Virtually every woman is familiar with the problem of the appearance of thrush — all that is needed is to weaken your immune system with nervous strain or take a dip in the sea. Often, by virtue of our laziness and carelessness, we decide to treat this ailment by making a diagnosis. Comes to the aid of advertising drugs or advice girlfriend. Very often advised "Hexicon".

What kind of "beast" such a Candida?

What the

So, thrush is a disease caused by the hyperproduction of the yeast-like fungus Candida. The symptoms of thrush are well known to us, but what is the reason for such specific secretions? When the colonies of the fungus multiply strongly, they destroy the upper ball of the vaginal mucosa and die, giving way to new colonies. You are deprived of comfort only by an excessive amount of this fungus, since it lives in your microflora in small quantities. Remember, thrush causes fungus!

Hexicon: an extract from the instructions

Open the instructions of the drug and read ...

  • Chlorhexidine digluconate (active ingredient) - effective in combating bacteria and protozoa
  • effective with infections
  • preserves the natural microflora (huge a plus!)
  • acid resistant mushrooms (Candida) not amenable to his action

Hexicon: an extract from the instructions


  • prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (can be used as an anti-infective and contraceptive for unprotected sex)
  • for the treatment of acute and chronic vaginitis

Conclusion: Hexionus candles for thrush use is not provided by the manufacturer!

But: Often, our local immunity weakens precisely because of infections that are not treated with antifungal agents. Therefore, doctors prescribe this drug in combination with antifungal. This is the rational use of Hexicon in thrush.

If geckon is a necessary measure

We read the instructions further and determine the dosage:

  • we insert a candle into the vagina, lying on my back 1 twice a day for 7-10 days
  • wash only superficially (so as not to wash the active ingredient)
  • Important! Hexion from thrush can be used during pregnancy throughout the entire period.

Is there an alternative?

Of course, there are analogues to candles Hexicon

There is no irreplaceable! Of course, there are analogues to candlesticks Hexicon, for example:

  • Chlorhexidine
  • Gynoflor
  • Colposeptin
  • Macmiror
  • Evkolek
  • Flucostat

Dear girls, remember that self-medication often aggravates the disease. Therefore, contact your doctor for the correct diagnosis and treatment. This is especially true when it comes to fragile intimate health.