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Eggs are among the most nutritious and healthy foods in the diet. At the same time, they can be the main component of the mass of salads, pastries, confectionery or an independent dish. They have a very high nutritional value and include in their composition a large amount of vitamins, as well as minerals, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. The energy value of the egg will depend on various parameters - fried, boiled or raw, this product.

How many calories does a boiled egg contain?

How many calories does a boiled egg contain?

A boiled egg contains 80 Kcal, but, before completely excluding this product from your diet, you need to know about its benefits to the body. The composition of eggs includes such useful substances:

  • Zinc boosts immunity
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reliably protects the human body from various types of cancer.
  • Vitamin D helps strengthen the teeth and bones
  • Vitamin B12 protects the heart muscle
  • Vitamin A prevents the onset of cancer and slows down the aging process.
  • Riboflavin supports tissue health
  • Protein helps improve health and gives strength
  • Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a significant decrease in the level of harmful cholesterol
  • Niacin normalizes the functioning of the nervous system
  • Zeaxatin and lutein improve vision
  • Folic acid stimulates red blood cells
  • Choline activates the brain

How many calories are in one egg?

There are several reasons why eggs should be in the diet of each person:

  • Weight. The egg is made up of white and yolk. It is protein that helps control the number of calories consumed by man. Recently, a number of different studies were carried out, during which it was found that most people prefer to eat eggs with eggs, while at lunch they will consume 160 Kcal less. Therefore, in order to lose weight and not feel hungry before lunch, in the morning you need to eat eggs. They contain 14 essential nutrients for the human body.
  • The composition of egg yolk is choline. This unique substance helps to stimulate the functioning and development of the cerebral cortex. Choline is produced and the human body, but in insufficient quantities, so there is a need for its receipt with food. Doctors recommend to follow the egg diet to those who are engaged in mental work. Only 2 eggs will provide the daily rate of this substance.
  • Eggs help improve visual acuity. They contain powerful antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein, which reliably protect the retina, as well as the lens of the eye from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. These antioxidants play an important role in reducing the risk of the onset of the development of age-related macular degeneration (this is one of the most important causes of blindness in people over 65). If you regularly eat eggs, you can minimize the risk of developing cataracts.
  • Meals that contain protein provide the necessary energy supply, for a long time hunger is not felt and soon the craving for unhealthy snacks disappears completely. Doctors recommend eating whole eggs, so that the body will receive the necessary amount of protein. Egg white contains 9 essential amino acids, which are the "building block", while they help in the formation of organs and tissues that play an important role in overall health. Egg white not only provides energy, but is also an important element for the recovery and construction of muscle tissue. Takes part in the formation of antibodies, enzymes, hormones, hair, skin and muscles. It is the protein that maintains the proper water balance within the human body, helps in the fight against various infections and contributes to the improvement of the metabolic process. Doctors advise every day to use no more than 3 eggs, so you can avoid salmonellosis, as well as other dangerous intestinal diseases. Before eating, eggs must wash, and in the process of cooking it is necessary to conduct proper heat treatment.

In order for boiled eggs to bring health benefits, you need to know how to cook them properly. Very often in the process of cooking eggs burst to avoid this, they can not be put on the stove in cold water, eggs should also be completely covered with liquid.

To boiled eggs are better cleaned, the water in which they will be prepared, you need a little salt. As soon as the eggs are cooked, you need to put them under running cold water for a couple of minutes, and then start cleaning immediately - the shell will be removed easily.

It is strictly forbidden to boil eggs for more than 20 minutes, as they become very harmful to the human body and can cause serious harm to health. Boil eggs should be on medium heat. If an egg pops up during the cooking process, you should not eat it, as it is spoiled.

Calculate the energy value of a fresh egg

The raw egg contains about 90-100 Kcal. It is necessary to be very careful with raw eggs, because with their excessive use may result in the development of salmonellosis.

How many calories does a raw egg contain?

Eggs are quite widely used in nutrition, due to the following properties:

  • Assimilation in the intestine occurs at 97%, but the formation of harmful toxins does not begin, even if the egg was subjected to heat treatment.
  • Steamed omelettes and boiled soft-boiled eggs practically have no stimulating effect on gastric secretion, are easily digested, absorbed. Raw egg protein is not well absorbed, it also helps to reduce the body's absorption of iron and biotin.
  • Raw yolk has a slight choleretic effect.
  • Lecithin and amino acids have a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.
  • Eggs contain special proteins, which during the whipping process provide foaming, as well as stabilization of the result. Therefore, eggs are always used during the preparation of souffles, mousses and oxygen foam.
  • The egg contains lysozyme, which has an antibacterial effect.
  • Lecithin helps to neutralize cholesterol.
  • Egg yolk contains a fairly large amount of iron that helps stimulate blood formation. Due to this property, it is recommended to add boiled egg yolk to the lure of small children.

Despite the mass of useful properties, the use of eggs has certain contraindications:

  • Gout
  • Allergies
  • Cholelithiasis
  • Cholecystitis
  • Urine acid diathesis
  • Allowed to use a limited amount in atherosclerosis.

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