How do the splits


Had a goal to sit on the splits and do not know where to start?

Flexibility is equivalent to the youth of the body, which is why in almost all sports areas there are stretch complexes. Since childhood, our body has a large stock of physical activity and plasticity, but as it grows up, this reserve decreases, and this is also affected by a sedentary lifestyle. But if you start to engage even in adulthood, you can achieve very good results. Everything is possible, if there is a desire for it.

To start, warm up the body

It is unacceptable to start the splits without warming up, with such activities you will still not achieve anything good and risk damaging your muscles. There are no clear rules for warming up, you can do regular stretching exercises for 5-10 minutes, combining this with jumps, jogging and squats. Not bad warmed up dancing or training on simulators. It is useful to swing the legs in different directions, back and forth, and even sideways. When doing the waving moves, make sure that the back stays straight and the hips do not move much.

Reach for socks

Before moving on to the twine exercises themselves, sit on the floor and spread your legs wide open in front of you. Socks pull down to the floor. Begin to stretch with both hands on each foot in turn, trying to clasp it with your hands as much as possible. Also tilt your chest with your stomach as close to the foot and floor as possible. Make sure your back is kept straight, not hunch when tilted. The same exercise is performed only with the legs joined together: with two hands, clasp the feet and hold at the maximum point for a few seconds. After these exercises, take a rest for half a minute, spread your legs and try to stretch yourself forward with your hands in small steps.

For shlagaty - to the machine

Get some rest and keep doing the exercises. Now sit straight and bend your legs at the knees. The feet should be joined together and placed as close as possible to the groin area. Begin to put your hands on your knees, so that they fall to the floor. You can ask someone to put him down on your knees, but there should be no sharp pain, everything is in moderation. When your muscles are already stretched enough, your knees will begin to occupy this position themselves without any help. After doing this exercise, stand up and throw a straight leg on a high surface - it may be a machine, or a table, but the height of the surface should not be lower than your waist. Buttocks are strained, the back is straight, do a few springy inclinations to the leg, then change the leg.

Get some rest and, without changing your position, find a support for your arms so as not to fall and start doing deep squats. Keep your back in an upright position as well, the number of repetitions depends on your well-being and physical fitness. Then change your leg. Then stand sideways to the surface and again put your foot up, the foot will be located away from the body. Again, start to squat springy slopes, then change the leg.

After these exercises, you can already begin to immediately stretch to the longitudinal and transverse splits.

A good set of exercises for the splits

  • From a standing position, bend down to the floor, stretch your arms as close as possible to the floor. In this case, keep your back with legs in a straight position, and keep your chest closer to your knees.
  • Sit on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees and spread apart, the feet are joined. Stretch with springy breast movements to the floor.
  • From the same position, make the slopes to the left side and forward, pull your left hand to the left. Repeat the same on the right side.
  • Sitting on the floor, straighten any leg and stretch in front of you. The opposite leg is bent at the knee and wound back. Now begin to breastfeed to the floor with quick, but not sudden movements. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • The same position as in the previous exercise, only now we stretch not to the floor, but to an extended straight leg. Then you change your legs.
  • We sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees, now spread them apart so that you sit about between them. Begin to lean back so that the spine is completely lying on the floor. At first, you can feel a little painful sensations that will disappear over time.
  • Extend one leg as much as possible forward, and take the other back and sit down on the longitudinal splits. Hold for half a minute, then change your legs.
  • Standing position, legs are placed slightly wider than shoulders. Bend your legs at the knees and begin to sit as if on a chair, putting your knees forward. Sit as low as possible. The back does not slouch. You have to hold out in this position a minute. After holding out, start to make slow swaying feet from one to another. While one is in the bent knee, the ligaments of the other are stretched.

Initially, you can feel that the splits - it is something unreal and your body is like a wooden one, but after a few weeks of classes you will notice that you will start to bend better, and the pain during stretching becomes less and less.

Static Stretch for Twine

Stretching with statics is very important in the complex of exercises for splits, and often it is she who decides the decisive role. This book will help you. No, not to read them, but to sit on them. First, choose the optimum height for yourself so that you do not experience pain sitting on them, but at the same time feel a strong tension.

Having picked up optimum height, sit down on them a cross split. The legs are straight and the back is also kept straight. With such support it will be easy to sit, at such a moment it is better to relax and think about something pleasant. In order for the muscles to remember this position, try to stay in it longer - 10-15 minutes is enough. Then remove one book, and again stretch the same amount of time. Then remove another book and sit again for the same amount of time. And so on until you can already sit on the books. This exercise should be done every day, then the result will not take long.

Stretching is difficult and painstaking, but grateful. Performing exercises on the splits, you can soon pleasantly surprise yourself and others with the flexibility and grace of the cat..