Herbal medicine and treatment


Phytotherapy, or herbal medicine, is a rather pleasant method of ridding a person of various diseases with the help of complex herbal preparations. Agree, it is better to drink fragrant infusion, rather than swallow antibiotics and prick potent drugs, if you can do without them, of course.

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine and treatment

Scientists have proven that the first herbal therapy was applied in the city of Schumer. The healers already knew that many plants have beneficial healing properties, using them for therapy. Today, this method is widespread, more and more you can learn about herbal medicine.

Phytotherapy includes not only plants, but also mushrooms. Distinguish between traditional and medical herbal medicine. In the second case, drugs are not taken without a doctor's prescription. Yes, and in the first you need to be very careful, because the wrong dosage during self-treatment can adversely affect health.

Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a real means of maintaining health. It is much easier to use natural products for treatment than to use cosmetics and medicines of dubious origin indiscriminately. The most important thing in herbal medicine is harmlessness, of course with proper use. Virtually every plant can give a person its supply of benefits, you just need to correctly take and apply. For this, an integrated approach is good, that is, it is better to use not separate herbs, but charges. This increases the effectiveness of treatment. In order for the benefit to be greatest it is recommended to use pure plants grown in uncontaminated places.

If you prefer phytotherapy to drug treatment, you need to know that the method has been tested by time and has proven its effectiveness and safety. When using herbal medicine in the treatment of one organ of the grass do not have a side effect on others. Another plus is that plants can be used continuously, it will help to treat chronic diseases. But be careful, think, before you decide on herbal medicine. Examine your ailment, if a specific herbal preparation is suitable for complex treatment, you need to use it in the necessary quantities, of proven quality. It is still your health.

Contraindications in herbal medicine

Healing components in self-fees are not always well combined. So they can be duplicated, without bringing a result, or even harm. Requires a special approach. In pharmacies, the ratio of herbs and their proportions are correct. When self-selection of herbs can often be mistaken. In case of serious illnesses, you should not put yourself at risk; it is better to seek traditional treatment. It is more expedient to use phytotherapy as a prophylaxis.

Herbal tea, help out!

This herbal tea should be prepared from several components, not less than 5. And it is better if you do not be lazy and cook all the herbs themselves. If you don’t have time to dry herbs, you can always buy them in the markets from grandmothers. So, prepare herbal tea. Everything is simple here: mix herbs, pour boiling water and let it brew for 5 minutes.

Here, for example, anti-tea tea recipe: 4 spoons of wild rose fruits, one tablespoon of Hypericum, two tablespoons of motherwort, three tablespoons of honey.

Or invigorating tea: one teaspoon of peppermint, one chamomile, one raspberry leaf, two tablespoons of black tea and six glasses of water. These are the simplest recipes that will not bring harm, but will give you a charge of cheerfulness.

With teas for weight loss, you must be very careful: before taking, you should consult with your doctor. Your weight is a serious topic, and if you can help with a hangover with simple tea, then more attention should be paid to the figure. And may your tea party be not only pleasant, but also useful!