High sensitivity pregnancy tests


Waiting for pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman's life. It is waiting, when there are no obvious changes in the body yet, but every day the heart stops in hope. And what if there are no obvious reasons for visiting a specialist? Pregnancy tests with high sensitivity were created for this case.

Pharmacy strips for determining conception have been on sale for a long time. And, despite the fact that initially the quality of this product left much to be desired, women immediately appreciated the novelty of the medical industry. Currently, the assortment of any pharmacy contains not only standard strips, but also inkjet, cassette, digital, and even reservoir testing systems.

Benefits of highly sensitive tests

High Sensitivity Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests with high sensitivity are considered the most popular because they have several advantages:

  • the ability to determine the presence of pregnancy even before the delay of "critical days", whereas ordinary tests do not give a response at such an early date;
  • effective recognition of conception not only in the morning when there is a particularly high content of chorionic gonadotropin in the urine, but at any other time of the day;
  • quick result;
  • almost 100% accuracy: the error is only 0.5-0.2%.

Operating principle

Some time after chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) appears in the woman’s body after fertilization of the egg and attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus. All types of pregnancy tests contain antisera, which reacts to this substance secreted by the embryo. Ordinary strips catch HCG 7–10 days after conception, but pregnancy tests with high sensitivity are able to recognize it much earlier, when the concentration of the hormone is still very low. And it happens several times faster.

The level of sensitivity of the stripes for determining conception is usually indicated on the package. These are 10 mIU / ml, 20 and 25. And the smaller the number on the box, the more sensitive the device.

Types of highly sensitive tests and their use

The trademarks invitro, "Clover", frautest, evitest and clearblue produce different types of pregnancy tests. Now it is not only strips for which it is necessary to collect urine. Improved technologies allowed changing the principle of using systems: for some modern products, one drop of urine is enough to show the result.

Highly sensitive test strips are used as follows:

  • immerse the plate in the container with urine to the indicated level for 10 seconds,
  • take it out and put it on a pad from the kit,
  • The result is viewed in 3 minutes.

Excellent test and jet tests for pregnancy. The special sensitivity of the device allows you to check conception directly during urination. To determine the "interesting position" of such a device, you need:

Types of highly sensitive tests and their use

  • remove the device from the bag and remove the cap;
  • the tip, which was previously closed, placed under a stream of urine;
  • replace the cap and leave the test device on a dry and level surface;
  • the result will appear after 3 minutes (maximum 5).

Make a pregnancy test before the delay of menstruation is convenient and using a tablet device.

  • Urine is taken with a pipette and dripped into the hole on the cassette.
  • The device is left for some time in a horizontal position.
  • The result is viewed after 3-5 minutes.

The listed pharmaceutical devices for their accuracy and efficiency are already ranked as high-tech diagnostic tools. However, there are even more advanced systems. For example, clearblue pregnancy tests with determining the duration of pregnancy are comparable only with ultrasound. Here we are talking not only about high sensitivity, but also about the opportunity to know the moment of conception for sure. Use it like this:

  • remove the blue cap from the absorbent tip of the device and place the test directly under the stream of urine if it is not possible to collect it in a container;
  • again close the edge and hold the device in a horizontal position or slightly tilt it down;
  • a result that lasts for one day appears after 3 minutes, as soon as the indicator stops flashing.

Tests for determining pregnancy make life easier for women who are eagerly awaiting conception (or are afraid of it as fire). It is much easier to make a stock of identification instruments than to consult a specialist every time. However, after self-diagnosis, you must visit the antenatal clinic. After all, the test, even the most sensitive, will not give a complete assessment of the health of the future mother and baby.