Hop cones

Feathery that comes to mind when it comes to hops, this is beer. But plant buds are not only used in brewing. In many nations of the world, the plant is found in various prescriptions for medicinal drugs from all sorts of disorders and diseases. The ubiquitous growth in the temperate continental zone has made hops very accessible for use. Hop cones have tremendous healing properties. What are these medicinal properties of hops, what is the use of the plant?

Useful properties and contraindications of hop cones

Useful properties and contraindications of hop cones

For therapeutic purposes, the plant seed arms are used, because they contain many biologically active substances. We are talking about essential oils, ascorbic, valeric, hopubic acids, polyphenols, alkaloids, phytoestrogens, lupulin, vitamins (B, C, PP), gums, trimethylamine, choline, etc.

Only one lupulin is enough to stimulate the appetite, improve cholagogue and diuretic processes, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, soothe. Hop cones have other healing properties:

  • regulation of the processes of mineral, water and lipid metabolism;
  • analgesic and antispasmodic action;
  • antiulcer;
  • capillary strengthening;
  • antiallergenic.

Hop extracts are widely used in pharmacology, and on the basis of fresh or dried stems, you can prepare a drug at home.

However, it is worth being careful with this plant, despite its beneficial properties, hop cones also have contraindications. Overdose is toxic, can cause headache, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, heart pain, accompanied by a state of general malaise. Not recommended for people who have an individual intolerance to substances. Traditional contraindication, like most drugs, is a period of gestation.

Medicines that contain plant extracts are prescribed exclusively by prescription. There are also age restrictions - children under 2 years old.

Features of the use of products and drugs from hops

The crop of plants collected for use in brewing, traditional medicine and herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology.

Features of the use of products and drugs from hops

  • Cosmetology - to improve the condition of the skin and hair, eliminate skin inflammation, tone, slow down the aging process of the skin of the face.

Tonic for the face: 1 tsp. seedlings boil in 1 tbsp. water, boil a few more minutes, cool, strain. Use daily: wipe the skin of the face.

Hair rinse after each wash: For half a liter of water you need 5 tbsp. l seed heads; boil 1/4 hour, insist another half hour. Effectively apply at least three times a week.

Essential oil is used in the composition of the oil mixture, which women use externally for the care of the décolleté area (it was found that the phyto analogue of estrogen is contained in the hop).

A few drops of hops essential oil can be added to your permanent skin care cosmetics to increase the effectiveness of your use.

  • Pharmacology. Discovered therapeutic properties of hops were taken on board and manufacturers of drugs. Essential oil is found in Valocordine. As well as in the compositions of diuretic and choleretic drugs, medications for the treatment of urinary tract and kidneys, nervous and allergic disorders that reduce inflammation, stimulate the digestive and metabolic processes.
  • Ethnoscience. Based on the collection of preparing infusions, alcohol and oil infusions, decoctions, ointments, herbal tea. A pillow full of hops is the best cure for insomnia.

A cup of intoxicating tea before bedtime is a great sedative. But homemade ointment can be used for bruises, rheumatoid disorders, gout, joint inflammation.

Alcohol tincture (1: 4, extract 7 days) is useful to use before meals. Only 5 drops per spoonful of water, and the meal will pass with appetite.

Of course, one text cannot cover all the ways of using hop-based cones. Finally, we only recall that in large doses the product is poisonous, so be sure to consult with a specialist and get approval for the use of certain industrial and home products with hops.

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