Hot injection of calcium chloride into the vein

Often, when treating a cold or to relieve a severe allergic reaction, the doctor prescribes a hot injection in the vein. Patients who at least once had to experience a similar procedure on themselves, permanently remember the sensations that arise after such an injection. First, it becomes warm in the mouth, and then this hot wave spreads all over the body.

What is hot prick?

Some mistakenly believe that such an action is caused by the fact that the solution is preheated.

Some mistakenly believe that such an action is caused by the fact that the solution is preheated. But this is not the case at all! Just for the injection is used a special drug consisting of a combination of organic and inorganic salts, which, entering the blood, leads to an increase in blood vessels. This provokes specific sensations, even though the drug has a temperature that is no higher than the body temperature of a healthy person.

What are the hot vein injections shown?

What are the “duties” of calcium, which enters the human body as a result of injection of a hot injection?

  • It is essential for the heart to work properly.
  • Provides muscle work.
  • Participates in the delivery of nerve signals to the brain.
  • Maintains good blood clotting.
  • It is a component that forms bone tissue.

Given such a wide range of functions, there are many indications to prescribe a hot injection into a vein. These include:

  • calcium deficiency caused by insufficient intake with food, or conditions associated with blood loss;
  • increased body's need for calcium during pregnancy;
  • anti-shock therapy (as a component of resuscitation);
  • anti-inflammatory treatment;
  • removal of allergic manifestations and improvement of the condition of blood vessels.

Calcium chloride solution is also often used as an additional agent that improves the outcome of treatment of various types of colic (renal, biliary and intestinal).

When it is unacceptable to use calcium chloride?

When it is unacceptable to use calcium chloride?

There are 2 main contraindications that preclude the use of injections of calcium chloride. The first is individual intolerance to this drug. The second is patients in whom hypersensitivity to calcium chloride is found. In addition, injections are not prescribed if the patient has the following conditions:

  • fibrillation of the ventricles of the heart;
  • increased calcium in the body;
  • respiratory failure;
  • disorders of the kidneys and heart.

A hot injection into a vein will also not be included in the complex of therapeutic measures if the patient is prescribed cardiac glycosides.

Side Effects of Hot Injections

Many patients are afraid to do calcium chloride injections, as they are not sure that it is safe. In fact, if you strictly adhere to the instructions and take into account contraindications, then no undesirable reactions will occur.

But in some cases side effects can still occur. These include not very pleasant sensations - a burning sensation in the mouth and throughout the body. Also, blood pressure sometimes decreases after an injection. If the product gets into the muscle, it can lead to severe irritation and necrosis.

If the drug is injected too quickly or combined in the same syringe with other medicines, then an increase in heart rate is possible, and this sometimes leads to cardiac arrest.

Hot injections to maintain women's health - what's the use?

Hot injections to maintain women's health - what's the use?

Very often used hot injection in gynecology.. This is a saving measure for uterine bleeding. Calcium is the main element that is necessary for normal blood clotting, so its entry into the body improves the condition of a woman. Also, a hot injection using calcium gluconate is prescribed for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory organs in women. The use of this drug provides faster recovery.

Pregnant women who are on conservation, are familiar with this procedure. In pregnancy (if it proceeds with pathologies), injection injection of magnesia is prescribed. This drug reduces the likelihood of miscarriage, as it reduces the tone of the uterus: the tool effectively relaxes its walls. The positive effect of the drug also lies in its ability to quickly remove the liquid and stabilize the pressure.

An intravenous hot injection during pregnancy is also prescribed for preeclampsia, a condition that is accompanied by swelling, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Hot injections are a specific, but effective means that is used to treat both women and men. So that it has only a positive effect, in no case can not apply it yourself. Such manipulations should be performed only by experienced medical specialists as prescribed by a physician.

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