How are green apples helpful?


Green apple is familiar to us from childhood. All children have a habit of nibbling green apples, especially neighbors. There are always apples greener and tastier. In our childhood, each of us had our own uncles Misha and aunt Lena, who drove us away from their apple plantations, like flies from honey. And my parents mostly scared us with the unfamiliar and terrible word "dysentery", which even then could not make us stop. And now, when no one presses, no one forbids, why not try a green apple. Why green?

Green apple peel is considered more beneficial than red.. After all, the apple turns red after chemical reactions - the sun's rays make it turn red.

Any apples are helpful. They contain a large amount of vitamins: C, B1, B2, P, E. carotene, potassium, iron, manganese, organic acids, pectin. There are more vitamins in green apples than in all the others.. And the bones in green apples will replenish your daily iodine intake.

Chlorophyll, which is contained in apples, stimulates the production of red blood cells in the blood, activates the immune system.

Green apples in cosmetology

With the help of green apples you can help your health and beauty not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Of course and homemade apples should be used for food and cosmetic procedures, no store merchandise.

Recipe number 1

Broths of green apples perfectly smooth the skin, making it supple.

Take the peel of green apples, at the rate of 50 grams per glass of water, and boil it. In a boiling broth, add a few orange peels, insist 2 hours. Strain. Decoction for daily washing ready.

Recipe number 2

Apples - an excellent source of water, they help the skin look more hydrated, young and healthy. After these masks, you must use a nourishing cream.

For the basis of any mask is better to take a fresh grated apple. And in this gruel already add various ingredients that you like.

Main ingredient

Auxiliary ingredients




Spoon of olive oil

15-20 minutes

Apply to cleansed face.


Walnut, a small part of the yolk

30 minutes

Whitens and refreshes the skin.


Spoon of sour cream, a spoon of grapefruit juice

30 minutes

Suitable in autumn and winter


Spoon of carrot puree from fresh carrots, 1 spoon of low-fat kefir

15-30 minutes

For normal skin


Two tablespoons of cottage cheese

20-30 minutes

Rinse with warm water


1 teaspoon hot honey

20-25 minutes

For normal skin

Apple diets

Green apples are just made to throw off a few extra kilograms.AMM and fill the body with vitamins. They are low in calories and rich in vitamins. 100 grams of apple contains 35 calories. On average, an apple is about 80 kcal - you gain a little, and you get a lot of useful things.

But! In the green apples are not all the nutrients that are necessary for our body. It means - no mono-diet! Just eat apples and drink more water. It is desirable that this become your constant habit. Refusing protein, fat and carbohydrates is not worth it. Eat a little less if you want to lose weight.

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Green apples whiten teeth

Healthy and snow-white teeth are a dream. In order not to visit the dentist and not to spoil the enamel with specialized toothpastes, just eat green apples. The whole secret is that tough green apples contain less sugar than red. They improve the blood supply in the gums, help clean the mouth and bleach enamel painlessly. Green apples are best consumed before or during meals. After eating, you can rinse your mouth with water.

As you can see, everything that is needed for beauty, health of the skin, teeth and the body as a whole, is very close. The green apple is the most native ingredient for your flowering and health.. If you do not have a country house, a dacha or a plot where you can start growing apples, storm the grandmothers in the markets. They always have a kilogram or two of large green apples for you. Be beautiful and loved in the first place - yourself!