How is celery useful for women?


Celery is an incredibly valuable plant. Its properties are widely used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology. Moreover, the values ​​are both the leaves of the plant and its roots. How does celery work? What kind of help can the female organism provide?

What is contained in celery?

  1. Vitamins contained in celery- A, E, K, C, PP.
  2. Celery Minerals- potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc.
  3. Celery Supplements- essential oils and amino acids.

The benefits of celery for women

  • Most women care about the question: "How to lose weight?"Celery is able to be able to help a woman in this matter. The fact is that his caloric content per 100 g of the product is only 20 kcal. In addition, celery improves digestion, normalizes metabolism, and also, accelerates the process of processing consumed products into energy, preventing its processing into fat. Isn't it a valuable property that women will especially appreciate?
  • Celery Basedcreated a diet. The diet consists of celery soup with rice, vegetables, fruits and kefir. In addition to the fact that the diet helps to lose weight and normalize metabolism, it also does not contribute to stimulation of appetite!
  • Celery is capable remove toxins from the female body, as well as neutralize the carcinogens present in it.
  • Celery is used as means of preventing and preventing cancers.
  • Celery with regular use, improves skin, hair and nails.
  • Due to the fact that celery contains a large amount of vitamin A, when it is usedvision is significantly improved.
  • Celery is an excellent blood purifier.
  • This plant is pretty much strengthens the immune system which is especially important during the cold season.
  • Celery is capable improve performance. This means that, regularly eating this plant for food, you will achieve much better performance at work.
  • Celery fine disinfects the bladder and kidneys. This is a particularly useful quality celery for women. After all, women often quench the urinary system.
  • Celery is capable adjust the water-salt metabolism of the female body. And, as is known, women often overtake this problem, which manifests itself in the form of salt deposits.
  • And the most pleasant moment for women - celery can have a rejuvenating effect on the female body.

The use of celery in traditional medicine

  • Fine helps celery with colds, and also for the prevention of colds.
  • Good help celery and coughing.
  • In women, celery is able to relieve high nervous tension.
  • With different sleep disorders often used celery. In such cases, it is even recommended by official medicine!

Contraindications to the use of celery for women

  • Do not include celery in your diet for lactating and pregnant women. In pregnant women, celery can provoke a spontaneous miscarriage; in nursing women, they contribute to the cessation of lactation.
  • It is forbidden to eat celerystomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Celery application methods

  • If you decide lose a few pounds of excess weight, or tidy up your nervous system, should be taken Celery decoction.
  • If a celery is needed as an anti-inflammatoryand - it needs to be applied in the form of lotions.

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Argued that far from all the useful properties of this plant have been studied. It is possible that in a few more years we will learn about any other remarkable healing and beneficial properties of celery.

Be healthy!