Herpes on the lips


Most of the population of our planet suffers from the periodic appearance of bubbles filled with fluid on the lips. Treating experts call this phenomenon herpes, and among people the appearance of such rashes is called a cold.

Herpes is a very insidious virus that sits deep in the body, or rather, in nerve cells, and awakens after the slightest weakening of the immune system. Many people get uncomfortable and pain herpes on the lips. Fast treatment will only get rid of the symptoms of this disease, as it will not be possible to completely eradicate the virus from the human body.

Herpes on the lips: the causes of the disease

only 5% of the population of the entire planet does not carry such a virus

The attending specialists have determined that only 5% of the population of the entire planet does not carry such a virus. In other cases, the herpes virus is transmitted mainly from the mother to the fetus. This disease has many types and varieties.

The virus is constantly present in the body, but it begins to progress only after the decrease of its protective forces, for example, during the occurrence of colds or other inflammatory diseases.

Herpes on the lips is considered the most common form of the manifestation of the virus and refers to the first type. On the lips appear small bubbles filled with liquid, which cause discomfort, pain and spoil the appearance. It is almost impossible to mask herpes, swelling will still be visible.

Some people have never experienced the appearance of herpes on the lips. What is the reason? As already mentioned, the herpes virus is in almost every organism. A number of reasons affect its development, in particular:

  • excessive hypothermia;
  • transfer of respiratory and viral diseases;
  • angina;
  • ARVI;
  • flu;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • constant stress;
  • excessive physical stress;
  • abuse of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • the passage of a therapeutic course associated with conducting radiation and chemical therapy;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • bad environmental situation;
  • depression of a chronic nature;
  • mechanical damage to the skin of the lips;
  • pregnancy;
  • reduced body defenses due to other reasons.

Most often, herpes is manifested in the winter, when the immune system is weakened and the person is prone to various viral and respiratory diseases. As practice shows, very often there are cases when herpes appears in women before the onset of menstrual bleeding.

Regardless of the reasons for the manifestation of symptoms of herpes, you need to actively fight not only the elimination of bubbles on the lips, but also support the immune system by taking various types of immunomodulating and immunostimulating types, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits.

How to treat herpes on the lip?

get rid of the virus once and for all, unfortunately, is impossible

As already mentioned, to get rid of the virus once and for all, unfortunately, is impossible. A person can cure only the symptoms that appear. In other cases, the immune system needs to be maintained so that the virus appears as little as possible.

There are two main types of treatment for herpes:

  • pharmacological agents;
  • means of traditional medicine.

Pharmacological therapy

As a rule, with the manifestation of herpes, many of us buy ointment at the nearest pharmacy, which is treated with the affected surface. Treatment specialists believe that to get rid of herpes quickly, you need to undergo a comprehensive treatment course.

Most often, doctors prescribe the following pharmacological agents:

  • local action ointments that help to cope with the disease only at the initial stage (for example, Acyclovir, Famvir, Gerpevir, Kamistad, Zovirax, Panavir, etc.);
  • drugs that have a drying effect (solution of greenery of a diamond, fukortsin or propolis on an alcohol basis);
  • drugs of the wound healing group, whose action is aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome and early healing of wounds (for example, oils and creams with the addition of pharmacy chamomile or calendula flowers);
  • antiviral pharmaceuticals (such drugs should be taken only as prescribed by the attending specialist throughout the treatment course). These include Valaciclovir, Cycloferon, Lovemax.

A couple of decades ago, when the pharmacy did not have all of the above pharmacological drugs, doctors advised treating herpes with more traditional and well-known drugs: iodine, castor oil. Also, experts recommended their patients to take absorbent - activated carbon, which removed all toxins and pathogens.

To the treatment was complex and the fight against herpes was aimed at eliminating the cause, not the symptoms, you can take a multivitamin. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before taking such pharmaceutical preparations.

We use folk remedies

There are many popular ways to combat the manifestation of herpes on the lips.

There are many popular ways to combat the manifestation of herpes on the lips. Among them, the most effective are the following remedies:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • propolis;
  • fir oil;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • garlic;
  • salted boiled water.

If you have herpes on the lips, then the treatment with hydrogen peroxide will help to quickly cope with the disease and eliminate the bubbles formed. The wounds should be lubricated every 3-4 hours with peroxide, which will act as an antiseptic and drying agent.

Fir oil perfectly softens the bubbles, thereby reducing pain when talking or eating. Sok Kalanchoe also can lubricate the wound. Like salted boiled water, Kalanchoe juice has an antimicrobial and disinfecting effect. Garlic cloves are considered an excellent drying and antiseptic. Garlic can be applied to the wound, fixing with adhesive plaster.

What should not be done in the treatment of herpes?

In the treatment of herpes at home in any case, you can not perform the following steps:

  • cauterize the wound area with pure alcohol solutions;
  • apply a hot spoon;
  • squeeze or scrape off bubbles;
  • use toothpaste, because its use will not bring any result.

Before you start treating herpes, you should establish the reason for its occurrence. It is best to contact a specialist who will assign you a comprehensive treatment course. It is impossible to completely get rid of the virus, but under the guidance of a doctor it is quite possible to eliminate the manifestation of symptoms for a long time. Be healthy!