

Beef dumplings

275 kcal

Mutton dumplings

252 kcal

Dumplings with minced chicken

210 kcal

Dumplings with lamb, pork and beef

235 kcal

Dumplings with beef and pork

287 kcal

By the way, the calorie content of ravioli with mushrooms and sauerkraut is 240 kcal per 100 g, and if the dish is filled with sour cream or mayonnaise, the number of calories will increase by about 100.

How to include dumplings in the diet?

How to include dumplings in the diet?

If you really like dumplings, but are afraid to get better, do not exclude them completely from your diet. Nutritionists advise adherents of a healthy way of eating to adhere to these rules:

  • from the menu you need to exclude dumplings with pork;
  • there are no dumplings for dinner;
  • the portion should not exceed 150 g;
  • along with dumplings in the diet should include vegetable salads and greens;
  • after eating it is advisable to drink juice or green tea.

As you can see, with knowledge of the calorie content of the dish, you can easily calculate the optimal portion for you. However, remember that for a healthy and proper diet you need not only to take into account the number of calories, but also to observe the balance of micro and macro elements.