How at home to quickly cure stomatitis in the mouth of a


Ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth causes discomfort, depriving a person of the opportunity to safely eat food. People who are faced with this problem are interested in how to quickly cure stomatitis in order to return to their normal life. Official and traditional medicine can offer several options for answering this question.

It is quite possible to speed up the process of recovery from stomatitis if treated correctly. But the speed of recovery depends on the degree of neglect of the inflammatory process and the form of stomatitis. For certain types of the disease, 2-3 days of intensive therapy are enough to feel significant relief, while other types of ulcers in the oral cavity disappear only after 7-8 days.

What do doctors advise?

quickly cure stomatitis in the mouth

As a rule, in order to quickly cure stomatitis in the mouth, dentists prescribe medications that can eliminate the cause of the disease.

Viral stomatitis


  • manifested by sores on the inside of the cheeks, tongue and palate;
  • provoked by smallpox or flu viruses.

You can get rid of herpes in the mouth on the 4th day of the disease if you treat adults:

  • anti-inflammatory and antiviral agents (Cholisal, Metrogil gel);
  • analgesics that reduce discomfort (Ketorol);
  • immunocorrective drugs (Imudon, Immunal).

To wounds heal faster, use rosehip oil, Karotolin. Every 3 hours, children are treated with oral mucosa with furatsilinom, and then apply oxolinic or interferon ointment. When injuries begin to heal, they are smeared with sea buckthorn oil, aloe leaf juice or kalanchoe.


  • caused by adenoviruses and staphylococci;
  • leads to the formation of yellow and white plaques on the lips and cheeks.

This form of the disease is treated for at least a week. Explaining how to quickly cure such stomatitis in an adult, not allowing the development of complications, doctors recommend:

How to quickly cure stomatitis?

  • painkillers (Anestezin, Lidocaine Asept, Lidohlor);
  • drugs for local use (Ingalipt, Geksoral, Lyugol, Kholisal, Actovegin);
  • healing sprays with propolis.

For patients with painkillers, gels for teething are prescribed. In addition, kids need:

  • Paracetamol-based antipyretic;
  • antiseptic solution Miramistin;
  • herbal tinctures.

Allergic stomatitis is a component of the reaction of the human body to an allergen - for example, dentures, filling material or lip and tongue piercing. Unpleasant sensations in the mouth disappear one day after the removal of the stimulus.

If a person has a white spot on the tongue, cheeks and gums, it is a candidal stomatitis. Adults get rid of it with:

  • treating the mouth with a warm solution of baking soda;
  • gargling with decoctions of sage, oak bark, burdock roots;
  • antifungal ointments (Levorin, Dekamin).

To quickly cure candidal stomatitis (thrush) in a child, you must:

  • how to treat wounds with a cotton swab dipped in warm soda solution;
  • lubricate the oral cavity with ointments that contain Nystatin, Levorin, Clotrimazole.

With proper treatment, wait for recovery after 5-6 days.

People of any age who wish to eliminate mouth ulcers, whatever they may be, will also need:

  • B vitamins, including folic and nicotinic acid;
  • antihistamine drugs.

In addition, we must not forget about the observance of a special diet that excludes salty, sour, hot, cold, spicy and solid foods and about thorough oral hygiene.

Medicines that can be found in every home

stomatitis of any kind can be cured fairly quickly for both adults and children

According to admirers of traditional medicine, stomatitis of any kind can be cured fairly quickly to both adults and children at home, resorting to the simplest means.

Antibacterial solution

  • Combine hydrogen peroxide and warm boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Rinse your mouth after every meal.

Cabbage juice

  • Chop the cabbage using a knife or coarse grater.
  • Pass the raw material through a meat grinder.
  • Use this juice as a dental rinse every 3 hours.
  • Remember: the medicine must be freshly prepared.

Garlic ointment

  • Chop a small head of garlic to obtain a slurry.
  • In the garlic mass, add 1 tbsp. l sour milk.
  • Mix the ingredients well.
  • Treat with mouth sores 3-4 times a day.

Potato wrap

  • Scratch peeled potatoes on a fine grater.
  • Combine the resulting mass with olive oil in equal parts.
  • Apply the mixture on sterile gauze and as often as possible apply to the wound.

It is worth noting that these universal folk remedies will help bring a happy day of recovery closer if you combine them with traditional medical treatment.

Those who want to know how to quickly cure stomatitis, which prevents them from living and working normally, not only need to get acquainted with the list of synthetic medicines and natural medicines used in a particular form of this disease. That the effect was expected and fast, it is desirable to coordinate their actions with your doctor.