Home treatment for psoriasis

The nature of the origin of many diseases to this day has not been completely studied. Psoriasis is considered one of these diseases. Many of us, perhaps, have heard about this pathology, but very few people know that psoriasis can affect not only the skin, but also the nail plates, joints, periarticular tissues. Some scientists believe that psoriasis appears as a result of genetic predisposition. Others are of the opinion that this pathology arises under the influence of various external factors. Home treatment for psoriasis has a number of features.

About them will be discussed in our article.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis can not be attributed to a number of pathologies of infectious nature

Psoriasis can not be attributed to a number of pathologies of an infectious nature. This disease most often occurs under the influence of negative factors: the surface layer of the skin begins to die off quickly, with the result that peculiar plaques or so-called scales appear. In everyday life, this disease was called "scaly deprive."

There are many types of psoriasis, but the symptoms of this pathology are almost identical in any of its forms. The first sign of the appearance of psoriasis is the formation of a stratum corneum on the skin, which quickly exfoliates. If you remove the top layer, then a pink spot will remain, and all capillary vessels will be clearly visible on it, because the epidermis on the affected area is too thin.

In addition, the development of psoriasis is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • depressive state in any manifestation;
  • general weakness;
  • itching.

As you already understood, the main symptom of psoriasis is the formation of scaly plaques on the surface layer of the skin. Depending on the form of the pathology and the scale of its course, plaques can resemble a pinhead, a droplet, and even a small coin in size.

In any case, it is not necessary to independently engage in the treatment of this ailment. The main thing is to promptly contact the attending specialist and undergo a full-scale examination. The running form of psoriasis can cause damage to the joints and tissues around them, which is fraught with very serious consequences for your health.

Drug treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis can be treated in two ways.

Psoriasis can be treated in two ways:

  • pharmacological agents;
  • means of traditional medicine.

Each treatment course has its own characteristics depending on the area of ​​skin lesions, the severity of the pathology and the reason for its occurrence. Most often in medical practice, psoriasis occurs on the elbows, head and nails.

Psoriasis treatment takes time. It is important that the treatment course is comprehensive and balanced. If you want to get rid of such a disease as soon as possible, then you should not delay with a visit to a dermatologist.

The use of ointments and creams

Psoriasis treatment consists of several basic aspects.

Psoriasis treatment consists of several main aspects:

  • oral medication;
  • external use of special creams and ointments.

To get rid of the disease completely, you need not only to take drugs to eliminate the cause, but also to heal the resulting scaly plaques on the skin. Ointments for the treatment of psoriasis are divided into two types:

  • hormonal;
  • non-hormonal.

Most often, dermatologists strongly recommend using the following hormone ointments and creams:

  • Psori-naphta;
  • Dermo-nafta;
  • Lorinden A;
  • Lorinden C;
  • Momat;
  • Flucinar;
  • Daivobet;
  • Dermoveit;
  • Belosalik;
  • Beloderm;
  • Diprosalic;
  • Celestoderm;
  • Lokoid;
  • Advantan;
  • Cloveit;
  • Akriderm;
  • Sinaflan;
  • Rederm.

With prolonged use of the same ointment or cream there is an addiction. And at the end of the external use of such funds, psoriasis can develop with a large scale. That is why it is so important to conduct all medical procedures under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Non-hormonal pharmacological ointments and creams for the treatment of psoriasis include:

  • Cytopsor;
  • Salicylic ointment;
  • Zinc ointment;
  • Kartalin;
  • Antipsoriasis.

All of the above ointments have their own characteristics. Basically, each drug has an anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor, antiseptic, antiallergic, keralitic effect. The doctor prescribes one or another pharmacological drug based on individual test results and the form of the pathology.

Internal therapy

During the exacerbation of psoriasis, a dermatologist may prescribe antihistamine pharmacological drugs.

During the exacerbation of psoriasis, a dermatologist may prescribe antihistamine pharmacological drugs, in particular:

  • Diazolin;
  • Fencarol;
  • Suprastin.

In some cases, a person needs additional protection of the liver or increased fermentation. Then the following medicines can be prescribed:

  • Creon;
  • Pancreatin;
  • Karsila;
  • Festal.

To cleanse the body, you can take absorbents, for example, Enterosgel or Polysorb. If the disease is accompanied by the appearance of pain, the dermatologist prescribes the use of analgesics or other painkillers, including antibiotics.

We treat psoriasis on the head

Pathological peeling, indicating the development of a serious disease

Psoriasis on the head often resembles the appearance of dandruff. Pathological peeling, indicating the development of a serious disease, is not immediately noticeable. At home, you should use creams or ointments prescribed by a dermatologist, as well as, if necessary, take oral medications.

In addition, the treatment of psoriasis in the home requires a number of actions:

  • exfoliation of dead skin;
  • avoid injuries and wounds on the scalp;
  • use of moisturizing remedies;
  • use only medical cosmetics for the care of the scalp;
  • avoid long exposure to sunlight;
  • refusal of decorative cosmetics at the time of treatment.

How to treat nail psoriasis?

Psoriasis on the head most often resembles dandruff

When nails are affected by psoriasis, the overall picture is far from aesthetic. The nail plate resembles a thimble shape with a flaking top layer. When treating psoriasis of the nail plate alone, several rules should be followed:

  • do not do a manicure;
  • short cut the nails;
  • avoid injury;
  • wear gloves when in contact with chemicals;
  • use externally or take oral medications only as directed by the dermatologist;
  • take vitamins containing calcium;
  • Moisten your nails with any vegetable oil.

Treatment of psoriasis at home folk remedies

Many people suffering from this disease, along with pharmacological treatment, try to use the means of traditional medicine. One of the common drugs for the treatment of psoriasis is activated carbon.

How will activated carbon help?

Activated carbon is considered a good absorbent.

Activated carbon is considered a good absorbent. As you know, the reasons for the occurrence of psoriasis, treating experts recognize poor diet, endocrine system malfunction and the presence of toxins in the body. To remove all toxins, you can take activated charcoal.

Take this drug should be taken orally. The main thing is to calculate the proportions correctly. One tablet of substance is taken on 10 kg of body weight. Tablets need to grind to a powdered state and pour a small amount of mineral, thawed or filtered water. Take this tool should be once a day for two hours before meals. The treatment course should last 40 days.

In addition, ointments prepared on the basis of traditional medicine help cope with psoriasis. These drugs include:

  • grease;
  • honey;
  • celandine;
  • sulfur;
  • buckthorn bark;
  • butter;
  • beeswax;
  • succession;
  • St. John's wort;
  • garlic;
  • chaga;
  • yarrow

Patient Reviews

you are faced with the problem of psoriasis and do not know how to get rid of the illness at home as soon as possible

If you are faced with the problem of psoriasis and do not know how to get rid of the illness at home as soon as possible, you can read the reviews of other people suffering from the same disease. Many of them leave comments that the treatment of psoriasis for each individual, as not everyone is helped by one or another pharmacological or traditional drugs.

At various forums you can find a lot of reviews that beekeeping products and herbal baths help people in the treatment of psoriasis. Some people say that only complex treatment helps them cope with psoriasis: proper nutrition, sports, taking pharmacological preparations and using ointments.

People suffering from psoriasis for more than one year, leave feedback that in order to cure the disease, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of its occurrence, for example, stress, external factors, etc. Everyone agrees that treatment should be comprehensive and balanced.

Psoriasis is a very insidious and complex disease. Get rid of it in one day is impossible. Some people have psoriasis for life. If the primary symptoms appear, consult a dermatologist and complete a full course of treatment. Remember: to maintain health, you need to lead a correct lifestyle.

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