Honey with propolis


Even the most common honey has long been considered a medicine, and when it includes propolis, the benefits of this product for the body doubled. All components of the mixture are still unexplored, with the result that honey with propolis can produce very diverse properties and contraindications.

Vitamin Cocktail

Benefit or harm is honey with propolis

To understand the benefits or harm of honey with propolis, you must first familiarize yourself with the composition of this mixture. Surely that about 400 vitamins and macronutrients necessary for the body are contained in honey concentrate, everyone knows who has been interested in this topic at least once. The identifiable enzymes that make up propolis are two times less, but even more there are unknown elements in it.

It makes no sense to list all of them, so we will focus only on the main ingredients that make up the overall composition of the mixture. So, honey with propolis contains:

  • vitamins B1, B6, B2, C, E, PP and provitamin A;
  • flower nectar;
  • pitch;
  • wax;
  • essential oils and organic acids;
  • minerals: manganese, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron.

Stroking even on such an abbreviated list of useful substances, it is not clear how one can do without an amazing mix of honey with propolis. No wonder it is used as a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator. But is everything so simple?

The right honey is not only vitamins.

Quality of honey with propolis

The quality of honey with propolis is mainly determined by the way the mixture was obtained. Such medicine can be easily found and bought in beekeeping shops, but sellers cannot say how high-quality its production was. That is why you should learn to distinguish natural honey with propolis from low-quality fakes.

The composition of a good product of beekeeping must necessarily include lime or flower honey, as well as crushed bee glue. The consistency of the mixture should be completely uniform, with a slightly tart taste and distinct bitter notes. And the higher the concentration of propolis in honey, the more pronounced the tart aftertaste should be.

Pure honey with propolis is not green. A beekeeping product of this shade is obtained only when honeydew is added to honey — pollen collected by bees from trees and grasses.

We list the useful properties inherent in qualitatively food with propolis:

  • Strengthens immunity. Especially recommended to take tincture of honey with propolis during periods of seasonal exacerbations of infectious viral diseases.
  • Heals small cracks, abrasions, wounds and burns. Honey-sticky mixture can be used as a healing agent. It promotes the renewal of soft tissue and has regenerating properties.
  • It improves blood circulation. Honey with propolis helps to reduce blood pressure, which is extremely useful for hypertensive patients.
  • It disinfects and also reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane. At the same time there is absolutely no difference where the bandage will be applied. Lotions with this tool will effectively heal from conjunctivitis, as well as from sinusitis and inflammation of the female genital organs.
  • Promotes better digestion. Suffering from an eternal lack of gastric juice? In this case, try the folk recipes tinctures of propolis and honey.

But no matter how sweet honey with propolis, there are always people for whom the harm from such treatment will exceed the benefits tenfold. After its use, urticaria, itching, indigestion appeared? Unfortunately, you need to give up this gift of nature. It is not recommended to use it and those who suffer from regular exacerbations of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Very carefully you can eat honey and diabetes.

How to make a tasty medicine?

how to make honey with propolis at home

As mentioned above, you can purchase a portion of the useful mixture in a special store or pharmacy. But there are also several options for making honey with propolis at home. We suggest you use the following recipe.


  • 5 g of propolis;
  • 100 g of honey.


  1. First, you need to roll up the propolis in a small ball and freeze well.
  2. Then the resulting ice is rubbed with fine chips and placed in a metal enameled container.
  3. Further, depending on the desired concentration, the chips are mixed with liquid heated honey. The proposed composition will help produce a 5% mixture.
  4. Preparation comes to the final stage, when the mixture will have a homogeneous consistency.

In the same way you can get a more concentrated composition of honey with propolis. It is enough for this to proportionally increase the amount of propolis or reduce the content of honey.

Depending on the purpose, honey with propolis can be taken both inside and used externally in the form of dressings and lotions. When the mixture is applied to the skin, an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing effect can be achieved. By taking the mixture inside, you increase the protective functions of the body, normalize digestion and nutrient absorption. Since the scope of application of this medicine in traditional medicine is quite wide, there is no specific schedule for administration and dosage. Everything will depend on the individual characteristics of the organism and the recommendations of the doctor.

Honey with propolis has a rich vitamin composition and is widely used to solve many health problems. However, the sweet medicine does not always bring only one benefit. As they say, there is a fly in the ointment. To begin with, it is useful to consult a doctor and pay attention to contraindications, and only then proceed to immediate treatment.