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Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - the scourge of our time. Poor ecology, low-quality food, a high rhythm of life, in which often there is only enough time for snacking - all this is not at all beneficial to health. That is why the question of the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases is so acute.

Omez and his other analogues (such as Omeprazole) became one of the drugs that revolutionized the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases (including peptic ulcer). Below you will learn more about this drug, as well as what is better - omez or omeprazole, and read consumer reviews.

History and analogues of the drug

History and analogues of the drug

Both Omez and Omeprazole are almost identical in their chemical composition, since omeprazole is the main active ingredient in them. Differences in these drugs are only in different dosages of excipients. For this reason, Omez acts more quickly than Omeprazole.

If we turn to history, then the first medicinal product on the basis of omeprazole was Losek, which is still manufactured today, but it is very expensive. Subsequently, other drugs with a similar effect appeared - derivatives from Losek, which include Omez, Omeprazole, and many other drugs. Here is a list of analogues containing omeprazole:

  • Losek (the same original drug)
  • Losek-MAPS (in this case, MAPS is a special form of omeprazole patented by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca)
  • Gesek
  • Omeprazole-Richter
  • Omeprazole acre
  • Gastrosol
  • Bioprazole
  • Ulfez
  • Omefez
  • Omezol

The listed drugs are allowed for use in our country.

Pharmacological action of the drug

Pharmacological action of the drug

The medicine works as follows: the active component is bound by the acidic environment of the stomach to the cells that are responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid. Omeprazole has a depressant effect on them, so the activity of these cells is reduced. Heartburn is eliminated, and the mucous membrane gets a "breather" and the opportunity to recover. From the point of view of Omez consumers, compliance with the instructions for use leads mainly to positive reviews, since the drug lasts 24 hours, that is, it is enough to take it once a day before breakfast.

Omez or Omeprazole is prescribed by a doctor in case of illness:

  • gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • uncomplicated heartburn;
  • erosive esophagitis (before prescribing treatment, endoscopy is mandatory);
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome;
  • gastropathy, appeared on the background of receiving nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • gastroesophageal reflux;
  • It is also used as a prophylactic agent to prevent stress and aspirin ulcers.

Omeprazole is a drug that must be used with caution. Remember, you can take it only when prescribing a doctor. Omeprazole has a number of contraindications:

  • intolerance to one of the components;
  • the drug is prohibited for children under 5 years old (in severe cases, the doctor may prescribe Omez to the child, but the dose is calculated based on the child’s weight);
  • gastritis with low acidity (as the main effect of omeprazole reduces the production of hydrochloric acid);
  • pregnancy (this drug adversely affects the fetus, it can cause it to develop vascular pathologies);
  • breastfeeding period (since omeprazole can be secreted through breast milk);
  • oncology of the stomach and duodenum (taking the drug is prohibited even in cases of suspected oncology);
  • osteoporosis (one of the side effects of omeprazole is the leaching of calcium from the bones).

Reception of omeprazole: patient reviews

Reception of omeprazole: patient reviews

You can discuss the good and bad sides of the drug as much as you like, but the reviews of people who took it are best illustrated by this drug.

Yuri, 22 years old: Somehow I was severely twisted stomach, neither get up nor straighten. I drank no-shpu, it seems easier. About a week passed, and the attack repeated again. This time my wife drove me to the hospital. After FGS, the doctor said that I had a duodenal ulcer and prescribed Omez. The thing is convenient - you don’t need to bother with meals, especially since I eat quite a bit at work regularly - I can have lunch and I don’t have time to do it. And then - in the morning I drank one capsule and that's it. After 2 weeks, I re-did FGS - the ulcer healed. And all this was about 5 years ago, since then there has been no talk of pain in the stomach. To be honest, I was very surprised that only one pill per day cured such a complex disease in such a short time.

Eugene, 34 years old: My stomach "sat down" after I took a milk thistle course. The doctor prescribed me Omeprazole. First of all, I was very surprised by the price - only 25 rubles. packaging, and meanwhile my sister once bought Omez, and he was worth something in the region of 500 rubles. And, of course, the result - to stop hurting and feel sick literally on the second day of admission. Perhaps it was worth it to fork out for Omez, after all, in cheap analogues it is more than any harmful chemistry. And yet the result of treatment satisfied me, quickly and conveniently.

Veronica, 28 years old: Omeprazole has long been prescribed in my first aid kit, as I suffer from a duodenal ulcer. And I saw Omez, and just Omeprazole, and Omeprazole-Richter, I did not see any difference in the action. So I chose the cheapest option (Omeprazole) and quite happy saves.

Maxim, 56 years old: I have a long-standing warm relationship with my stomach. Several times there were ulcers, perforation, bleeding - in short, the whole set. And I went to planned operations more than once. My acidity is now very high, and the doctor advised me to omeprazole, but not 1-2 capsules, as the instructions say, but as many as 4 a day. I have taken omeprazole for many years, and it is in these doses - 3 or 4 capsules per day. I didn’t notice any side effects, but there are improvements, at least I stopped lying at the hospital five times a year. I tried different manufacturers and analogues (Gastrozol, Omefez), I did not feel any difference. I think the difference is not in the composition of these medicines, but in where the manufacturer is located.

Andrey, 44 years old: Six months ago, heartburn began, but such that you can not sleep normally, nor eat. My mouth tastes so nasty that I even quit smoking. I tried Maalox, Almagel - it did not help. My wife made some kind of weed for the stomach, but it also did not help. Omeprazole was advised to me at the pharmacy, I was still surprised that the price was cheap. However, the heartburn disappeared after the first dose, although it finally became normal to sleep. But in general, I’m thinking of going to be examined, taking a medicine unfamiliar to this at random like this is of course harmful. And heartburn is still not a disease in itself, but a consequence of something more serious. In general, he was convinced that it is not necessary to spend big money on his treatment - there are also cheap domestic analogues, which are no worse than expensive imported drugs.

So, you yourself can see that the question of what is better - omez or omeprazole, the reviews do not give a definite answer. Most patients do not find a difference in the action of drugs. And, nevertheless, there are cases when, for example, Omeprazole-Richter causes nausea in a patient, and it is worth switching to Omez as the discomfort disappears and never returns. If a doctor prescribes you a drug based on omeprazole and you feel a negative side effect, consult with him to appoint an analogue.