Honey and raw foods

Drivers out? Of course, many will answer, because its usefulness has been proven for a long time. This is a natural sweetener, store sweets substitute. It warms well in winter and is curative. Nevertheless, many strict raw food vegans do not eat honey, citing various reasons for this ...

Honey and raw foods: eat or not eat?

The use of honey is quite controversial. Let us try to make out the main “for” and “against” the exclusion of honey from Israel and you determine for yourself the keepers of this product in your menu, and in some quantities you will eat it.

Opinions for and against the use of honey


Vs: honey is excluded, since it is an animal product, albeit a plant, newly developed by the animal world.

Behind: Honey is undoubtedly a special product. However, it is thermally non-processed, onsyra does not contain animal protein, respectively, it is possible for raw foodists.


Vs: honey food is dead. The essence of raw food is absorbed by living food, consisting of living plant cells. Honey is just a set of different sugars.

Behind: It is proved that the super-useful honey product contains more than a hundred useful substances and microelements. Its correct use allows you to assimilate these elements without a trace.


Vs: a humane attitude towards nature is the first thing vegans are guided by when choosing foods to eat. Immediately fits this definition. We are opposed to the exploitation of animals, insects, they say.

Behind: the fact is that bees produce two times more honey than is required to sustain a family’s life. Often, bees leave a hollow or hive, building up all the free space with honeycombs. Bears eat honey, therefore it is natural and its use by man. A person helps bees; bees give a person honey! Mutually beneficial cooperation, which can often be found in nature.


Vs: The main function of bees is the pollination of plants and flowers, so that their fertility nourishes the person, but all the non-production of honey for man.

Behind: If only this were so, then God created the bees only for pollination. Ktomuzhe bees collect nectar with svektov, anepilz. Nectar, that's what matters to bees.


Vs: bees collect honey on the fields harvested by chemicals, the use of such honey causes damage to the body.

Behind: the risk of buying low-quality honey is always there, so honey (honey, perga, pollen) you need to buy only recognized beekeepers, trustworthy people. This is a guarantee that you buy green honey, non-sugar and non-exposed to heat. After all, it is often impossible to distinguish real honey from the product, it is better not to risk it.

Honey and raw foods: eat or not eat?

So let's summarize.

It is noticed that when eating rich people, honey is eaten by cans: with nuts or halvah. I would like to have a sweet tooth, or the body lacks any substances that it receives. This well known cleansing function of honey.

Modern passes passionate appetite. Therefore, many experienced syroedy refused otmeda simply because they reluctantly. At the beginning of their transition to a rich diet, now they are used to feeling the natural sweetness of food: in fruits and sweet vegetables, they filled the body with vitamins, and their organism has learned to produce many substances on its own.

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Honey is a solar food, bees collect color, filled with solar energy, nectar, the most valuable product for humans. This is the only product that is absorbed without residue. This energy in pure form, the energy of light, good. Ameed, collected with love can not do harm.

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