Herbal sedatives


Modern life is fraught with many unpleasant "surprises" for our nervous system. Stressful situations can lie in wait anywhere: in public transport, at work, in school, in personal life. Sometimes there are such moments when you understand that you are no longer able to deal with such situations on your own. So people come to the aid of sedatives. Now there are many similar drugs in pharmacies. Among them there are natural, which are based on herbs. You can also resort to the treatment of various nervous disorders using popular methods.

The sedative effect of various herbs

  • If you began to notice a slight nervousness arising during the day, then the healing properties will be fully healing for you. chamomile. In addition to all its beneficial properties, chamomile has the ability to relieve stress. Contributes to this special substance contained in chamomile, called apigenin. Chamomile and the means of which it is included can be taken by people who do not have allergic reactions to this component. Chamomile is not recommended in large quantities for pregnant women and people who have a tendency to diarrhea. On the properties of chamomile, read the article Chamomile: healing properties.

  • Another problem may lie in wait for you in the dark. This is all known insomnia. To combat this disease, which arose because of thoughts about some important event or event that you have to, very well suited Melissa. In the people, this plant is often referred to as lemon mint, read about its beneficial properties in the article Melissa: properties and application. Take care of your sleep and give a sense of calm essential oils, which are included in its composition. Drink decoctions and other means prepared from this plant, in any case can not be pregnant women.
  • Another effective remedy for insomnia can be peppermint. The ability of this plant to assist in insomnia recognizes both popular and official medicine. That is why Many medicines that are designed to soothe your nervous system contain peppermint. Contraindication to its use is a tendency to arterial hypertension. In addition, side effects of taking mint can be heartburn. The fact is that peppermint relaxes the stomach sphincter, as a result of which the gastric juice is in the esophagus, which causes burning. You can read about the properties of mint in the article Using Peppermint.

  • If your insomnia does not go away for a long time, take valerian. This tool effectively reduces the excitability of the nervous system and refers to antidepressants of plant origin. However, with an overdose of this remedy, you may get even more nervous excitability. Therefore, remember that valerian must be taken with caution. For other herbs that help with insomnia and the rules for their use, see the article Medicinal herbs for insomnia.
  • If you find yourself annoyed because of any trifle, while your condition cannot be associated with overwork, then passiflora will most certainly help you. This plant helps regulate the processes of higher nervous activity. This ability is due to the fact that passiflora contains alkaloids and flavonoids. Contraindications for the plant are also available. It should be used with caution by people who have suffered a myocardial infarction, as well as those who have atherosclerosis and angina.
  • Frequent manifestation of problems with the nervous system in women is strange, it is not clear where it came from, a premonition of misfortune and increased anxiety. In such unpleasant conditions, ordinary hops will become your assistant. The well-known cones of this plant can inhibit the activity of the nervous system with the help of bioactive substances contained in them. When using this tool, care must be taken, because prolonged use of infusions and decoction of hop cones can provoke a violation of the kidneys and liver.

  • The motherwort known for its properties will help you with manifestations of hysteria. This plant is not addictive, it acts quickly enough and almost never causes allergic reactions. All this makes motherwort the safest remedy in its category. However, do not be mistaken on this score. If you allow an overdose, you can incur apathy and depressed.
  • In addition to motherwort, with a similar disease has a good effect and cinnamon. The most commonly used essential oil of this spice. Her scent lifts the mood and gives vitality. Read more about cinnamon in the article Useful properties of cinnamon.

Methods of taking sedatives on herbs

Different herbs and can be consumed in different ways.

  • For example, from mint, you can create an infusion, tea or add to the bath. Another very good way to use this plant is to fill a dry mint pad.
  • Hops are recommended to be used in the form of decoctions and alcohol infusions, as well as to prepare baths with it.
  • The use of chamomile and motherwort can also be both internal and external. You can prepare baths, teas, infusions, decoctions, etc.
  • In the same way you can do with valerian. In addition, the sedative plant (its shredded roots) can be placed in the pads, which should be put before bedtime next to each other.

Unfortunately, now the modern rhythm of life does not allow us to devote time to ourselves in full. Very often we have time to enjoy herbal tea only once a day. This, of course, is very sad, but we often simply cannot postpone a lot of important things. In such cases, you can use specially made drugs on herbs. You can successfully find them on the shelves of any pharmacy. Such preparations consist of natural ingredients. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions for use or the advice of a doctor.

Many, beginning to use sedatives on herbs, soon abandon this venture. This is explained most often by the fact that no noticeable effect detected. It is worth remembering that the intake of medicinal herbs or preparations based on them must be carried out with courses that usually last from 7 to 10 days. Such funds have a mild effect on the body. However, natural products are very effective. Show a little patience, and you can feel the effectiveness of these natural products on yourself.

Natural herbal sedatives will help you to normalize your emotional state without harming the body. They are affordable and sold in any pharmacy. Entrust your peace of mind to Mother Nature.