Home workouts for women

Have you decided to train at home and be guided only by your own feelings when training? It does not matter for your body, at home you train or in the gym, but only training with the observance of the rules gives the desired result, so read our recommendations.

Make a training plan

To begin, you should decide what you expect from training: lose weight, build muscle mass, or just want to work out for mood and good health. And starting from your goal, make up a program of actions for yourself, but for this you should not try various techniques that you come across, because a spontaneous set of exercises will not lead to anything good. The basis of a good workout is its consistent plan, which will mark the execution time and basic exercises, and should also pay attention to nutrition. To do this, it is better to ask for help from a specialist - he will develop for you an individual training system, according to which you will later work out on your own!

Add loads gradually

If you immediately load yourself with all the complexes of physical exercises, then the next day you will not even be able to get up from bed, but the miraculous effect will not happen. The body does not immediately get used to training - it depends on your athletic training. With each new occupation increase your dose of loads, and then everything will be easy for you. Act on the principle - from small to large, from easy to complex.

Training frequency

In addition to the gradual addition of loads for the muscles, it is important to repeat the workouts. Some people mistakenly believe that if you skip two workouts, and then make up that time in one, the effect will be the same. So you just deplete the body, but there’s no sense, our body reacts to exercises that are repeated several times, and when we do, for example, once a week, the muscles perceive it as a temporary phenomenon, which means that muscle mass does not increase and flexibility is not added.

It is necessary to move on to the next lesson after muscle recovery, usually it occurs in 1-2 days. You can do every day, but in this case you should not ask yourself too much intensive training. Best of all, when classes alternate - today is of medium intensity, tomorrow is higher. But still, with daily workouts, muscles need rest at least once every five days.

Awareness of the present moment

In any business it is important to concentrate on it completely, and in training you should understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. By the way, this is one of the rules of successful people. At the time of training, get rid of all extraneous thoughts from your head, turn off the TV, phone and focus only on your own body. Imagine how every cell in your body improves, feel the reaction of your muscles, so you can track how your body reacts to the proposed load. It will also significantly increase the effectiveness of training - visualization in any case allows us to move faster.


If you do the exercises barefoot, then there will be more benefit from them, as you also train your feet, toes and ankles. Training without shoes will also increase the sensitivity of the legs, develop a sense of balance and at the same time have a slight tempering effect. In addition, doing at home you can not worry about your appearance side.

Do not engage through pain

Even with the most severe exercise, the body should not experience pain, you can feel tension, tingling, fatigue after completing a workout, but not pain. If you feel a sharp unpleasant pain, then you should reduce the intensity of training or abandon this exercise.

Important support

For beginners in training at first, it is difficult to maintain balance and coordination during exercises, so they begin to do many exercises incorrectly - bend, bend, and at the same time, the effectiveness of training is much reduced. To prevent this from happening it is important to find a support for yourself - it can be a door, a chair back or a table. Hold one or two hands on the support when you do the exercises. After you have been engaged for quite a long time and become confident, the need for support will disappear by itself.

When laying on the floor lay mat

It is important not to damage your own spine. Despite the fact that our spine is very hard and hard, it is worth treating it carefully and not working on the hard floor, but laying a rug or a not very soft blanket. Take care that the exercise mat does not slide across the floor.

The ideal figure is the result of your own attitude towards yourself. Even initially, excellent natural data requires constant work on yourself, and knowing the basics of training and understanding the capabilities of your body will ultimately lead to a stunning result!

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