Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids


Pain, discomfort, inability to work and rest normally are not all the “charms” of hemorrhoids. This condition is so unbearable that you need to urgently find a means of salvation. Heparin ointment is especially good during periods of exacerbation. When hemorrhoids use it for a long time and successfully. But how to apply it, how much does it cost? All the answers in this article.

Delicate trouble: how will heparin help?

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids

A person feels the therapeutic effect of the use of an ointment very quickly: pain decreases, the outflow of blood from hemorrhoidal cones improves. This is due to the reduction of blood clotting and the resorption of blood clots. The drug based on heparin has the following properties:

  • removes the inflammation;
  • eliminates the pain. Sometimes the hemorrhoidal nodes reach such dimensions that a strong stretch of the skin and even fall. This constitutes a terrible suffering: the impossibility of sitting in a normal life. Already through 30 minutes after application, Omega comes in noticeable relief, decreases the intensity of the pain;
  • reduces the flow;
  • prevents the emergence of thrombi (which is very important for a premature);
  • decreases the coagulability of blood improves the outflow.

Thanks to these qualities, the medicine quickly eliminates all the painful symptoms and speeds up recovery.

Of what made the drug?

As part of 1 g of ointment is:

  • heparin (100 U). Powerful anti-coagulant direct action. It produces an anti-inflammatory action, prevents the formation of chromic tumors. Printed on our shoulders;
  • benzocaine (40mg). It has a local anesthetic effect;
  • benzyl nicotine (0.8 mg). There is a causative agent (which helps the action of heparin).

how to treat hemorrhoids with this ointment?

How to use heparin ointment? The instruction recommends that when hemorrhoids apply this remedy with a thin layer on the affected area, after having washed it with cool water. Repeat such manipulations need 2-3 p. per day. Properly do this after emptying the bowels.

You can take a piece of bandage (soft tissue), apply ointment on it and attach it to the sore spot. Compress fix with adhesive plaster.

In case of internal hemorrhoids, if the hemorrhoid does not fall out and is inside, you should soak in tampons with ointment and inject them into the rectum. One such procedure per day is enough.

The duration of treatment without consulting a doctor is from 3 to 7 days. If the condition has not improved, the appropriateness and safety of further use of the ointment should be discussed with the proctologist.

About limitations and adverse reactions

How to use heparin ointment

There are several features during the hemorrhoids, in which it is better to refrain from treatment with heparin ointment. So, it should not be applied if necrosis (death of the node), suppuration and ulcers in the area of ​​hemorrhoidal cones appeared.

This drug may harm patients whose blood clotting is impaired. It is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to heparin. Smokers should be aware that even the smallest amount of nicotine reduces the effectiveness of this agent by half. And if a person smokes up to 15 cigarettes per day, then the therapeutic effect may be absent altogether.

There are general contraindications that preclude the use of heparin ointment. Use for hemorrhoids is not recommended in such cases:

  • truncation;
  • bleeding (including monthly women);
  • ulcer stomach and duodenal ulcer.

As for undesirable effects, they are limited to allergic manifestations: itching, rash, burning. If a person has such sensations, then he must finish the treatment with the drug, because it will only aggravate his condition.

Is the product suitable for pregnant women??

Heparin ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids is allowed to use almost without restriction, because it does not adversely affect the fetus. But, since the ointment has contraindications, it is not necessary to begin with its help to independently deal with the ailment if the woman is expecting a child. The doctor will make recommendations regarding its use, taking into account the severity of symptoms and the duration of pregnancy.

In the absence of hypersensitivity to heparin, a tendency to bleeding and thrombocytopenia, pregnant women may well use heparin ointment for hemorrhoids. How to apply it? Extremely externally! Squeeze out the required amount of ointment from the tube (from a lump up to 5 cm you will need from 2 to 4 cm or 1 g) and apply on the skin at the entrance to the anus.

The rescue from torment or wasted money: analysis reviews

Although everyone knows that the doctor should deal with the treatment of hemorrhoids, in practice no one with such a problem is in a hurry to the clinic, but goes straight to the pharmacy and asks for “something” from this disease. Most candles and ointments simply calm the pain and relieve discomfort, and only. Does Heparin Hemorrhoid Ointment Work? Reviews of the tool in 80% of cases are positive.

Consumers say that when exacerbation of "this shit" they immediately get out of the first-aid kit or buy heparin ointment (good, its cost does not afford - 60-80 rubles, while its "venerable" counterparts are much more expensive). People say that it removes puffiness, itching and burning, and after a couple of days the state of health becomes much better. True, ointment does not last longer than 8 hours.

Satisfied with this drug and pregnant. Many women who met with such a sore during childbearing, so liked this tool that it became a permanent "resident" of the first-aid kit.

But, according to people, this ointment is still better to use for external hemorrhoids. It is hardly possible to defeat the inflamed ganglia that have formed deep in the intestine with its help.

Although heparin ointment for hemorrhoids has proven itself as well as possible, it will not be able to assist in the advanced stages of the disease. But if it is used at the first signs of this disease, then after a short time, the acute symptoms will disappear, and for a long time. Depending on individual needs, you can purchase a 10 or 25 gram tube of product.