How and what is better to choose contraceptive candles


What means to choose for protection from undesirable pregnancy? There are many methods, but they all have their own characteristics. One of the best protection against conception for women who have not given birth is vaginal suppositories. How to use and how to choose birth control candles and can you trust them?

Why the candle does not allow you to get pregnant?

Non-hormonal vaginal suppositories have a spermicidal effect.

Non-hormonal vaginal suppositories have a spermicidal effect. Most of them are composed of benzalkonium chloride. It produces a detrimental effect on sperm, deprives them of physical activity, the ability to get to the uterus and fertilize the egg. But nonalconium not only damages the male "biomaterial" - it also makes the cervical mucus thicker. This interferes with the promotion of sperm and eliminates their meeting with the egg.

Than good contraceptive suppositories and what are their disadvantages?

Candles are one of the most acceptable ways to prevent pregnancy for women who have not given birth, those who do not live a regular sex life, young mothers who breastfeed their babies.

The main advantages of these drugs include the following:

  • they are suitable for women who are not recommended to put a spiral or take hormonal contraceptives;
  • act locally. The components do not penetrate the blood, so they can be used during lactation;
  • not only protect against pregnancy, but also produce antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal effects;
  • do not interfere with the menstrual cycle;
  • derived by physiological;
  • eliminate vaginal dryness, normalize the amount of lubricant;
  • can be used as an emergency method of contraception.

Before entrusting the task of protecting against pregnancy with these pharmaceutical agents, it is reasonable to know about their shortcomings. They are:

  • candles can cause an allergic reaction in the form of severe burning, itching, redness, swelling of the genitals in each of the partners;
  • With prolonged and frequent use, a woman can wait for dysbacteriosis, inflammation of the cervix or vagina;
  • you have to plan for sexual intercourse in advance, as the candle should be entered strictly 10-20 minutes before it starts, otherwise it will be ineffective;
  • candle material flows out for 2 days and stains linen;
  • they cannot be used if there are inflammatory diseases, erosion, HPV-associated exocervitis;
  • candles do not protect against STIs.

But one of the most important drawbacks of contraceptive suppositories is that their degree of protection is about 75%. Therefore, it is recommended to additionally use a condom.

how to use this tool correctly?

In the pharmacy, you can find different contraceptive candles.

The effectiveness of candles depends on how well they are used. Therefore, you must strictly follow the instructions:

  • before using this contraceptive, wash the genitals - only with warm water, without soap, gels and other cosmetics;
  • Candle should be inserted deep into the vagina 10-20 minutes before the expected proximity. Make it comfortable, lying on your back;
  • the candle is designed only for one intercourse. If two intercourses occur, she cannot guarantee protection;
  • Since the activity of the drug lasts from 3 to 4 hours, after sexual contact you should not resort to douching or wash with soap.

What kind drugs to buy: selection criteria

In the pharmacy, you can find different contraceptive candles. Which ones to choose depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, namely on such factors:

  • Are there any allergies to the components of the drug (be sure to read the information on the package and instructions);
  • what amount of natural lubricant released during sexual contact. If it is not enough, then the candles will compensate for this minus. If a lot, it is advisable to abandon them.

Benzalkoniya chloride - a substance that contains all the popular contraceptive candles. Therefore, it is better to choose which ones (reviews confirm this) - it depends only on the subjective feelings of the partners.

Most common suppositories for pregnancy

Most often women buy such candles:

  • Erotex. They do not foam, do not leak, smell good (rose, lavender, lemon), do not affect the work of other organs;
  • Pharmatex. Recently, some have lost their popularity, because they have a specific smell, dissolve too quickly into the vagina and retain their effectiveness for no more than 2 hours;
  • contraceptive candles benateks. Reviews prove that they rarely cause allergies, have an optimal consistency. But they can not be used with colpitis and erosion;
  • Nonoxynol. In addition to the contraceptive, the drug has a bactericidal effect: prevents infection with chlamydia, gonococcus. Due to the content of lactic acid does not violate the vaginal microflora.

Female look at the candles

How to choose contraceptive candles

If you examine the opinion of women who have tried the effectiveness of candles on themselves, then we can conclude that this is not the most reliable method of contraception. Many share their experiences: suppositories have not saved them from pregnancy or abortion (however, it is not known whether they were used in accordance with the instructions).

Trouble awaited some women who independently used the contraceptive candles nonoxynol. Reviews show that they can cause a very strong allergic reaction (and even a burn). But this is due to the individual susceptibility of the organism. Others note that they have been using this drug for about 3 years and have not encountered any problems, except for a slight itch and soiled underwear.

Discontent with women is caused by the fact that when using candles there is a feeling as if the whole sea is in the vagina (however, those who lack lubrication only help). Well, the main advantage of candles is that they are non-hormonal and do not affect weight.

Unplanned pregnancy is a big drama for a woman, so contraception should be approached very responsibly. Questions about whether you personally use and how to choose contraceptive candles, better ask your gynecologist. After all, this tool has contraindications and features.