Probably everyone had to face such a thing as hoarseness. Causes and treatment in adults - questions that many are looking for the answer. After all, for some, the voice is a working tool. And this concerns not only opera singers. Why does hoarseness appear and how quickly to get rid of it?

Physiology questions: what happens to the ligaments?

The 5 most common causes of hoarseness

Hoarseness of voice occurs mainly due to irritation or damage to the vocal cords (as opposed to hoarseness, which is a consequence of diseases of the larynx). But it happens that it is a symptom of serious diseases. If the normal timbre of the voice does not recover within 2 weeks, then you should consult with the otolaryngologist about this.

The 5 most common causes of hoarseness

The main reasons for the voice of which the voice sounds hoarse are:

  • inflammatory process in the laryngeal mucosa. It develops on the background of acute respiratory infections or bacterial infections. Most often in such cases diagnosed with laryngitis. Hoarseness is not the only problem that bothers the patient. He also has a sore throat, a dry cough appears, the temperature rises. If this condition occurs regularly, then laryngitis has become chronic. Treatment will include drugs that relieve symptoms of the disease, and antibiotics;
  • overstrain of the vocal cords. Permanent or one-time, but a strong load on the vocal apparatus can damage the bundles. It is a laryngitis of non-infectious nature. To restore the voice functions have some time to shut up. Well help rinsing and lozenges, relieving inflammation;
  • harmful addictions - alcoholism and smoking. Tobacco smoke, nicotine, tar, ethyl alcohol have a negative effect on the vocal apparatus, lead to thickening of the ligaments and cause hoarseness. Abandoning such habits will improve well-being. But sometimes the pathological process goes so far that it is not possible to return the normal voice;
  • stress. Fatigue, nervous exhaustion, fright can deprive the voice of a clear sound. Sedatives and the temporary rejection of the use of voice will help to solve the problem (and you should not even talk in a whisper);
  • pathologies on the part of internal organs and the thyroid gland, including inflammation of the epiglottis and neoplasm in the larynx. The treatment will be difficult and lengthy, you may need to take hormones, undergo chemotherapy or have surgery.

Hoarse voice - what to do: pills, sprays, lozenges

Hoarse voice - what to do

If you feel discomfort in your throat or have heard that something is wrong with your voice, then it is wrong to hope that everything will go away by itself. If hoarseness of voice appears, the causes and treatment in adults is the concern of the otolaryngologist. Although the treatment of laryngitis can not be considered very difficult (it usually takes no more than 10 days), nevertheless, it is necessary to prescribe medication.

Drugs used to eliminate inflammation of the vocal cords:

  • anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator - Erespal;
  • antiseptic - Miramistin;
  • oral resorption tablets - Falimint, Septolet;
  • inhalers - Bioparox, Ingalipt;
  • spray Kameton;
  • Lugol's solution for lubricating the throat;
  • The decision on the appointment of antibiotics takes only a doctor. He can prescribe one of these drugs: Ampicillin, Amoxiclav, Augmentin, Ceftriaxone, Axetin, Cefixime, Sumamed, Clarithromycin. The patient will not be able to pick up the antibacterial drug himself.

Despite the abundance of pharmacy products, there is no universal remedy for treating hoarseness. Therefore, do not throw money at the most expensive medicine, better consult with a specialist.

Folk recipes voice restoration

Well helps to eliminate the problem of hoarseness, treatment of folk remedies. Here are the most proven and effective methods:

  • The most popular recipe is eggnog. Prepare a miraculous composition is very simple. You need 1 beaten with sugar yolk. To this mass should add 2 tbsp. warm milk, ΒΌ Art. honey and protein, whipped with 1 tbsp. l Sahara. Some also add rum (brandy) and spices to these ingredients;
  • gargle with sea water;
  • drink hot milk with Borjomi (in the ratio of 1 to 1);
  • gargle with beetroot. Vegetable should be grated, squeezed juice, add a little vinegar;
  • radish helps well. The juice of this root is useful to use with honey.

Effective methods for express elimination of hoarseness

Effective ways to eliminate hoarseness

It so happens that you have an important meeting or performance, and, unfortunately, a hoarse voice. How to quickly restore a normal tone? Proceed as follows:

  • minimize conversations;
  • drink more warm liquids - herbal teas, fruit drinks, milk with honey and butter;
  • arrange steam inhalations (water with salt). Only steam should not burn;
  • quickly return the normal sound tincture of horseradish. To prepare it is simple: take a small piece of the plant root, pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, cool, add a small portion of sugar. Drink every hour for 1 tbsp. l .;
  • gargle with a decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula (but not soda!)

If your voice has acquired a hoarse note, then immediately give up too hot and cold dishes, do not eat sour and salty, exclude spicy from the menu. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Do not breathe cold, moist air and be in a smoke-filled and dusty room.

Hoarseness - not such a harmless phenomenon, as it may seem at first glance. Even if it was caused by acute laryngitis, with the wrong treatment (and lifestyle), it can easily become chronic. Then the treatment will be much more difficult. And in some cases (if complications appear), you will even have to have an operation. Do not forget that, unfortunately, hoarseness is sometimes a symptom of dangerous ailments. The conclusion is: take care of your throat, harden, strengthen the immune system, do not overload the vocal cords and are treated by doctors! This will allow your voice to remain clear and sonorous.