How is parsley useful?


For a long time parsley was a sacred plant. The ancient Romans did not eat parsley, but put it in their plates so that no one could defile their food. Eating parsley as food has been known since the Middle Ages. In Russia, parsley appeared only in the eleventh century and since then has become a favorite seasoning for many dishes.

What are the beneficial substances found in parsley?

Parsley is an herb extremely rich in vitamins and essential nutrients.

  • First of all, a huge amount of parsley vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in parsley is not inferior in quantity to orange and black currant. Two tablespoons of parsley satisfy the daily need of the human body in ascorbic acid.
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It protects our body from the adverse effects of free radicals, contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C also prevents the development of diabetes, atherosclerosis, asthma. In addition, it is a powerful assistant in the fight against colds, has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Parsley contains provitamin A (beta-carotene), which is converted in our body into vitamin A. it is also an important antioxidant strengthens the immune system.
  • Rich in parsley and high content vitamin k. And he is famous for providing normal blood clotting, and also helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin K is therefore beneficial. for the prevention of osteoporosis.

In addition to vitamins, parsley is a unique source of health. essential oils and flavonoids.

Scientists recently proved that parsley contains a substance that stops the development of cancer cells that cause blood cancer (leukemia). And it was also found that eating parsley with other plant foods protects against cancer ovaries.

What is useful parsley for men?

  1. Parsley has long been known to Russian women as an aphrodisiac for men. Parsley is powerful aphrodisiac, stimulates potency and sexual desire.
  2. Parsley prevents the development of male diseases. It facilitates painful, difficult urination, helps with dysfunction of the prostate gland. In addition, parsley helps eliminate toxins and removes hangover.
  3. Infusion of crushed parsley seeds on vodka or vegetable oil will help from male pattern baldness. It must be rubbed into the scalp.

Why is parsley good for women?

For some reason, it is believed that parsley should be eaten by men. But it is also useful for women!

Parsley Essential Oils normalize the menstrual cycle, facilitate premenstrual and menopausal syndrome. Also, the use of parsley can compensate for the lack of iron during menstruation.

  • Parsley helps cancer of female organs. Parsley stimulates uterus tone, therefore, she is not recommended to abuse pregnant women. Do not recommend parsley and lactating mothers, as through the milk "she" gets to the baby. But doctors are not allowed to eat parsley to children under two years. This is due to the fact that parsley essential oils have a bad effect on the fragile nervous system of children.
  • Parsley removes mental, and physical stress.
  • Parsley use in cosmetology. For women has long been known bleaching and toning Effect parsley Decoction of parsley with the addition of lemon juice removes age spots and freckles. Parsley helps with puffiness of the eyelids.
  • Parsley is also useful for the beauty of hair, it returns them strength and shine.

Eat parsley and use all the best that nature has gathered in it!

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