High hemoglobin in men


Many have heard how dangerous anemia is for the body. But not everyone knows that an excessive increase in hemoglobin (erythrocytosis) also causes serious harm to health and can provoke the development of severe ailments. Very often high hemoglobin occurs in men. The causes of this phenomenon must be identified in a timely manner.

Causes of high hemoglobin in men

Indicators of the content of red blood cells in the blood of the stronger sex can vary depending on the number of years lived. Considered normal: figures from 130 to 160 g / l. Sometimes, there is a slight excess of the rate of red blood cells - in this case, do not worry. But an increase in hemoglobin of more than 10-15 units really threatens health. Due to the peculiarities of the lifestyle, such a problem is often found in the representatives of the stronger sex in laboratory blood tests.

Symptoms of Erythrocytosis

The development of erythrocytosis is usually accompanied by symptoms similar to the clinical manifestations of the opposite state - anemia. It:

  • feeling of general weakness;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • depressed mood;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • loss of appetite;
  • pale coloration of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • reduced visual acuity;
  • dysfunction of the urogenital system.

Having noticed such signs, you should immediately contact the clinic to confirm suspicions and take the necessary measures. Many people neglect treatment because they do not know what is dangerous about high hemoglobin in men. Reducing the production of red blood cells is necessary not only because of the deterioration of health. Ignoring the problem, a person increases the risk of:

  • hypertension;
  • thromboembolism (the formation of a blood clot - a blood clot that can clog the vital arteries and lead to death);
  • heart attack or stroke.

Please note: without establishing and eliminating the causes of erythrocytosis, successful treatment is impossible, since the level of erythrocytes after the termination of the drug will increase again.

Why do men have high hemoglobin?

Why men have high hemoglobin

The main reasons, if we are talking about a strong half of humanity, are as follows:

  • Serious physical activities and intense sports (especially skiing, cycling, jogging)

At high energy costs, the body increases the tissue's need for oxygen and compensates for this through the production of red blood cells.

  • Permanent presence in the highlands and mountaineering

The growth of hemoglobin is caused by a compensatory reaction of the body due to the lack of oxygen in the air.

  • Bad habits

In smokers with years of experience, pulmonary insufficiency occurs and oxygen supply to tissues is deteriorating. And alcohol thickens the blood, thus increasing the concentration of red blood cells.

In addition to external factors, the following diseases can be the cause of this pathology:

  • hypervitaminosis (an excess of vitamin B12 and folic acid);
  • malignant tumors;
  • diabetes;
  • problems in the heart and blood vessels;
  • intestinal obstruction.

How to solve a problem?

If high hemoglobin is found in men, finding out the reasons will help to understand how successful and long the treatment will be. If the root of evil - various problems in the body, in the first place will have to treat the underlying disease.

The increase for physiological reasons is easily eliminated if you follow the regime of work and rest, from time to time leave the mountainous terrain and give up bad habits.

Why men have high hemoglobin

To thin the blood and reduce the number of red blood cells, doctors usually prescribe:

  • Aspirin;
  • Curantil;
  • Cardiomagnyl;
  • Trental.

During drug treatment, it is important that the doctor prescribes the correct dosage and duration of medication. In order not to reduce the doctor's efforts to zero, everyone who wants to get rid of erythrocytosis should not take vitamin-mineral complexes (especially supplements containing vitamins B, C), as well as iron and copper.

In addition, with an excessive increase in hemoglobin, the patient needs a special diet. It is necessary to refuse the use:

  • beef, pork and lamb meat;
  • fish in salted, smoked, dried or dried form;
  • wheat and oatmeal;
  • black currant, raspberry, strawberry;
  • citrus, pomegranates and apples;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • mushrooms, radishes, beets, spinach, legumes.

Other vegetables and chicken, on the contrary, contribute to the normalization of the blood.

If an increase in hemoglobin is not a consequence of internal diseases, treatment with folk remedies may be quite effective:

  • the use of salads from Snyti, fireweed and woodlice;
  • taking the drug mumie in accordance with an individually developed scheme;
  • hirudotherapy (effects on the human body with the help of medical leeches).

The problem can affect any family, because doctors often reveal high hemoglobin in men. The causes, the treatment of this pathology is the most important information necessary in order to avoid serious complications. Making adjustments to the diet and lifestyle, the timely treatment of a number of diseases and the concomitant use of blood-thinning drugs in most cases help to solve the problem without serious consequences.