Hemorrhoids candles

Lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and many other factors can trigger the development of such an intimate ailment as hemorrhoids. In the early stages, this disease can be cured with rectal suppositories. We will talk today about which candles for hemorrhoids are inexpensive and effective.

Choosing the right suppositories

Rectal suppositories used to treat hemorrhoids

Today, leading pharmaceutical companies offer such a huge range of hemorrhoid drugs that their choice often causes difficulties. Unfortunately, when hemorrhoids appear, we are not in a hurry to go to an appointment with a proctologist, and it is this specialist who can correctly diagnose the form of the ailment and prescribe treatment.

Rectal suppositories used to treat hemorrhoids are divided into several groups. Classifying signs are considered active substance, the method of action of the drug, as well as the form of the disease. Most often, you can find a classification of suppositories on the principle of action:

  • Group of phlebotonics. These pharmacological drugs include suppositories, which generally have a beneficial effect on the intestinal walls and normalize their condition.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. Such suppositories contain active ingredients whose action is aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes, as a result of which the size of the hemorrhoidal tumor is reduced.
  • Analgesic rectal suppositories. These drugs are prescribed when internal or external hemorrhoids cause acute or paroxysmal pain. They are aimed only at the elimination of pain, because they contain anesthetics.
  • Antiseptic suppositories. This group of rectal suppositories includes antibacterial drugs that eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, for example, ichthyol suppositories.
  • Preparations against the formation of blood clots. Hemorrhoids are a serious and insidious disease that can lead to thrombosis. To avoid this, you can use heparin suppositories.
  • Group of hemostatic substances. These drugs help stop rectal bleeding.
  • Healing suppositories. This group may include methyluracil candles. Due to their composition, they accelerate the process of regeneration of connective tissues.
  • Homeopathic suppositories. Such substances are not hormonal and have a complex effect - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing.
  • Softener candles. These suppositories are most often used for chronic constipation. They usually contain glycerin.
  • Universal (combined) rectal suppositories. These pharmacological agents can eliminate the specific symptoms of a different nature.

Not always the price matches the quality

inexpensive pharmaceutical rectal suppositories can also be effective

Of course, such an expression is figurative and does not characterize pharmacological suppositories at all. With this phrase, we want to draw the attention of people suffering from such a delicate ailment to the fact that inexpensive pharmaceutical rectal suppositories can be effective.

Let's look at the most popular and, most importantly, effective and inexpensive candles for external hemorrhoids.

Candles with calendula extract

This tool should be attributed to the homeopathic group. Candles are safe and harmless, so they can be used in the period of gestation, as well as babies. Calendula suppositories have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and wound-healing effects. Often they are prescribed in the presence of cracks in the anus.


These suppositories belong to the category of plant and natural remedies. The basis of this drug is sea buckthorn oil extract, which has a slight laxative effect, and also promotes wound healing and the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. These rectal suppositories should be used cautiously for people suffering from allergic reactions.


Another type of effective and inexpensive suppositories that are used to eliminate inflammation in the development of hemorrhoids. With the help of these rectal suppositories, it is possible not only to eliminate the source of inflammation, but also to relieve the accompanying symptoms, in particular, burning and itching.


This drug is usually prescribed for rectal administration in the detection of wounds or fissures in the anus of the rectum. It helps to cope with itching, burning, and also perfectly eliminates pain.


These suppositories have a unique component composition. The active ingredient is shark oil. He helps to cope with bacteria. In addition, this fatty extract helps strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation.


This pharmacological drug has gained immense popularity not only in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Such suppositories can be used in prophylactic agents. The fact is that Posterizan contains only beneficial bacteria that are found in the natural intestinal microflora. That "Posterizan" helps the body on its own to cope with the disease.

However, before using such rectal suppositories, you should consult with a proctologist, since Posterizan is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity or intolerance to composite components.


These suppositories are based on bee products, in particular, propolis. Due to its component composition, rectal suppositories eliminate the focus of inflammation and prevent the growth of hemorrhoids. With the help of these suppositories, you can get rid of swelling and itching. Royal jelly, which is part of Prostopin, helps to strengthen the immune system and the early regeneration of connective tissues.

Sea buckthorn suppositories

These rectal suppositories are based on the effects of sea buckthorn oil on the body. This drug is indicated for the speedy regeneration of damaged areas of connective tissue.

Rescuing Hemorrhoids with Potatoes

Rescuing Hemorrhoids with Potatoes

It would seem, how is this ordinary root crop able to get rid of such a delicate malady? The fact is that in potato there is a high concentration of starch, which has a beneficial effect on the mucous coating of the rectum, and the juice of this root helps to strengthen the vascular walls.

As you already understood, potato candles for hemorrhoids are classified as traditional medicine. Reviews of many people suffering from hemorrhoids, show that such homemade suppositories are very effective, but only at the initial stages of the development of pathology. In the future, it is impossible to do without medical treatment, and potato candles can only temporarily alleviate the patient's condition.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is best to use old tubers than new potatoes. Candles are cut out of the potato and rectally inserted before bedtime. In the morning the candle will come out in the process of bowel emptying. Despite the fact that potato candles are so widely used and recognized in the treatment of hemorrhoids, before using them you need to consult with a proctologist.

Let's talk on a delicate topic

Faced with hemorrhoids, many of us try to find the right pharmacological drug on our own. You can choose suppositories yourself only at the primary manifestations of this disease. With the growth of hemorrhoids and increased pain, and even more so when bleeding occurs, there is only one way out - a visit to the proctologist.

And now, in search of suitable suppositories, we are starting to scrutinize people's feedback on inexpensive and effective hemorrhoid suppositories. Some patients were saved from the illness with heparin ointment and Posterisan suppositories. Many people help to cope with hemorrhoids sea buckthorn or ichthyol candles. But some people who know firsthand about such a delicate problem, argue that they are only helped by compresses from an ointment and oral administration of pharmacological agents.

As you can see, how many people, so many different opinions. Do not self-medicate - contact a specialist, because the choice of candles in the first place depends on the form of pathology and the severity of its development. Be healthy!

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