Herbal antidepressants


Depression is one of the ailments that has become a sign of modern times. According to experts, this is not a bad mood, but a very serious disease that requires treatment. When treating depression, one has to drink strong drugs, which themselves are quite a serious burden on the human body. Butin nature, there are antidepressants that can cope with depression without health consequences, without causing complications and addiction. These are the so-called antidepressants of plant origin, which are not so few.

Why are herbal antidepressants better?

The very appearance of depression, according to research, is caused by starvation of brain cells. Our brain does not have enough vitamins that are destroyed by the aggressive environment, unloved work and stress. Women lose their vitamins during their special days. Replacing the loss of the brain in vitamins and other nutrients, you remove the source of depression. Here the most important and important thing is to correctly restore the imbalance in the supply of brain cells with nutrients. This is best not help medication, and antidepressants of plant origin.

What are antidepressants of plant origin?

Natural natural antidepressants include natural vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and fruit drinks, and herbal and flower extracts.. All natural antidepressants contain vitamins of group B, C and P, which are among the most important for the functioning of the brain. No less useful during depression is the intake of herbs and fruits containing in its composition folic acid, magnesium and amino acids.

How do plant-based antidepressants work?

Starting to take the necessary herbs and fruits during a depression, you saturate your brain with all the elements it needs. All vitamins and acids supplied with juices and infusions ensure healthy functioning of brain cells, due to which a person begins to feel much better. Vitamins and trace elements help the formation of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for the absence of mental illness in humans. Replenishing the lack of magnesium, you begin to get rid of unreasonable anxiety, irritability and increased nervous excitability.

Herbal antidepressants: food

To restore the normal operation of brain cells will help you suchvegetables like carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, white cabbage, all green and leaffruits and vegetables: citrus fruits, kiwi, bananas, wild rose and apricots.All of them contain in their composition a large amount of vitamins C and A, which are responsible for our good mood.

B vitamins are rich in bran bread, cereals, yoghurts, lean meat, liver and nuts. Also goodherbal antidepressantsare different types of fish. And to provide nutrition of brain cells with folic acid, calcium, magnesium and glucose will help legumes, tomatoes, vegetable oils, grapefruits, honey, milk and cheese.

Herbal antidepressants from herbs

Of the herbs, the strongest antidepressants are hawthorn, helps with insomnia and any nervous shocks and disorders, eliminating the feeling of fear and anxiety,St. John's wort,black hilarious, saving from anxiety, andvalerian, has a general sedative effect on the entire human body. All these herbs, each separately and in the form of fees, have a mild sedative effect on the body, removing bouts of melancholy and depression, without having side effects, without causing a drowsy state, not depressing the nervous system, or causing a feeling of addiction to them.

Will be useful for nervous tension. Herbal teas with the addition of Eleutherococcus, Echinacea, Ginseng and Lemongrass. Such teas will help to remove the negative effects of too intense mental work. By mixing mint, nettle, lemon balm, motherwort, hawthorn flowers, valerian and ivan tea, You will receive a soothing tea, the reception of which for a long time will be a preventive measure against depression. Hot chocolate is also an excellent drink to restore balance and a sense of joy.

Vegetable Antidepressants: Spaghetti Dish

You can cook a dish at home that is not only tasty, but also helps to raise your spirits. Take for this lemon juice is fresh, it will be enough 0.5 lemon, red pepper and olive oil. Then mix the canned fish or boiled shrimps with the ingredients. Boil spaghetti in lightly salted water. To the ready spaghetti add the resulting sauce.

Before you begin treatment for depression, be sure to consult a specialist. This disease does not forgive inept actions. Herbal antidepressants such as herbs, vegetables and fruits, and other foods can help you cope with depression, improve your overall condition, relieve tension, and calm down. They are safer than drugs.

Take care of yourself and try to be less nervous, and nature will help you in this without harm.

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