How many calories in boiled corn


From mid-summer to mid-autumn is a great time, when there are so many healthy and tasty products grown on their own plots. We no longer buy canned corn, but cook it ourselves.

How many calories are in boiled corn?

What is useful corn?

It will be discussed, of course, about the benefits of boiled corn. Boiled corn is a pure ecological product.. It does not accumulate and does not retain in itself the harmful chemicals that the plant receives during its development. It is very important! Boiled corn is a safe and clean product.

  • In boiled corn, many useful minerals are preserved (when cooked, the shell of corn kernels is not destroyed!), Such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine, zinc, and others.
  • It is important to note that corn contains a very rare microelement - gold.
  • Contained in boiled corn and a lot of vitamins: A, E, vitamins of group B.

How many calories are in boiled corn?

  • Among the latter group of vitamins, vitamin B is particularly prominent.four - choline. Its benefits are very tangible and beneficial for our body. Judging by the name, this vitamin maintains a normal level of cholesterol in the blood, and also helps to improve the health of immune cells and the nervous system, and normalizes metabolic processes. The special benefits of choline for women will be discussed below.

Who benefits from eating boiled corn?

Boiled corn in normal quantities is good for everyone., but there is a special category of people to whom it is very useful and simply necessary:

  • First of all, people suffering from constipation and liver disease.
  • Boiled corn and cores will help, as well as those who have problems with vessels.
  • Boiled corn relieves gout and jade.
  • This product will relieve the symptoms of gallstone disease.
  • In gastrointestinal diseases, corn is also a good helper. Mashed boiled beans will ease the symptoms of any gastritis.
  • Older people are also useful to eat boiled corn, because it slows down the aging process.
  • Sufferers of oncologic diseases are advised to include boiled corn in their diet.

How many calories are in boiled corn?

But what is the benefit without harm? And in corn there is harm for a special category of people, so if you fall under it, then limit yourself to corn as closely as possible. It is not recommended to eat corn for people with increased blood clotting.

Calorie Cooked Corn

Corn is quite a nourishing product, it needs a little to feel saturated. But its satiety, no matter how hard to guess, is due to its high calorie content.

100 gr. boiled corn contains about 200 kcal.Protein 100 gr. boiled corn contains about 5 g., fat - 2.5 g., carbohydrates - 30 g.

How many calories are in boiled corn?

Boiled corn for weight loss

Now we will answer the question of many women who are interested in losing weight - is it possible to lose weight on corn?

If you do not overeat her, she will not give you extra pounds. In addition, choline in boiled corn (vitamin Bfour), maintains body weight is normal. That is, with a normal content of this vitamin in our body, our body works in a mode in which the formation of extra pounds is simply impossible. Everything unnecessary is spent on the work we do.

Therefore, eat corn in medium quantities and move more, and do not sit on the couch.Boiled corn is considered a dietary product.From corn grits cook diet porridge, called hominy.

How to make porridge from corn for weight loss?

To do this, you need to take corn grits of any grinding, pour it into the pan, pour 4 times more water in volume and cook for at least an hour so that the grits become soft.

How many calories are in boiled corn?

This dish low calorie and keeps all the beneficial substances contained in boiled corn.

To keep your beautiful figure in proper shape, it is recommended to eat such porridge at least twice a week for breakfast.