Hoarseness in adults


Man is so constituted: he begins to appreciate what is given to him by nature only when he is deprived of it. No one thinks about his voice until he loses his sonority. The annoying "silent" makes it impossible to communicate, interferes with work and causes discomfort. What can cause hoarseness, what are the causes and treatment in adults - an important topic for all.

The inability to speak loudly: why is the voice getting hoarse?

The inability to speak loudly: why is the voice getting hoarse?

Dysphonia, or pathological changes in the voice, causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx or the vocal cords themselves. Along with this, symptoms such as tickling and a feeling of dry throat are present. The patient always wants to cough. The condition worsens when trying to talk.

What happens in the throat? The voice becomes hoarse and rough if the ligaments are deformed or thickened. The voice becomes insane even when obstacles (edema or neoplasms) appear on the path of the sound wave.

Where the voice goes: the causes of dysphonia

Where the voice goes: the causes of dysphonia

Everybody knows from childhood about the saying about Osip and Arkhip, one of which is hoarse and the other is Osyp. The problems of these guys cease to seem ridiculous after your voice stops sounding like music, and more like the creaking of an ungreased door.

The most common causes of hoarseness:

  • prolonged tension of the vocal cords;
  • ARVI;
  • flu;
  • angina;
  • acute (or chronic) laryngitis and tracheitis;
  • diphtheria.

With all these diseases, one of the symptoms is the change in the color of the voice. Other manifestations of the disease also join it: dry cough, temperature up to 37-38 degrees, sometimes a complete lack of voice.

Treatment will be both symptomatic and aimed at eliminating the source of inflammation.

Osip voice: where to look for the problem?

Osip voice: where to look for the problem?

If you didn’t have a cold, didn’t overwork and didn’t speak to a large audience, and the voice of the villages - why could this happen? There are many reasons, and among them there are both harmless and quite dangerous. So, hoarseness without sore throat may appear due to such factors:

  • nervous tension, stress (for example, before a public appearance or an exam). In order for the patient to "gain" a voice, sometimes it is enough to give him a drink of water and a sedative;
  • dehydration. It makes itself known by dry mouth, thirst and change of voice;
  • poisoning with chemical reagents (chlorine, fluorine, ammonia), which can be associated with both professional activities and the use of household chemicals (Domestos, Kommet, etc.). This triggers laryngeal edema. In case of poisoning with chlorine or fluorine, it is necessary to wash the mouth, nasal passages and eyes with 2% soda solution, the introduction of analeptics. You can drink a glass of milk mixed with 2 egg whites.

A hoarse voice is a symptom of such diseases:

  • allergy. Hoarseness is an alarming signal: then an extremely dangerous condition occurs - laryngeal stenosis. Developed angioedema. Emergency treatment includes resuscitation measures. Infusion therapy, antihistamines and glucocorticosteroids are used;
  • metabolic disease. Hypofunction of the thyroid gland causes swelling of the ligaments and larynx. Treatment consists of prescribing hormonal drugs;
  • burns - with ethyl alcohol (when drinking alcohol), nicotine (smoking), acetic acid. Mandatory rejection of bad habits. If cicatricial changes appear, it is not possible to restore the timbre of the voice;
  • reflux esophagitis. Injury of the larynx with the acidic contents of the stomach. Reflux treatment can be conservative and surgical. The patient must follow a special diet;
  • polyps and other benign tumors of the vocal cords and larynx. An operation is required to restore the functioning of the vocal organs;
  • trauma of the larynx during general anesthesia;
  • nerve palsy that supplies the larynx;
  • laryngeal cancer. An operation is required.

Rescue from hoarseness - medicines

Rescue from hoarseness - medicines

If the voice has lost its familiar sound, the first rule is silence mode. It is important to observe complete voice rest until the corresponding functions are restored. For the period of the disease should be abandoned hot and cold food, spicy dishes, alcohol, coffee.

If infectious diseases become the cause of hoarseness, the treatment is carried out as follows:

  • taking antiviral drugs - Aflubina, Arbidola;
  • antibiotics (Azithromycin, Erythromycin) to eliminate inflammation;
  • irrigation of the throat with a solution of ascorbic acid (5%);
  • throat sprays - Heppilor, Bioparox, Yoks;
  • lozenges for sucking - Septolete, Faringosept, Laripront, Suprima-lor, Falimint;
  • rinses - with a solution of Chlorophyllipt, Corstiil, chamomile, sage;
  • hoarseness tablets - Gomevoks;
  • inhalers - Kameton, Ingalipt;
  • inhalation to soften the mucous membrane (with menthol, sage);
  • grease throat Lugol;
  • antihistamines - ketotifen, Telfast, Astemizol, Claritin, Loratadine, Zyrtec;
  • compresses;
  • physical procedures.

If hoarseness is a sign of serious pathologies, then anesthesiologists-resuscitators, surgeons, oncologists, and vascular surgeons will carry out the treatment.

Treatment traditional medicine

How to treat traditional medicine?

In order for the voice to recover as quickly as possible, the optimum humidity must be maintained in the room where the patient is located. It is advisable to use such methods:

  • warm drink - herbal tea, non-sour berry juice, mineral water;
  • hot beer before bedtime;
  • opera singers method: mix 2 yolks with 2 tbsp. l sugar, beat. Pour 50 grams of brandy into this composition. Take 1 tsp., Drank warm water. This should be done before going to bed;
  • milk with figs (for 200 g you need 2-3 fruits). The composition is heated (do not boil!) Drink several times a day;
  • decoction of lungwort. It should be consumed with lime honey.

Hopefully, we were able to convince you that you should never be light-hearted about such a problem as hoarseness. Causes and treatment in adults are closely interrelated. If in one case it is enough to keep quiet and rinse with throats with herbs, then in the other, professional and competent medical assistance is required. Take care of yourself and never lose your voice!